Millionaire Boy Racers

Post by Mark

The documentary is now out and has made it’s way to YouTube. Here is a description:

For many Londoners, the summer is a chance to escape the noise and bustle of the capital in search of relaxation and sun overseas, but as the Brits hit the beaches, London becomes the top destination for super-rich Arab tourists and their supercars.

This documentary provides an insight into the influx of supercars and their wealthy owners in central London each summer.

Swapping the searing heat of their homes in the Middle East for the cool of the UK, increasing numbers of super-rich Arabs are packing their bags and cars for their annual vacation in the capital.

Million-pound Bugatti Veyrons and extravagant Koenigsegg supercars have become a common sight on the streets of London but it has divided the opinion of the residents.

These elite supercar owners, often young Arabs in their twenties, enjoy showing off their motors but many of those living in Knightsbridge and Chelsea are less enthusiastic; they say summer in the city has become unbearable.

The locals are complaining about sleepless nights caused by revving engines and speeding cars racing down the narrow streets, leaving the police with no choice but to clamp down on noise offences and reprimand those driving without the correct insurance, tax and number plates.

The supercar phenomenon has also sparked a fan base of ‘carparazzi’: young – mostly male – Brits are tracking down the latest arrivals so that they can photograph and film the cars and post them online: the noisier and shinier the supercar, the better.


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  1. Chris says:

    they look so mad lol

  2. AJ says:

    Karma is a bitch. The British pioneered drunken hooliganism and have exhibited it freely on foreign shores. They are now on the receiving end of behavior that is far less anti-social. Panda Morgan Thomas bemoans the “exodus of the more traditional residents of Knightsbridge”, no doubt a result of the influx of “foreigners”. The bigger tragedy is that these same foreigners were at the mercy of the British and their imperialism when they controlled half the world not so long ago.

  3. moe237 says:

    I think it’s a strange thing that is happening. It is telling of the social inhibitions of our cultures and how those with means will jump at every chance to be free of restriction. Also, it shows that maybe despite the bad that the super cars bring, it signifies that the people behind those wheels may be providing for the economy of the area.

    The conclusion that the british residents came to (they should just tough it up) is probably a smart one. Although they are slaves to the money being poured in, I don’t think that is a bad thing.

    Anyway, it’s a good unbiased look at both sides of the coin.

  4. badEFACE says:

    The guys in the video are a joke…

    I would never give up Kuwait for London.

  5. Anon says:

    Give the old guy complaining a couple of million Pounds and worry free life + 20 something age and few fancy cars and see how he behaves….
    Will be no different…

  6. WTF says:

    Im kuwaiti, my parents never bought me a lambo or any other exotic super car. He says he is 27 and still attending GUST. Is this a joke ? “We have no nightclub or bar in Kuwait so we save money.” I doubt this fool worked a day in his life.

  7. Brandon says:

    The only reason they’re allowed them to do it (reving and racing down streets) is because its just for the summer + the influx of Arab tourists that bring in shitload of cash to UK.

    They should perhaps just make a nice cruise track or race track these cars can zoom on, something like the YAS Leisure drive in Abu Dhabi, No Traffic, No cameras, just supercars blasting off at 240-260.

  8. djelibaby says:

    never give up kuwait for London? REALLY? that is a riot! Yes Kuwait provides the money for their pleasures abroad. But come on – why does that mean they have to love Kuwait more than anything else? That puts money at the centre of all priorities.

    Its like saying saying a dead uncle leaves everything to you in his will and you sit by his graveside for the rest of your life because clearly its a WAY better lifestyle than anything else.

    Your patriotism, although cute, is not based on anything solid – its based on your emotions, and perhaps prioritising money over quality of life. There are hundreds of countries that are more liberating to live in than Kuwait. Although these guys in London with their cars are idiots – at least they udnerstand. Take the money and run!

    • sara says:

      last i checked patriotism IS an emotion…a very deep personal emotion.
      you cant teach patriotism..either you have it or you dont.
      just because you are a citizen of that country doesnt automatically make you patriotic

    • aaa says:

      Money is a huge part of quality of life.

      • jemma says:

        perhaps any surveys done on happiness and quality of life have found that money has a minor role to play. sometimes even a negative one…

  9. Maybe Kuwaitis should abandon london for one summer and lets see them become happy

  10. Adam says:

    Such a sad documentary. I have Kuwaiti friends,and they by no means behave as such. In fact they make any arab proud

  11. spikz says:

    Cool Arabs. Jealous and Racist Brits. End of documentary.

    • djelibaby says:

      um i’ve lived in both countries and Kuwait is BY FAR the most racist country ive ever lived in. The UK is pretty racist no doubt about it – but there is nothing cool about these twats!

