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Elmnet in collaboration with Qualitynet are currently giving away 2Mbps internet for free at InfoConnect. Sounds too good to be true? Well it kinda is. Here are some things you need to know:

– It’s for everyone, expats and Kuwaitis
– It’s free and it’s 2Mbps

– You can only use their software to browse the internet
– You can only browse the internet and do nothing else internet related (no torrents, no online gaming etc.)
– You will have three ad banners on the screen the whole time framing the browser, one on the left, one on the right and one below
– You can only use it on a computer. You can’t use it on your smart phone or any other device like your gaming system or tablet

The salesman wasn’t sure if it would work with Macs or Linux operating systems

works on Macs but not Linux

Update: According to a spokesperson from Elmnet the connection isn’t limited to just browsing. You can use the connection for other internet activities like downloading torrents and streaming music from apps like Spotify etc.

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  1. Bogi says:


  2. Othman says:

    Doesn’t matter if there are limitations or ads IMO. Still a good deal since it’s free.

  3. Andy says:

    Depends if you don’t mind having your web history tracked by their software who will no doubt sell your profile to a marketing company.

    Not a good deal if you value privacy and using the net for something other than mindlessly surfing through videos of singing cats et al.

    No Steam, no skype, no netflix, no tablets and no privacy. Yeah, sounds a great deal.

    Things are only offered free if the company make a profit in some other way from your internet usage. There’s no free lunch….

    • Othman says:

      “Depends if you don’t mind having your web history tracked by their software who will no doubt sell your profile to a marketing company.

      Not a good deal if you value privacy and using the net for something other than mindlessly surfing through videos of singing cats et al.”

      And this is based on what? YOUR assumption?

      “No Steam, no skype, no netflix, no tablets and no privacy. Yeah, sounds a great deal.

      Things are only offered free if the company make a profit in some other way from your internet usage. There’s no free lunch….”

      Umm, it’s free internet browsing, so yes, IT IS a good deal. Once again, keyword here is FREE. You’re not forced to do surveys or click on any of the ads so what exactly is the issue?

      • UsUs95 says:

        Hey man, no need to get all worked up, but let me tell you this, the price of selling profiles once they have been sorted to large organisations e.g. facebook to know e.g. how many times you’ve visited it is no new thing, its just a new approach to an old technique. You know all the reward cards they give at Sultan centre? They are basic profiles of: what products do people e.g. 25 year old buy, in what quantities,these profiles are then sold and then companies can go ahead to satisfy their target market as they will, so I dont doubt Andys assumption up there.. FREE is what they want you to think, other-wise its just a good old money-making machine tbh

    • bask says:

      Its addressable media and the ads are already part of the deal, so the marketing company is invited to buy ads irrespective and no need to sell any profile.

      as for the No No No….. well yeah, they are giving it to u for free, so to some its a good tradeoff, Facebook is giving u a free page but doesn’t take ur permission for the ads not to mention they are the kings of intruding your privacy.

      • Andy says:

        Why do you think you have to use their software? Might it be so they can track your web history? Maybe, maybe not but I’d be a bit suspicious of that.

        I agree for some folk, they don’t care anyway, so it’s no big deal. Guess I am not the target market.

        • moe80s says:

          your using this software to make sure you don’t use skype or any other software like torrent man! I think it’s a nice gesture from qualitynet!

    • UsUs95 says:

      LOL!! That was my exact first thought!! I’d RUN from this deal, god knows how much they will charge for profiles here in Kuwait, considering its one of the very few companies I guess probably even in the middle-east. They stand to make millions if not more if they strategize it well …

  4. Ahmed says:

    I wouldn’t get this internet, EVEN if its free!.Do i look like a peasant?!!

  5. The Real Burhan says:

    So, basically what they are offering is something I can get from any cafe?

    Oh right, its not, because there I can use it to do whatever I want, on any device that has a wifi radio, AND its faster than 2MB.

    Don’t forget the added bonus that I don’t have to look at ads and god knows what else is going to be installed on the machine.

    No thanks.

  6. Ahmed says:

    And another thing, Why bother with free crappy internet?, when i can get not-so-crappy internet at any cafe or mall that has “Free Wifi”??

  7. Coolsprint says:

    If I’d this kind of internet, I’d try my best to hack the shit out of it.

  8. Abdullah says:

    And you think they will just show you random advertisements? No, they will track the pages (yes,each web page not whole sites) you go to or even calculate the time you spent in each site and then display the right ads for you, that’s what google do with a simple code and this service has a dedicated adware !?

  9. Ahmed Emad says:

    I just got my Elmnet service activated today. I although I was a bit annoyed by Ads during the first half an hour, later on a got use to the ad. Below are my observations:

    1) The speed is V.Good with download speed around 235KB
    2) Both Skype and Torrents is working fine. I even tried the service with my SIP line as I used to call my Son in UK and the Quality was excellent.
    3) I managed to download few files through steam and the latency of the online gaming was very good (tried with online Fifa).

