139 Baladiya Hotline Works

Post by Mark

I never got to call the Baladiya hotline about the garbage issue behind my building since mysteriously the garbage was cleaned up and the garbage dumpsters brought back. But, a reader called 139 to complain about the garbage situation near his building and it got sorted out very quickly (picture above).

So if your neihborhood has a garbage problem call the Baladiya on 139 and they’ll get the mess sorted right away. Very impressive.

Thanks Mathai

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  1. d'fine says:

    B R A V O !!!! there is hope

  2. Abdul says:

    its a magic number

  3. I am no racist! says:

    the 139 Baladiya hotline number should be distributed by flight crew on all inbound flights to Kuwait. Is the garbage situation nearly half as bad in the poorer of the Kuwaiti suburbs as it is in all expat areas??
    A friend of mine was half-joking, immediately post liberation when he quipped that parts of Salmiya, Farwaniya and Abbasiya have seen a proper cleaning service; is to do with Kuwait considering them not as part of Kuwait but of Iraq :)
    Quite frankly, I have never understood the logic of employing cleaners and janitors with little or no sense of sanitation back in their home countries to do skivvy jobs here. Better have East European cleaners than them lot for whom sanitation and hygiene is an alien concept at best.
    But having said that the municipalities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, last I noticed, had cleaners from the subcontinent and not Albanians or Poles. Come to think of it, knowing them- the leadership in the Emirates would be mighty pleased having good looking janitors working in their countries:)

  4. Call me a racist! says:

    Remember the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are spotlessly clean because of janitors from the subcontinent; not inspite of them.
    You need to tweak the top and middle layers of management at cleaning contractors or preferably, get rid of cleaning contractors altogether and have dedicated cleaning staff working for the municipality for a cleaner, neater looking Kuwait. What a shame! Such a wealthy country and the amount of refuse strewn all over the place is enough to make your squirm in your seat.
    Wonder do they ever discuss cleanliness and street hygiene in the parliament?

  5. Fahad says:

    well the people living in that area should share the blame, if they packed and left their garbage in proper garbage bags this wouldn’t happen

  6. Ismail N says:

    It takes time and total dedication of the authority to improve the cleanliness of a city. Proper planning & execution are very important too.

  7. Fatima says:

    Hey…yes..it does work! I called them today after reading your previous post…and they were very responsive!!!They promised to take immediate action..and after reading the comments here..I am sure they will.
    Happy to see that the system works!!
    Bravo Baladiya!!

  8. Zalabiya says:

    1- People should not litter in the first place. There are bins everywhere for them to throw their garbage. It’s a problem when the cleaning companies don’t pick the trash from the PROPER allocated area.

    2- Now what’s a better solution than cleaning companies being contracted by municipality? Well, since there is a Coop in every neighbourhood, the cleaning should be decentralised and have the Coop management contract a cleaning company for the neighbourhood under it’s jurisdiction. Baladiya will be responsible for Kuwait City and Roads.

  9. Ahmad says:

    why doesn’t this have more comments ?

  10. Christian says:

    Dear SIR /Madam:

    We are work in Company Le royal hotel and we are under of Cafe Baza. Why this company even without baladiya card they are alowing us to having a work without baladiya card at the same time our baladiya was expired..pls check as soon as posible.thank you.

  11. Vinod says:

    Illegal in Abbassiya, Street 14 Block 4 make life miserable due the denying and painting in open area.It caused to lungs diseases in residence especially kids.This illegal garages will close during Baladya inspection and reopen immediately they moved off. There is no sincere moves from Baladia.

  12. Kaiser Abdulla says:

    I need to complain against the people who invade a private car park8ngbspace fr themselves and build cr park shades for th selves on muncipality ground which is illegal. The ground is opp to salmiya garden on the 5th ring road at the signal.

  13. Krishna says:

    In my building, there is a Bakkala’ store room to keep the domestic gas cyclider for selling and supplying. I think this is very dangerous for living place.
    How can I infirm to baladia

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