777, an Emergency Service Failure?

Post by Mark

Fuzz a blogger posted in the forum about how the 777 emergency service failed his uncle. According to Fuzz his uncle had a heart attack on Thursday and his cousin was the only person with hus uncle at the time and so his first reaction was to call for help by dialing 777. Problem is no one ever picked up. He tried calling them over and over and over but no one picked up the line.

How could no one be there to pick up an emergency phone call? A quick search online shows this has happened atleast one other time. CyberRowdy another blogger tried calling 777 to inform them of a safety problem when a traffic light at a major intersection stopped working. He called them 8 times and no one picked up. Another member in the forum posted that his Aunt passed away last year even though 777 did respond. According to the writer when the response team arrived they refused to touch his aunt because she was a woman and so did not perform CPR on her. They didn’t even help get his aunt into the Ambulance!

I am sure there are more examples where 777 failed to answer and the thing is, even if they don’t answer only one time that is still a MAJOR problem. Personally we used 777 once here at the office and the response time was fast so I myself never had a problem with 777. But, if there comes a time where I need them I would probably want someone to drive me to the hospital instead of waiting for 777.

Fuzz’s uncle passed away on Thursday because no one at 777 picked up the phone. Wouldn’t it have been better if the KD200 given out to every citizen was instead used to improve something as important as the medical service in Kuwait? Instead of donating money to rebuild Lebanon wouldn’t it have been better to first fix an important problem like the 777 emergency department?

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  1. mar says:

    last weekend my sister in law fell on her back and couldnt move. so we had to call in an ambulance to move her sinsce we dindt know what was broken. after dialing in 777 it kept on ringing for almost 30 min and noone picked up.

  2. chikapappi says:

    Oh God that’s so sad but his uncle, allah yer7amo.. Same here; I tried calling once as i witnessed an accident bas no response. you are totally right about the improvment bit ..

  3. Yazeed says:

    are you complaining now?

    fuzz, 3atham allah ajrik,
    everything happens for a reason, thats what i belive. hatha elly allah katba

    la hawl wella qowa ella billah

  4. Yazeed says:

    reading my comment above,
    i just want to clarify that i did not mean for the complaining part to be funny, its a sad thing really.

  5. moocherx says:

    Which hospital in Kuwait offers the fastest ambulance with the most skilled paramedics – and what is their emergency telephone number?

  6. Mark says:

    Yazeed somethings are worth complaining about.

  7. holla says:

    when i had a car accident, i tried called 777 and they wouldn’t pick up. i had t wait around in traffic until a cop passes by and i could flag him down.

    the stupid thing is that one cop car jsut blew me off and i had to wait again until another cop car came, this time the guy decided to bless me with his help while talking on his mobiel the whole time. fuck this place.

  8. Diver says:

    One thing to say
    Welcome to Q8
    welcome to wonderland, where everything happens

  9. Zorbon says:

    I really hope Fuzz goes public. It is a shame…realy.

  10. Toxy says:

    Time to eradicate this bullshit. Kuwait has no excuse…. I urge all bloggers to get the word out, this is inexcuseable.

  11. Ay Kay says:

    I strongly support your idea of fixing all the domest problems that we have, be it 777 or anything else really, befor giving out free money and helping others. Helping others is a really good thing, but we should not neglect what going on in our own country and strictly focus on our neighbors. There should be a balance between the two.

  12. Ay Kay says:

    what else can i say

  13. loody says:

    no comment :(

  14. Zack says:

    Those readers/bloggers with some wasta to Government and health officials, please get the word out to them. This is a blatant failure of the system.
    People in positions of responsibility and power need to be aware of this and use their authority and influence to DO something about this distressing situation!

