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Post by Mark

With all the problems with the Kuwait Zoo we sometimes forget it still can be a nice place to visit. A friend of mine passed by last week and she wrote about it in a much more positive way than I could ever do.

Did you know that the entrance fee is [500 filss] ONLY?! And now that the weather is still breezy & the sun isn’t eating our heads, half a KD will grant you scenery, active animals, great open space, clear skies, and best of all- an adventure to remember.

Her pictures are also really great so check out her post [Here]

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  1. SS99 says:

    I guess we need guards to protect the animals in the zoo like we need guards to protect humans now in the malls in Kuwait. A very violent society to say the least, everyone is vunerable. Did I just create jobs???

  2. d'fine says:

    I could never go there, I would loose the last of sleep I have left over the treatment of animals in Q8. Plus I already have a Zoo of strays at home.

    The wild life you all think your going to see at the Zoo is very much present on National Geographic in full HD. Where they are WILD & FREE…=)

  3. d'fine says:

    on a different note, I am glad some exposure is created on the topic, hopefully their living conditions will improved.

  4. they should give good care for these animals and the zoo

  5. hello says:

    I took my kids to the zoo couple of months back, and the monkey cage smelled horrible, and almost 50 percent of the monkies had some kind of tumor or swelling in their behind, it was so big that i can imagine the pain those monkies were going through.
    The zoo dept need to work on the cleaning of the cage, and get rid of the infected monkies so that the existing ones dont get infected.

    • Areej says:

      @hello- Were the tumors in the monkey’s behinds pink or red? If so, this is completely normal. These monkeys are called Baboons. This is what they look like. Google them :)

      • hello says:

        they were extremly huge, like a big ball.i know thats not normal.
        and baboons were in a different cage.
        When was the last time you went to the zoo

        • Areej says:

          @hello- my apologies! I thought you were referring to the baboons. I have never been to the Kuwait Zoo and I don’t think I ever will. I would probably end up freeing all the animals and landing in jail!

  6. Nathan says:

    I must say though, Chinese zoos are terrible. Kuwait zoo is a paradise compared to other zoos in the world.

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

  7. bob says:

    ive seen a monkey trying to kill himself in kuwait zoo.

  8. Thinka says:

    How can you say its a great day out? When we went I was shocked how local kids treated the poor animals. Trowing crisps packages, sweets, water bottles etc to the animals who in their turn ate it all. Eventhough it says everywhere DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. Guards wont tell the children off. It is horrible how proud animals are swaying back and forth as they have nothing to stimulate them, housed in cages with concrete floors.
    I can go on and on aboit the state of this zoo, but I think, just like in Modern Dubai (where the zoo is also disgusting!!) nothing will be done about it here. It doesnt seem to be in the culture to think about the animals needs.
    Have a look at the zoos in The netherlands: animals are housed together in huge areas with other animals who tolerate eachother in the wild, just to give an example.
    Not sure what can be done here to help these animals here unfortunately. Even in Dubai nothing is done till today eventhough they ‘say’ a new zoo will be built ‘inshallah’ . I tried with petitions there to get it changed but till now: nothing. I hope people will be more respectful in die time to these wonderful creatures which deserve more than a concrete floor and bags of crisps.

    • Syed says:

      If you really want to talk about a zoo in the UAE , the best one would be Al Ain Zoo. i think it might just be the best zoo in the GCC!
      Amazing treatment of animals , lots of space for them too.
      Link http://www.awpr.ae/

  9. Bahaar says:

    When I was kid, Kuwait zoo was my favorite place in weekends. When I grow up, took my 3 years old niece there and she enjoyed it a lot by saying Hello and Good Bye to each animal, But it was a very sad day for me. I felt like it is the saddest place on the earth; where proud, wild creatures are chained in small boxes.

  10. sooli says:

    i really hope the kuwait zoo gets closed and these poor animals get sent to better sanctuaries or to their wild habitats

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