New Record: Largest convoy of GMC vehicles in the world

Post by Mark

On Saturday GMC were planning to break the record for the largest convoy of GMC vehicles in the world and according to a reader who participated in the event they were able to break it.

Does anyone have a list of all the records Kuwait currently holds? I’ve honestly lost count and there are 7 more that will supposedly be broken during the fireworks show on the 10th.

Here are some pictures of the event [Link]

Thanks Ahmad

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  1. FONZIE says:

    That’s cool!

    So how many vehincles were there?

  2. FONZIE says:


  3. Mohammed says:

    Mark the Convoy was just for GMC Seirra Pickup Category. In order to break the record we had to be more than 100 and you are right the total tally was 181.

  4. The Avenues Experiment says:

    Does not Kuwait hold the Guiness record for the most number of blog entries that compare any darn experience of life and living in Kuwait with what’s it like doing the same in Dubai??

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