    Fuzz…Allah Yer7am your uncle. Ina Lillahe wa Enna Illaihee Raje3oun

  15. zig says:

    I tried calling them once in 1999…there was a fire in the factory, next to the one where i worked. High risk of it spreading as it was manufacturing plastics and stuff….no one picked up…..
    the fire dept. did come by finally….but probably cos they saw the signal….smoke signal

  16. Hashim says:

    Same thing happened with me once. On independence day, Feb 26, I was out having fun like everybody, spraying foam, using water guns.. etc. and on my way home I dropped my cousin at Jabriyah nearly 4am. Then, while I was heading towards the exit of Jabriyah near Hadi hospital there were two guys on a motorbike.. the driver tried to do “wheelie” and they crashed in front of me. I called 777 around 6 times but no one answered. I headed straight to Hadi hospital and asked for help, thank god it was close.

  17. HS says:

    Mark, I really like your blog. Never left a comment before on any post, this is my first. I was wondering, for people who don’t speak Arabic, when they dial 777 & in case someone responds how useful can it be??? I was in a situation where the operator answered my call but failed to be of any assistance. Luckily in my case it was just a small car accident.

  18. M says:

    Somehow I think the 200KD was to keep complaints like this in the confines of blogs and cyber space, which seems like the typical.

  19. KtheKuwaiti says:

    The MOI has acknoledged the issue with the 777 system on KTV1 some time ago. Its not that they don’t answer; its apparently a technical/routing issue. Apparently they are in the process of completely revamping the 777 system.

    That said; I think its complete BS that 777 doesn’t work. This system should be the prime concern of the MOI/MOC.

    I suggest people list the direct emergency numbers of the closest hospitals/fire stations in case anything similiar arises.

  20. moocherx says:

    Yes K

    I asked further back if anyone can recommend a hospital with a good emergency service, and their telephone number.

    Perhaps no-one knows. Or worse still – there isn’t a good one anywhere in the country.

  21. Marzouq says:

    This is a sad state of affair! Im sorry for your loss fuzz!

    As others have mentioned, I think we should have the numbers of emergency services to get through to them.

    Anybody here work in the medical field?

    As K mentioned, its BS that they are having problems with 777, it should be solved already!

  22. Flamingoliya says:

    OOOOFFFFFFF deerat takhallof

  23. jajajaja says:

    just to note something about the 200 KD and the donations to lebanon, no it wouldn’t have been better. We have billions of money in kuwait, even if we didn’t spend 200 millions KD for the 200kd/citizen or $300 millions for lebanon the 777 service would still suck. The money is there, a huge amount of it, the only thing missing is the hands that control all this shit to go in the right direction and do their jobs.

  24. Adam says:

    Fucking hell, i dont need to start ranting about their fucking gay service….its posted on the forum. I called the chief supervising officer, and he said ok what do u want me to do ???

    AHHHHHH assholes

  25. unknown says:

    FUZZ go to any newspaper agency

    believe me they will post about it

  26. Sam says:

    One of my boys had a similar incident. He once told me that he and his friends had an accident and tried calling the emergency number but to no avail. You guys should make this more public than posting on blogs…go to other media like news agencies and blow this news sky high. I never thought it was this serious and led to so many deaths (May they all rest in peace). And I thought Kuwait was one of the leading nations in the region…

  27. anon says:

    Until you change the mindsets and culture of Kuwaiti society, nothing will change. Newspapers, blogs, more money, none of this will help. The apathetic attitude of Q8 in general must change.

  28. Cookie Monster says:

    Look at our hospitals, that should tell you something. The powers that be are too busy stealing to care. The 200 kd handed out every now and then is to keep Kuwaitis from questioning, and unfortunately it works. I would rather donate my 200 kd and have a decent medical system with new hospitals and well trained emergency services who answer the phone and who do their job regardless of the sex of the victim!

  29. Sam says:

    Now I understand why the nation ‘pampers’ its citizens with goodies

  30. jaz says:

    I watched 3 men burn to death while dialing 777, took them a while to answer. But they didnt eventually. That was on a good day.

    Other times they just dont answer.

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