Michel Hayek predictions for Kuwait

Post by Mark

Michel Hayek is an extremely popular fortune teller in Lebanon who comes on TV at the end of the year to share his predictions for the coming year. Embarrassingly, he’s so popular that according to him, 35% of the Lebanese politicians see him in private and most have started basing their decisions on his predictions.

Anyway, Michel Hayek has made a number of predictions about Kuwait I’ve listed below. Please don’t take these seriously:

– Kuwait’s Emir will be subjected to a few attacks and health problems
– A political crisis could lead to a siege around a highly symbolic and important building
– The earths crust displacement will result in cracks to a few buildings
– Kuwait’s mediation in a regional affair proves to be successful

So there you have it, Michel Hayek’s predictions for Kuwait. You can watch him read the predictions in Arabic on TV by following this [Link]

Thanks Najib

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  1. cajie says:

    He does seem very precise with his predictions.

  2. n19 says:

    These are very vague.

    Here’s a prediction from me:
    Kuwait will open up another burger joint.

  3. Epiclipto says:

    yalla ^^ Time for Bane to take over Al Hamra tower, why Al Hamra? Because of Elevation Burger OFCOURSE!!!

  4. Jack says:

    earths crust displacement o_O!!!???

    • Epiclipto says:

      you know…. the parts of the earth’s outermost layer that move around, they give us: -earthquakes
      -new land
      ¬–> Volcano eruptions
      -other stuff I should know but didn’t bother paying attention to in geography class


  5. Kurt says:

    Wiki says:

    Most predictions from such figures as Nostradamus, James Van Praagh, and others are written with such seemingly deliberate vagueness and ambiguity as to make interpretation nearly impossible before the event, rendering them useless as predictive tools. After the event has occurred, however, details are shoehorned into the prediction by the psychics or their supporters using selective thinking — emphasize the “hits”, ignore the “misses” — in order to lend credence to the prophecy and give the impression of an accurate “prediction”. Inaccurate predictions are omitted.

  6. KG says:

    I really cant stand these “fortune tellers” that make up stuff and scam people. seriously

  7. Naif says:


  8. brink on brand says:

    This is stupid.

  9. Othman says:

    An old man will have health problems.

    No way?! what a fucking genius…

  10. Jumanji says:

    looking at the number of predictions he has made, and the 35% thing, coupled with the number of times he has been right, and the number of letters in his name: 0.35 times 11 letters + 5 predictions / number of people taking this seriously = the number 23!!

    divide the number of floors of alhamra tower by 23 and you get the golden ratio 1.618!

    this is fun

  11. heeeeelllllllppppp says:

    so that means the world wont end in 2013 as well. just few cracks……..

  12. aalbanna says:

    فإذا كان الذي يسأل العراف لا تقبل صلاته أربعين يوماً فما بالك بالعراف نفسه؟
    قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية في مجموع الفتاوى: وصناعة التنجيم التي مضمونها الأحكام والتأثير، وهو الاستدلال على الحوادث الأرضية بالأحوال الفلكية، والتمزيج بين القوى الفلكية والقوابل الأرضية: صناعة محرمة بالكتاب والسنة وإجماع الأمة، بل هي محرمة على لسان جميع المرسلين في جميع الملل، قال الله تعالى: وَلا يُفْلِحُ السَّاحِرُ حَيْثُ أَتَى [طـه:69].
    وقال: أَلَمْ تَرَ إِلَى الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا نَصِيباً مِنَ الْكِتَابِ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِالْجِبْتِ وَالطَّاغُوتِ [النساء:50].
    قال عمر وغيره: 6الجبت السحر.
    والله أعلم.

    • Truth says:

      جزاك الله خير صدقت! ومن الواجب ألا يقرأ ماذا قال أو كتب من الإفترائات لأن فقط من ذلك لن تقبل منه صلاة ٤٠ يوم!!! أي ٢٠٠ صلاة! نسأل الله السلامة… والمشكلة لدينا أجنبي لا يعرف شيئ عن الإسلام ويتكلم عن بلد عربي…

      إلى متى التخلف يا أيها العرب؟

  13. Arrgh says:

    I think his prediction of the Amir’s health puts him in the terrorist watchlist.

