Avenues Cinema

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Avenues Cinema

Last night was the launch for the movie theater at Avenues which I think its the largest one in Kuwait. According to their press release there are 11 theaters in total including 2 VIP theaters. The ticket for the VIP theater costs KD6, has only 22 seats, personal service and electric lazy boys with built in massagers. Although the theater launched last night, it will officially open to the public on the first day of Eid. Ahmad Helmi will be there also for the premier of his new movie but I’ve never heard of him so I don’t know if thats a big deal or not.

Avenues Cinema

Also I was reading yesterday on Hilaliya’s blog that the movie The Kingdom is banned from playing in Kuwait. I hope that doesn’t turn out to be true because I was looking forward to watching it.

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  1. Marzouq says:

    Hopefully it will be a good theater, but I was expecting them not to bring The Kingdom to Kuwait. I knew it would upset some people as usual! Just like Iran banning 300!

  2. lulu says:

    Is the cinema part of cinescape? or is it Al-shayaa’s cinema ?

  3. cajie says:

    it’s cinescape. Avenues is listed in their theatre list.


  4. A E R O says:

    Well i guess no chance of the movie being banned in Saudi… no cinemas there! Very sad to see the movie is banned here :( Thank God for Hawalli !

  5. mushroom says:

    AERO – you made my day. ha ha ha

  6. mr a says:

    Mark, I saw the Kingdom yesterday and like you was looking forward to it. What a mistake.

  7. hammoodee says:

    I thought they were bringing Indian hotness Bipasha..

  8. Ali says:

    Movies Released in Avenues:
    1- Keda Reda (Ahmad Helmi)
    2- Roque Assassin (Jet Li)
    3- Shoot ‘Em Up (Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci)
    4- Resident Evil 3 (Mila Jovovich)
    5- No Reservations (Catherine Zeta-Jones)
    6- Daddy Day Camp (Cuba Gooding Jr.)
    7- Bridge to Terabithia (Josh Hutcherson)
    8- Ana Mosh Maahom (Ahmad Eid & Bushra)

  9. Ali says:

    The Avenues Cinema will be open everydady till EID for reservations only. starting 11am in the morning till 12:30 at night.

  10. Amjad says:

    They’re playing Ahmed Helmi’s movie in Eid?! How lucky you guys are! I really wanted to watch this movie so badly and thought it would come here in Oman for Eid, but instead they got another Arabic movie! :-s.

    The Kingdom ROCKS! It’s a must see movie. I really enjoyed watching it. It started playing here in Oman last night.

  11. newbride says:

    woooow i am happy thanks God it`s next to my house

  12. Linus says:

    Yessss !!! at last some comfy chairs ! hehhee.. i guess i going to book my ticket today

  13. Linus says:

    by the way mark, i was told from a friend of mine that the kingdom gives a good view of saudi government and the royle family in a good way, so its kinda strange that they banned it !

  14. snookie says:

    Ali, thats whats being released in avenues?

    damn thats so sad :|

  15. Equalizer says:

    Whats the point of 11 screens if the movies released are not as much as the US ? Unless they start releasing more movies at a quicker pace, then there is no point. I heard 360 Mall will be having an IMAX theater !!

  16. yo_ghurt says:

    Well, there’s already an IMAX in Kuwait, Equalizer – at the Scientific Centre, but they need to branch out with a few more mainstream movies. I saw the latest Batman movie in Dubai last year at the IMAX in Ibn Battuta Mall. Wow.

  17. Latifa says:

    Seems to be cool, specially those VIP theaters :)

  18. steve_leb says:

    i’m trying to book tickets online for Saturday.. does anyone knows that is the number of the VIP Room.. the movie i picked is playing in room 9.. is that VIP

  19. sar7an says:

    Weird. only 1 KD more than Layla gallery theater, and sounds like way better service and seats than Layla’s theater. But I would love to see more details about the VIP seats of avenues theater.

  20. spooner says:

    I have one question which is really pissing me off why was Hot Rod “banned” or removed from kuwaits theater when it was supposedly going to air on the 27th of last month ? i mean they put it up on there site as coming soon… on the day itself its not there wtf ! seriously and its pissing me off even more because there are no decent torrents for it !

  21. 11 screens or 121 screens – how does it matter when all you are going to get to watch is insanely sanitized cinema or made for TV films? Unless there is a step change in the censor board’s approach toward art and film, the future of cinema in Kuwait looks to be pretty grim.
    I hear this cinema is going to be a digital state of the art cinema fitted out with the latest technology from Qcube of Chennai. Will be interesting to get a touch and feel of the Avenues space never mind the selection.

  22. i-RAQ says:

    Speaking of the kingdom, it was like any of those american hero movie, where one guy just takes a whole goddaamn army by him self, ….
    hmm yaa it was a mistake :)

  23. ananyah says:

    just saw the kingdom, totally loved it & they didn’t portay the royal family as evil or insult islam at all, they just insulted the beeble who caused the problem.

    strange its banned

  24. Ali says:

    The Kindgom is banned from the the Ministry of Information.. this is something that many people dont know, Cinescape is composed of a lot of open minded staff and group of hard working people.. when the movie is going to release in Kuwait, the Ministry of Information’s censor board watches the movie and gives the company the verdict of PASS or BANNED.. so its not our fault here, its there fault..

    Regarding the VIP, they are screen numbers 4 and 5… Keda Reda and Shoot Em Up are running there. 360 will open next year and it will be composed of 16 theaters.. including the KNCC head office to be located there as well. The Avenues is a real gem.. im sure you guys will all love it.

    And regarding the NO POINT of having 11 screens if we do not release as much as the US, we have released 8 movies at one time, and for Kuwait, thats a lot. Hey, look at the bright side, SHOOT EM UP is the first MONICA BELLUCCI movie to pass from the CENSOR BOARD ;)

  25. z says:

    looks good hope i was there to see it, anyways download the kingdom cause its worth it .. one of the best movies this year

  26. AnonymousCoward says:

    This is incredibly homosexual. The VIP seating is bachelor’s only!

  27. Michael says:

    How come when you try and book online, all it has is bachelor’s?

  28. Hilaliya says:

    “Hey, look at the bright side, SHOOT EM UP is the first MONICA BELLUCCI movie to pass from the CENSOR BOARD ;)”


  29. Cawabeer says:

    I sw the Kingdom last nigth in Beirut. For one, the film was the first US film to be filmed in Sauid arabia, secondly it was filmed there under the patronage of the King, so the film made sure to keep its portrayal of arabs positive.

    in fact, the film was a fantastic action film, with the portrayal of terrorism being very realistic, while the film’s main action star was a saudi cop! Im telling you, he is paired with Jamie Foxx but is a much more able officer than Foxx’s character and kicks some major ass. this si the first film that will have you root for the arab. Even americans who watched the film fell in love with the character of the saudi cop and there is talk of an oscar nomination for him.

    I have absolutley no clue why the film was banned, I am an arab and proud of it and there was nothing in this film that offended me.

  30. Rasheed says:

    The movie was not filmed in Saudi Arabia! It was filmed mostly in Arizona and in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. The director, Peter Berg, did visit the kingdom before filming started to do some research, but no filming took place here.
    Read my article about it in Arab News: http://arabnews.com/?page=9&section=0&article=102415&d=12&m=10&y=2007

  31. Bosha says:

    I want to see mohtaream elaroba(Mohamed ragab) on thursday I and my friends we well be 8 ok I hop that I see the movie

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