The Early Bird is Expanding

Post by Mark

The popular breakfast spot The Early Bird is expanding with two new locations. The first (pictured above) is going to be located in Central Plaza Salmiya, the same mall that houses International Optics and Costa Coffee.

The second new location and the one I’m interested in is going to be in Crystal Tower in Kuwait City. It’s the same tower as my gym and right across the street from Arabica Coffee.

No idea when they’re opening up.

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  1. lolguy says:

    I remember reading your post about an issue between the lady who started the restaurant and the sponsor.

    What was the update on that?

  2. Salah says:

    I knew I saw you that day leaving the building when I was getting a wrongful ticket.

  3. Sam says:

    Great that they’re opening at Crystal Tower, I want to try them out… It’s an all day breakfast right? (I mean as per the opening hours in their site?)

  4. Khaled says:

    Yes the owner seems like a douchĂ©, need to hear his side, but probably won’t go there anymore, you shouldn’t screw your partner’s over

  5. UCF says:

    Mark, I know this is totally unrelated to the post, but I remember you posting about this (first guy in the article)

    It on dailymail’s homepage. Any updates ?

  6. Almarzouq says:

    haha I boycotted the place since that article! yet the writer still goes.
    this place is picking up, you should try the burgers at the place and millefeuille at Millesaveur

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