Apple store telephone numbers in Kuwait

Posted by Mark

For future refrence, here are all the telephone numbers of the Apple dealers and stores in Kuwait.

Mac & More
Tel: 2244793 (Marina Mall)
Tel: 5735815 (Galleria 2000)

Integrated Office Co (IOC)
Tel: 2664278

Mac City
Tel: 4911112

Kamal Al Sultan Co
Tel: 4815533

Tel: 2617575

Tel: 7215945

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  1. extinct-dodo says:

    i saw an apple shop today in Al-shaab Al-Bahri behind Alhafiz pharmacy.. didnt like the look of it

    • mumu says:

      I arrive in Kuwait very soon and I want to buy an iMac can you give me the email addresses so I asked the prices of different models and availability, should be reserved?

      Thank you

  2. MBG says:

    You guys are great! Thanks!

    If you do need anything in the I.T Business, do get back to me! I will gladly help ya guys out!


  3. netchi says:

    hi guys thnks for the info i was rely useful

  4. Hunny says:

    thnx for the info :-)
    I rang them all for the 15″ 2.8GHz. only zMacShop has it in store AND it’s the cheapest (750KD).. which is almost the original price ( pricez exclude VAT.)

  5. wahid says:

    hello guys

    Pls help me to find shops in kuwait where to buy soundsticks iii..alghanim ,eureka mapi thanks in advance

  6. jassem says:

    I am planning to buy an I-pad form the US and my question (is the 3G T-mobile company in US will work in Kuwait? thanks

  7. Juliana says:

    I’ve purchased an IPhone from the U.S. from an Apple Store. The IPhone is still locked. is it possible to unlocke it?

  8. Lisa says:

    Need to know where I can take my mac for service here in Kuwait. Thank you!

  9. Yasser says:

    i need to buy the Lion OS installation USB, it is not available in iCity the Avenues.
    Any idea where I can find it.
    I had already purchased it from the app store but my iMac crashed and it wouldn’t do the installation the normal way (by downloading from the internet after I command-r boot my device)

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