LTE (4G) now active on Zain iPhones

Post by Mark

If you’ve got an iPhone 5 and are using Zain then you’re lucky because they just activated the service for your phones.

Thanks Essa

Note: Make sure you update to the latest iOS software

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  1. Gohar says:

    Is this activated by default or u have to ask them to start the services…??? I have a iPhone 4S. Is it available on this phone???

  2. Ahmed Khader says:

    Mark what about Android phones? I have an S3, and do you have an idea of how much would that cost?


    • Markus says:

      s3 doesn’t have lte by default, not that I am aware of

      • imran khan says:

        i hav i phone 6 and i want activate 4g lte in my phone then i have typed 440# calling and after that i got a message. Dear Customer, your attempt to purchase the 4G LTE Add-on has failed, kindly subscribe to a 3G Data Add-on first and try again. Call 107 for more details
        so can u tell me plz how to activate 4g lte in my i phone 6

    • Mo Bo says:

      there is an LTE version of the samsung s3 and note 2.

      Think the new google nexus has lte as well but you have to go through a bunch of guides to learn how to activate it.

  3. aaa says:

    “Activated” meaning I have to go talk to them about it right?

  4. PKG says:

    Well woopty f’in do.. guess ill have to go n get me one of them iphone 5’s eeh..? its about that time anyways.. sweet!

  5. Mubi says:

    I just called Zain to activate the LTE service on my mobile, They said right now its available only on Data Lines not for Data/Voice. So who ever is using Data/Voice Sim have to wait.

  6. Naif says:

    in Saudi Arabia Mobily & Zain activated LTE but I don’t know which one’s better.

  7. 4G is data only at this point (no voice), how does that work then?

    • Mark says:

      It was data only and now its data/voice as well

      • Kj20029 says:

        Guys I checked the full details for this it officially not available for voice/data line, currently only data lines but the people that have bought iphone 5 from zain already have the 4g service preactive on their numbers so after the 6.1 update they are having LTE

        • aaa says:


          How much is LTE Voice/Data? The Data price on their website is kinda crap and I was hoping it’s not the same price for a phone

  8. Markus says:

    Mark please step away from the in instagram fillers!

  9. I doubt its working yet, only data router i heard

  10. sam says:

    it’s not working, me and my workmate’s iphone 5 that we bought from zain cannot get LTE signal. we updated to iOS 6.1 last night and we cannot get any LTE signal anywhere. by the way, we are using a prepaid zain sim card.

  11. Kj20029 says:

    I was one of the beta tester for the ios 6.1 it’s working I had it since weeks now its pretty good, also I know a guy in Zain he say currently they have no plans of launching for device other than iPhone cause no support from android regarding 4g for those devices 😋hard luck android

  12. The Real Burhan says:

    1. The software update for the iPhone enabled LTE support; so even if you have the iPhone5, but you didn’t update, you won’t get LTE.

    2. You have to subscribe to a package. They have three, the only difference is the quota that you get. The maximum is 80GB and the minimum is 13GB per month. After you run over the limit, your connection is throttled till the next billing cycle.

    3. The only phones in the local market that support LTE are the iPhone 5 (model number A1429 only), and the Lumia 920 and 820. There are no Android phones in the local market that support LTE. If you want an Android phone with LTE, order one that has LTE support for the 1200 band.

    4. For some reason that defies logic, all Zain call center operators will tell you that the Lumia 920 is not supported by LTE, which is silly because its not like they need a special “Nokia LTE” version. Perhaps this will change as the rollout commences.

    5. They will claim that the speed is “upto 100 MB” but that, as always, is bullshit. Practical low end speed is in the single-digit MB range; high end you can get close to 20 (I haven’t seen it higher so far). You should not get anything below 4MB with LTE.

    6. There is no difference in the “data only” LTE and LTE that runs on your mobile. You can get “voice over LTE” (like voice over IP for internet chatting), but it is not implemented in Kuwait and probably won’t be for a long, long time.

  13. Kuwait says:

    In a few words for noobs, what is the advantage of LTE over 3G/Edge?

  14. Asham says:

    What is more important is the frequency that your phone supports. As someone mentioned above that having a 4G phone doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to get an LTE in Kuwait. It should have the right hardware to catch that frequency.

    Take iPhone 5 Models for example, there’s an American version which is A1428 and then Australian and UK version A1429. US version won’t work in AUS/UK and vice versa.

    I’m planning to get the new Sony Xperia ZL when its out but I’ll make sure I’ll get the one with the right radio even I have to pay little extra. Cuz I have the choice to get the right handset while the telecom companies won’t be changing their supported frequencies just to accommodate me.

    Just my 2 fils.

  15. Khalid says:

    Currently only Zain nano sim support LTE. I used nano to micro sim adapter in my Nokia Lumia 920 and it’s working flawlessly so use the adapter if you have LTE phone other than iphone5.

    Zain staff are clueless and keep insisting that no phone will work other than iphone5.

  16. Mo Bo says:

    It would be helpful if someone can get the specs to all the phones that are compatible with the zain 4g network.

  17. Jb says:

    So if a1429 model is supported here in the kingdom of saudi arabia then there will be no chance that A1428 model iphone 5 would get the priveledge to enjoy the speed of LTE ? Only 3g since the band of a1428 is not supported here?

  18. Yousefq25 says:

    When will LTE stop dropping after every phone call with zain on my up to date iPhone 5 ..?