    • TJCFILMS says:

      Haha if these guys are cool I would love to see what people who think so idea of a douche looks like! Yes these Brits do have a stick up their ass and they are more angry at the neighborhood changing for what they see the worst. Here is the thing though. Cool go to London bring your ride and have a good time. It doesnt mean you have to drive like a douche

  12. spikz says:

    why don’t we bring London to Kuwait ?

  13. Abdul says:

    i am feeling proud of being a RESIDENT of Kuwait.

  14. desert sky says:

    That’s not real happiness. Without the money and living in Kuwait they’s most probably be depressed.

  15. idiots_killer says:


  16. Rakan says:

    I’m just surprised, never knew a panda lived in Knightsbridge.

  17. FuGeeS says:

    Why don’t the local residents live in the suburbs if they don’t like the city’s noise?

  18. HungryBunny says:

    Its sad how a millionaire boy racer is willing to give up his home country for parks and clubs. I expected a little more respect for Kuwait, especially from a Kuwaiti National.

  19. jemma says:

    wow lots of angry people here. seriously you guys didnt know that theres a growing breed of kuwaitis who dont like kuwait? Its not about parks and clubs – its about freedoms. its about being able to go for a walk and see beautiful things, its about fresh air, its about culture, about music, festivals and the idea that there are peopel actually enjoying their lives. In Kuwait, we are blessed with a fantastic coastline but we’ve dammed it up with fucking malls, littered it up with diapers, cigarette butts and half eaten chicken legs, and then private beaches for the select few. The place us completely SOULLESS – like a bug fucking corpse! Music, theatre, art are all looked at with extreme suspicion – there is MASSIVE racism against expats who are what – at least 50 percent of the population? corruption everywhere, a human trafficking level that is ludicrous for such a small country, no alcohol, a slave culture, a corrupt police force patrolling our streets, crazy local drivers who dont give a shit about life, bullshit travel policies (travel bans), wastha everywhere, smoking laws unenforced…

    i mean seriously you dont think some people are like what the fuck is wrong with this country? yes yes i know if i dont like it get the fuck out. No, tuff luck. im here to make money because i want to and i STILL dont like it. both can exist in the same person you know? get over it!

    • aaa says:

      You take the good with the bad. I’ve lived outside and I’ve lived here and while a lot of stuff is worse in general, for me, life is better here. Not saying it’s perfect, I’m saying I’ll give up the negatives because the positives outweigh it. Dunno why it’s so hard to understand people have different priorities.

    • marisa says:

      Well now…you sound like the most angry one here!
      A touch jealous I’d guess

  20. meow says:

    Hakoona matata.. matiswa il dinya relax <3

  21. TweeZ says:

    just curious….can’t this behavior hurt diplomatic relations between Kuwait and UK? Let alone the gulf countries?

  22. Security Adviser says:

    London as a city is on the verge of economic recovery thanks to the Olympics and the Paralympics that injected much needed foreign currency through the tourist stream. These boys with their toys though brash and loud are a part of that tourist circle.Why do you think that their Mayor ..Mr. Boris is visiting the middle east brown nosing the big shots who run the middle east ?? They give to London in 3 months what normally tourists on a whole would give in 06. Only the local residents object but those who matter like merchants and shop owners in those areas dont go running to the town council asking that they be stopped or be penalized severely.They know they cant have one with out the other. They have learnt and come to accept the fact as a part of their business and daily livelihood.They need the money these rich Arabs bring in to survive so they put up with the loud and brash behavior. They keep on chanting the golden mantra its only 90 days… its only 90 days and then they will be gone … We will have our cash flow but they will be gone by Autumn.

  23. Security Adviser says:

    Hey Knights Bridge Town Council here is a suggestion you could use ;-) How about speed breakers in those areas?? Relatively easy to do and not that expensive.. Make them slightly higher than the nose of your average super sports car and place them every 150 to 200 meters or so. It wont effect normal cars & 4×4’s that have better clearance but will definetely screw up the fiber glass lip of a super car if it hits it too fast. End result = Effective safety for pedestrians, No more crazy speeding and will discourage the super cars from frequenting the area. Also add a lot of Parking meters with hiked up charges with cars with foreign plates. Maybe like 50 pounds an hour or something that along with the cops either towing their vehicle or fining them like 500 pounds for failure to pay parking fees or parking in a no park area could make it little less fun for the trouble makers ;-)

    • bader says:

      not a smart idea. the problem is not the speed, its the noise those super cars make. if you place speed breakers every 150 – 200 meters then this will give the drivers a chance to accelerate and decelerate vigorously all the time. just like from a traffic light to the next one. Also Revving the car while taking the speed breaker, therefore producing more noise.

  24. Kasia says:

    Well, what goes round comes round…hundreds of young brits come to my country every summer, they drink gallos of alcohol, misbehave in hotels, demolish bars ( they find it hillarious, to throw things around) , go into fight with locals and stalk girls. their stag parties have been banned in some areas already, as they were impossible to cope with.
    I feel sorry for some of the elder citizens in the documentary but every tourism has its fallbacks.

