Confusing message

Post by Mark

A reader spotted the above melon at Sultan Center.

Thanks Paul

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  1. n19 says:

    I think they meant “not temporarily organic”

  2. lance says:


  3. Jase says:

    Ok, glad it wasn’t just me who was confused by this.

  4. Zorbon says:

    This explains it…I think!

    “organic farming can only be achieved if you rehabilitate the soil to its organic form, something that could take years to achieve”

    • Arrgh says:

      Or possibly using fertilizer while growing the produce and then shifting to organic methods in the last weeks to flush out fertilizer.

  5. vampire says:

    and the Oscar goes to…

  6. Bahaar says:

    why not simply leave in in non organic section?

  7. Why don’t they just mark it as WIP-organic

  8. who thought of writing this sentence

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