  19. Khalid Shariff says:

    Google Nexus 5 LTE:
    Only the Nexus 5 for the European version will work in Saudi and Middle East.
    Don’t buy an American version ! It’s not going to work here although it is cheaper.
    The tech reason is that the former has LTE Band 3 which is supported by STC & Zain. (sorry Mobily !, No Nexus 5)

  20. Fahd Faysal says:

    @Khalid Shariff it should wok on mobily and Zain they are on 26 LTE Band.
    got this from Engadget
    Now, about that catch we mentioned earlier. We’re pleased that Google and LG included LTE this time around, but we’re not satisfied with the implementation here. The N5 comes in two different configurations. There’s the D820 for North America with nine-band LTE (bands 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41, which offers support for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T, as well as Canada and a few random networks in Asia, Africa and South America). It also offers quad-band GSM/EDGE, CDMA 800/1900 and seven-band DC-HSPA+ (bands 1/2/4/5/6/8/19, which essentially cover a majority of networks outside North America).

    Then there’s the second model, the D821, which comes with six-band LTE (bands 1/3/5/7/8/20), quad-band GSM/EDGE and six-band DC-HSPA+ (bands 1/2/4/5/6/8). While most of your data needs can be addressed by one or the other, anyone hoping to take advantage of LTE while traveling abroad will find that neither version works everywhere.

    Please confirm

  21. Tenthfire says:

    Hello I am a 19 year old gamer from Kuwait. I have been gaming from when I was around 6 years old. I know a lot about computers, softwares, routers , internet, lte, servers, etc.
    I am very disappointed with Zain LTE this year with their approach on their internet. If you check the highway their advertisement was “extremely fast speed and good for gaming” or some similar words.
    This year Zain decided to buy cheaper routers compared to last year. These new routers are extremely worse than because that their range is 2/4 compared to the one 1 year ago. The router malfunctions more and the chip is much worse than before. I have to say that 0 tests were made on the router.
    I will try not to go into details, but if you play League of Legends, Dota, WOW, Diablo, etc do not get this router as it is extremely unstable.
    Last year being one of the first people to have Zain LTE in the country with the modem + 80GB limit (now increased to 300G in 2014) I will tell you my experience.
    Usually my ping in gaming is 180-1000. Mostly 180-400 which is extremely unplayable and you get frustrated.
    I managed to figure an IP that had a more stable ping than others and managed to configure my router with minimum traffic and to get IP, getting 130-140 ping.
    On 2014 they changed router and chip and also programmed their servers in an extremely poor way where it rejected people with old routers / chips. This caused a massive amount of disconnection and customer service have no way of helping you. The people on customer service have no idea how internet work or what the basics of latency are.
    Anyways on 2014 I got a new contract hoping that their internet will get better. They increased the limit from 80GB–> 300GB which is amazing.
    Zain, however, after a few months starting in March decided to cancel 3G service , so now all cell phones are forced to get 4G LTE.
    There is an increased pressure on 4G LTE and the server is extremely over used. The speed went around 3GB / slower per 4 months.
    I am sad to say that now the speed of Zain LTE at 3.14.2014 with tests is 5-12 GB/ second on download and less than 10GB in upload from the normal standard which was 40GB+.
    IF you buy a normal DSL your ping / internet will be more stable and faster.
    I have done some tests on certain IP :
    and many more.
    I also made a list of the problems Zain 4G LTE service is having from 2014 (especially Feb and March):
    1. Assigning two people the same “IP ” (usually when several computers connect to a router they are given different “IP”).
    This is bad, because if that person with the same “IP” downloads something your speed will get slower and if you’re gaming you will lag.
    2. Disables Youtube Comments and enables Safety Mode.
    This is an extremely annoying problem only seem from their filter / internet problem. Youtube loads extremely slow as well and a lot of problems.
    3. Unable to browser specific websites from an “error” which can be solved by turning off your router for 30 seconds – 2 minutes.
    This gets annoying when I have to close my router to access sites like NBK because the router is “stuck” and it happens a lot. Sometimes it gets me an error while going on google. This is only with their service. I have tried normal DSL and other internet services which are much better.
    4. As I said before their router radius is extremely low and signal level affects ping.
    Radius is usually 0.5 floorX 0.80 floor (LXW) meaning it is worse than any other types.
    5. Router shutdowns if you download 3 things simultaneously.
    Lets say I download 3 from Itunes 3GB each I can crush my router and their server. It will build up some level of “clog” on that IP address that it will be slow. You will need to change your IP address.
    Their simple network structure is sad and if I was to rate it from 1-10 I would give it 0.
    I do not recommend this internet for any person who wants a stable network or for gaming. I do not recommend 4G LTE from any company as it is extremely unstable and fails to bring minimum international standards. Calling this network 4G LTE is a simple joke.
    This is only 1/5 of the server problems I see. If I was to include more problems on their server and networks it would be extremely cruel.
    How they can solve most problems
    Fix network stability ( I believe a multi-million dollar company can figure out how to do this).
    Do not overload yourself with people when your network is extremely weak.
    Offer certain configuration for gamers.
    Fix disconnection problems.
    Find a better engineer for your routers and their components.
    Do more testing on your routers before buying them from China.

  22. rafi says:

    Hi i m planning to buy moto nexus 6 1103 us version from amaxon usa.. It supports lte 3 1800.. But not lte 20.. So will i ne able use 4g or in futute 4g plus in ooredoo kuwait

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