    I really find the service to be good deal for a Free service.

  10. referger says:

    Dumbest comments ever

  11. Rehab says:

    Leaving the privacy issue, no download, no videos…

    I think it is good for those social media addicts…

  12. qeight says:

    It may be free, but that idea is outdated. Moreover how secure are they?

  13. Rajesh says:

    Dear Ahmed

    Are there any limitations?

    I heard that you cannot use your Smartphone at home with this service. Wonder why? If I have my own router with WiFi, can I not use it on any device?

    Please advise, as I am considering this option.

  14. Anybody's Guess says:

    When I asked the salesman before I applied for the connection, I was told that it will be available for mobiles and tablets soon. They are working on developing an ad app that will have to be run on your phone to get the connection.

    • The Real Burhan says:

      Wow, this is some of the most ill informed blabber from a sales person.

      Really? Ad app on a PHONE to use the INTERNET. Nice one.

      I suppose they are waiting on getting approval from Zain, Viva and Wataniya to start the service.

  15. ProZ says:

    who offer 2mbps for 3.5 kd ??
    its a lot more than that on an annual superscription !

  16. Thomas says:

    Guys guys guys./.. the frikking service is free.. Quit whining and evolve…

  17. Abdulatif says:

    Dear Mark and everyone, im working with Elmnet, about our service.. we offer u guys free 2Mb DSL internet connection plus free router, u wont pay anything it is absolutely free .. in order for this service to work, u need to install a client or an application on ur laptop or desktop to enable the banners on ur desktop so u can use the internet for browsing or downloading or anything u want, u can install it on windows or Mac .. for the guys suspecting the application .. its only to enable the ads on ur desktop it self .. not on the browser!
    so whatever program u are useing like skype or yahoo messenger or whatever, the ads will always show on ur screen, and guys the software will not spy or take any of ur information .. again as i told u, it is only to enable the ads and establish the connection with Qualitynet servers. All our profits are from the ads and we will give u the internet connection for free .. this service will only work on laptops or desktops .. smart phones or tablets or any other devices supporting internet will not work for now because u cant install the Elmnet client on them.. the service is unlimited, u can download as much as u want, the subscription is for one year .. after one year u can renew it again absolutely free .. for any question please come and visit us in the exhibition .. my name is Abdulatif ask for me ill be glad to help u guys = )

    • Hosam says:

      Can I share the connection with my PS3 through my laptop?

      • Abdulatif says:

        Unfortunately this will not work .. the service only work with laptops or desktops .. and after 2 months it will be availabe on Android smart phones and tablets

        • Faraz says:

          is the android client available now?
          Can I use my wireless router to spread it as a WiFi connection?
          and use on my other laptop and android phone?

      • Abdullah says:

        you can do it but you need some cash+some work, and even you can get rid of the ads but it will cost you, which is not worth it for 3.5Kd/month.

  18. shell says:

    Abdulatif, will this work only if you have telephone line?

  19. spikz says:

    Hi Abdullatif ,

    I was there today and asked for you but due to the crowd could not find you and just spoke to a guy with a bandana on his head.

    I already have quality net connection which will expire only after 4 months which means i can’t use this free service now , correct ?

    The guy there told me I can take only after this connection expires or I cancel it. Is this true ?

  20. jazzyboy says:

    hi abdullatif,

    good day,

    do i have to run behind moc to get the moc clearance cert,moc rule,moc promissory and consent letters ? or i just need to buy the router and plug and play ?

    • Abduatif says:

      Man I have no idea what u r talking about .. u only need to get clearance from MOC and thats it .. and ull get the router from us for free .. just go to al Khalijya building in Sharq area and ull find us in the third floor with Qualitynet.. this is not an offer .. our internet will always be for free

  21. Anybody's Guess says:

    Subscribed for this and got a message saying that my line has been activated. I go to Khaleeja building and get a router and they tell me to call the number on the subscription form to have the router configured.

    It’s been 3 days now …. calls never seem to be answered. Now what?

    We sign a document saying hat we will not cancel the service for a year, but what happens if they don’t let me know how to go about using this? Do I still need to keep this and not go for someone else?

    Has someone got this up and running? Can someone guide me to set it up? And, can someone please upload the software required so that I can pick it up? I do not see a link to the software on their site :(

    Thanks for any help.

  22. jolyan says:

    Hi abduol latif

    How i can configure my router?

  23. Ali says:

    I got the router 8 days ago and still my internet is not activated. Calls to helpdesk never get answered.

    I got the software installed from Elmnet but this software never connect and shows a error related to DNS.

    Software can be download from this link

  24. Jobs says:

    router costs 15kd now

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