Jolie the Great

Post by Mark

Was just checking out some hi-res shots of Angelina Jolie on when I noticed a tattoo on her right arm. Its arabic and I believe it says “al-3azeemah” meaning the great one. This just made me dislike her more then I used to. [Link]

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  1. Dent says:

    Actually the way the world is spelled it means determined and that she is :) The great is spelled with a ظ not a ز amazing how one letter changes the whole meaning :)

  2. blueberry muffin says:

    al 3azeema means WILL or AMBITION in arabic, unless you were thinking lebanese version of arabic where in that case it would mean great since the z = ظ

  3. Mark says:

    she still sucks :)

  4. Dent says:

    i think she rocks. just my 2 cents mark

  5. Saf says:

    U gotta admire this girl, she doesnt give a **** about other ppl’s talk and does what she pleases. Plus she is a UN spokeperson for refugees… more good than most of us have done in a lifetime.

  6. ZuZu says:

    i don’t like her too .. bs y3nii you gotta admitt she’s nice oo she always defends the arabs :D

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