Kuwait didn’t request any user data from Twitter

Post by Mark

Twitter updated their 2012 user information request page and it turns out Kuwait did not request any data about any local users from Twitter last year. Actually the only Arab country to request user information was surprisingly Qatar. Check out the full list [Here]

via @Nibaq

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  1. aaa says:

    Lesson: Don’t use your real name and they’ll never know who you are

  2. TechnologyMan says:

    I don’t think the Kuwaities, the authorities, know how to do such request!

    However, their is not reference in the country or an entity who knows how to d it or responsible for such enquiry!

    That’s why Kuwait is not in the list!

  3. 3azeez says:

    All users data are acquired from local ISPs. Our internet is very well monitored. No need to contact Twitter, google, or anyone for anything.

  4. 3azeez says:

    btw countries that request users data from twitter and other services are those who respect the privacy laws and cannot acquire such data without proper protocol.

  5. Slaymaan says:

    Keep in mind, while these were requests, most were not answered. Qatar did not get one piece of information according to the report.

    And 3azeez, local ISPs are not able to monitor twitter/email/whatsapp… since those are encrypted.

  6. Q8blvds says:

    accounts like @karamatwatan have been creating a buzz in Kuwait without finding out how is behind them, so there isn’t any prove that the government can find out who you really are.

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