    He can make a prediction if he’s going to get a cockmeat sandwich in guantanamo.

  14. Akbar says:

    Some additional predictions:

    There will be light after darkness
    There will be accidents on roads
    Planes will take off and land
    People will continue getting obese
    It will be colder for few weeks
    Burgers will mostly be non vegetarian and high in calories
    Parliament may get dissolved
    Oil shall continue to flow and be Kuwait’s main industry
    Most blog posts will revolve around materialistic stuff
    M1 will continue to love junk food and cookies
    M2 will buy more transformers and Japanese hentai stuff and bikes
    P will hug a tree
    We all will be a year older if we make it
    I will goto bed soon…

    Beat that!

    • G says:

      -You’re going to wake up in a few hours (bonus: the sun will be coming up)
      -Everyone in Kuwait, I repeat, EVERYONE uses a bathroom in one point of their lives.
      -People will forever compare Kuwait & Dubai in any random conversation (weather,malls,food,etc)

      • MM says:

        Yes we will constantly compare you with Dubai, Doha – the rest of the GCC in 2013, however my prediction is that you will continue to have more in common with India than with the GCC.

  15. Rehab says:

    Is there any information given by him for the stock market ?
    I would hire him…

  16. Commenter says:

    Whatever this person said, he doesn’t have the right or the ability to predict future… Allah only knows the future, not anyone else no matter what.

    Please, do not believe or link your hopes to this person’s lies. Good things happen because someone instists in doing something helpful and Allah makes him achieve it and blessing him and his work. Bad things happen for 5era.

    Allah ye6awel b3mur sheik Subah w y6awel eb 3omra en sha2 Allah

    • The Real Burhan says:

      Relax man, no one takes these things seriously. You might as well call Miss Cleo.

    • Jumanji says:

      you need to chill bro. hopes and lies and Allah and abilities and blessings man not even Gandalf can top what you just said LOL

      It very clearly says it in the post “Please do not take these seriously”… chill dude bro

  17. Mathai says:

    I don’t believe him, in fact I don’t trust any fortune teller who doesn’t have a crystal ball on his/her table.

  18. Q8meee says:

    What a Load of cods wallop!!

  19. Red_John says:

    Didn’t those guys predict that the world would end in 2012?

    Yeaaah I call bullcrap on that :D

  20. Traveler says:

    I predict that in 2013 I will be more decisive. Well, maybe I will — maybe I won’t.

  21. Hocus Pocus says:

    I managed trespassing Hayek’s mind finally and here’s what he doesn’t want to let on:

    Kuwait will have piped domestic gas supply in all households.

    Downtown area to become one big broad band wi-fi zone.

    Express lanes for buses on motorways and in city centre.

    Baladiya in a new effective avatar in 2013.

    Outsourcing of Kuwait airways cabin crew from Singapore Airlines and JAL.

  22. kulsum says:

    Cracks in buildings doesn’t require any fortune teller in Kuwait. So many buildings in salmiya have cracks with without earth doing any shit :)

  23. Matt says:

    Believing in theses predictions honestly doesn’t seem any more bizarre than what most people believe.

  24. Khalifa says:

    God save Kuwait & long live the Emir…

  25. aaa says:

    Wow this guy is predicting things that already happened in 2012, what a pro

  26. Fair says:

    Fucking chill guys “only allah knows whats going to happen” first of all Allah=God so God = Allah sooo if u want to write in english say God. Because of u, people think Allah is a diff God.. Anyways if people want to believe him then its their choice (obviously i dont) . I predicted a S**** year for Madrid for example and guess what i was right :D so relax take it easy and “Allah” gave us brains for a reason so use it once in a while instead of making this a religious post for no reaaon :)

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