  25. rik says:

    “Cool Arabs. Jealous and Racist Brits. End of documentary.”


    Cool Kuwaiti’s treat the 500,000 Asians who keep Kuwait clean and slave in Kuwaiti houses as subhumans who have no rights. Have another try.

    • jojo says:

      + 500 000 – one for every screwed over asian in this racist slave trading country!

    • spikz says:

      I believe some Asian helper’s deserve this treatment. Not all are goody good shoes, some cheat , steal and beat up Kuwaiti kids.

      • jojo says:

        wow so youre saying some asian helpers deserve the slave trade – wchich includes rape, torture and sometimes even murder. You are an evil human being and i hope you get exactly what you deserve…

        when I grew up it was all the kuwaiti kids beating up expat asians – and that has not changed. You are a backward barbarian of a person.

        what do you think KUWAITIS deserve in that case?

        • G says:

          So you think all Kuwaiti’s get a maid, tie her up in the basement, torture, beat, rape then kill them? Cool story bro. If that was true there would be no expats here.

          I agree that most people treat them like they’re stupid maybe, a lower amount beat them, and maybe a couple of hundred do what you said.

  26. Hdawg says:

    Surprising woman with initials PMT gets annoyed over nothing!

    In the UK I was a manager of a luxury designer brand and I can tell you as a fact that the only reason my previous employer has been able to survive the recession is due to the enormous amounts of money being pumped into the economy by foreign visitors. Stores outside of London are lucky if they generate any profit. Tourists to London are keeping retail alive in the uk without them thousands of people would lose their jobs. If these people are breaking the law of the country they are in they should be punished as a citizen would.

  27. Hdawg says:

    Surprising woman with initials PMT gets annoyed over nothing!

    In the UK I was a manager of a luxury designer brand and I can tell you as a fact that the only reason my previous employer has been able to survive the recession is due to the enormous amounts of money being pumped into the economy by foreign visitors. Stores outside of London are lucky if they generate any profit. Tourists to London are keeping retail alive in the uk without them thousands of people would lose their jobs. If these people are breaking the law of the country they are in they should be punished as a citizen would. Also this behaviour is nothing compared to the drunken hooliganism Brits inflict on others all over the world

  28. Q8NotGR8 says:

    Right on, Jemma.

    There are a few minor things I like about Kuwait (making da money is one) …but the salvery that goes on here is humiliating. So many families think it’s ok to hit a maid in anger, and/or keep hold of her passport as if she is their belonging. The way children speak to their maids is unacceptable, but Kuwaiti paarents don’t mind. I know this doesnt apply to all Kuwaiti families — but it does describe MANY. It’s all just so tragic and shocking in 2013!

  29. Q8NotGR8 says:

    * slavery

  30. Talal says:

    f*cking bigots

  31. Matt says:

    I’m not British or Kuwaiti, but I tend to agree with the “What goes around, comes around” concept. If you compare the behavior of the Kuwaitis in London with those of Brits in Prague, Dublin, Thailand or Spain, the Kuwaitis do not seem that bad.

  32. TJCFILMS says:

    Of course they go there and act like crazy idiots. When you repress you cause excess. Not only that where is a nice Sport complex for these guys to let off steam legally. There isn’t one. Like so many things here people in power know it but do nothing about it. That is why something like the Gulf Run is a good thing. These very smart guys saw a need, wanted to have fun and boom great success!

  33. TJCFILMS says:

    A Kuwaiti friend of mine once told me “Ask all Kuwaitis where they go on holiday. Wherever they say go someplace else because they F**k that place up”. That doesn’t mean all Kuwaitis are like that or do that but it certainly seems to be a trend just as drunk Brits and arrogant Americans do the same abroad.

  34. moc_27 says:

    Typical grumpy british! I was in london for the summer….people love the cars.

  35. vampire says:

    I just had the time to watch it,, very sad for the brits.

    Though the purpose of this story is to make the english hate arabs

    • marisa says:

      but the Arabs came out on top!
      The blond woman with her fake posh accent was ridiculed by the programme makers…playing the Imperialistic music in the background after she scurried to the roof…too funny

  36. Bas Ya Knightsbridge says:

    I only wish they would drive their supercars around Sloane Square, St James, Guilford and
    Cumbria. Some of the protestors clearly are racist tossers. Would they have made as much noise with billionaire Russian oligarchs or other white trash? I don’t think so.

  37. Fahad says:

    Old Brits being old and racist, while young rich Arabs are having fun.
    Ps I will choose kuwait any day

  38. Khalid Al Sharif says:

    I watched this on TV here in the UK, i really laughed and thought that this is bad, the guy ‘Rashed’ almost crying because he’s going back to Kuwait or as he says ‘Desert’

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