Ali Al Salem Base Open Day

Post by Mark

Not sure how I missed this yesterday but it was open day at the Ali Al Salem Air Force base and anyone could get in and check the planes and helicopters they had on display. They even had drones on display!

Marzouq visited the base and took a ton of photos which he’s uploaded onto his blog and you can check out [Here]

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  1. Max says:

    Anyone could go? Even expats?

  2. howcome they dont announce such events!! am sure many people would love to visit

  3. desert sky says:

    Damn. I would’ve like to take pics in front of an Apache gunship.

  4. N says:

    Actually, it wasn’t for everyone. Just family/friends of military personnel.
    Z got connections.

  5. Qster says:

    Look at all the money we could have spent on education, healthcare and the general welfare of our citizens instead we spend it on furthering the American Military-Industrial complex. Good Job Kuwait.

  6. AKM says:

    Damn. I would have loved to have gone for this.

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