Kuwaitis are Racist?

Post by Mark

Nibaq just gave me a link to a blog of a dickhead who seems to be really pissed at Kuwaitis because they don’t want to be his friend. He thinks Kuwaitis are the most hypocritical, racist, godless, backward country he has ever seen! Whats worse is the comments of some Kuwaitis that agree with him! [Link]

Update: This is a picture of Michael Cornn the dickhead. [Link]

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  1. K says:

    Me thinks he was taken to a diwaniya in jahra and shown a thing or two.

  2. Misguided says:

    Dear Mark,

    Some people are just odd.. and jave problems wherever they go.




  3. Mark says:

    just added a link to a picture of the guy and guess what, he looks like a typical dickhead!

  4. PALFORCE says:

    I know this would mean the end of my Blogging relationship with you ( I hope not) but why are you so offended with that expat?!
    It’s onething to disagree with someone and another to attack him and turn it into personal insults.
    This person was stating his opinion towards Kuwaitis according to his own personal experience. He might be right or wrong, its a matter of opnion, you dont have the right to attack him and call him names.
    No one called you names when you attacked Palestinians and called them backstappers, because its merly your own opinion and everyone is entitled to his.
    This person might be wrong for generalizing ALL KUWAITIES, but again its a matter of opnion.


  5. Mark says:

    Palforce YOU are such a hypocrit. You said I have no right to call the guy names for hating all Kuwaities and that no one called me names when I said I hated Palestinians, BUT the fact of the matter is I DID get called names and YOU were one of the people who called me a name.

    Secondly, like this person has a right to state his opinion I have a right to attack him, the same way I still let you state your opinions on my blog and the same way I let people state there pro palestians opinions when I was stating my anti palestinian ones.

    My advice to you is that you should keep your opinions to yourself, not because you are not allowed to share them here but because everytime you share an opinion of yours it destroys any credibility you might have. For example now we all know what kind of hypocrit you are. Can’t believe you actually took the time to move the topic of conversation on to me instead of that fucker who thinks kuwaities are the biggest fuck heads ever. I am starting to see now why you were defending the palestinians… you must have some kind of relationship to them.

  6. Mark says:

    Palforce i just realized you copy pasted this exact post of yours on Michaels website, you’re such a fuckhead. Now that kind of immature move got you banned from this site. You’re such a loser!

  7. Tata Botata says:

    Dear K

    “Me thinks he was taken to a diwaniya in jahra and shown a thing or two.”

    Being a jahrawi myself I’m quite offended, and NOOOO you are not being a racist by saying that, no sir.


  8. Reema says:

    Okay i know I’d probably get flamed by this (hope not) but you can’t deny that racism does exist among some Kuwaitis, as a Kuwaiti I’ve seen it all, the most popular is sect discrimination. As for the abuse and mistreatment of foreign workers well the Kuwaiti newspapers reports such crimes daily. Sad but true racism exists everywhere, and i disagree with Micheal when he generalized, not all Kuwaitis are as he description. I say instead of attacking each other we should better ourselves, i respect all peoples opinions even if they don’t agree with me, but that doesn’t mean that i should attack them personally.
    Thanks & peace to you all :)

  9. K says:

    “I tailed him for about twenty minutes after that. As soon as he pulled over, I was going to show him what happened when you pulled that shit in America.”

    I would have payed money to see that.

  10. Ahmed says:

    Misguided you are indeed truely misguided. May Allah give you guidance. You just called Michael as ‘miskeen’ which validates what Michael was saying all along that: Kuwaitis and Arabs are RACISTS!!!

  11. Dragon says:

    Ahmed, does feeling sorry for anyone like for reference that american dude with the bad experience here in kuwait translates you as a racist?, that’s just plain weird and incomprehendable, you need to chill out and get rid of your compexity my friend :)

    note: these words surprisingly came off a person who’s kuwaiti, arab and muslim! my god imagine that!, get a life.. (no flame intended :P)

  12. Msbaker says:

    Dear Ahmed,

    To feel pity for someone as full of presumptiveness, misunderstanding, and arrogance as Micheal is the only thing one can do. It’s pointless to care about or give real credence to what he says, because he sadly thinks the world (including Kuwait) exists only according to his terms and perception. As an American, he has failed to acknowledge the fact that racism, ignorance and injuctice are as rampant there as the opposite of each of these terms. The good and the bad always go hand in hand, no matter where you are.

    One is only left to say: “Allah yahdeek Inshallah, ya Mr. Michael”


  13. moe says:

    this dude is fucked in the head wallah.. he met 1 or 2 bad ppl 7akam 3ala ba2i el society lol.. meskeen! i’ve seen alot of fucked up americans too.. who’d think of paying 100 fils for a pepsi can! what’s the problem!! meskeen!

  14. moe says:

    mark, check this out
    such a loser, he said that kuwait is his home..

  15. Ian says:

    Cornn’s comments show the utter stupidity of companies that do nothing to alert employees bound for places outside the USA of cultural differences. Other than Saudi Arabia most arab countries will try to make foreigners reasonably welcome IF, repeat IF an attempt is made to learn the customs. Cornn was ticked off with TSA on leaving the USA, so he is the one who appears to have a problem, not the rest of the world.
    (Field eng in Kuwait)

  16. Asma says:

    Woah! that’s some blog.

    No one is a whatever-head. Keep your cool people. No one has the right to abuse, but everyone has the right to talk/blog/speak their minds.

    Such blogs sure anger us all once in a while, whether you are a Kuwaiti or a non-K. But what cannot be accounted for is the string of badluck some people seem to have.

    Important Note: Everyone sees what they have to see. If you come into a country wearing green glasses while the localities wear blue ones, don’t be offended if they see the world in a different way than you do.

    ” He thinks Kuwaitis are the most hypocritical, racist, godless, backward country he has ever seen!”
    I’m not sure how many would disagree with that but the point that is to be emphasized here is Not what Kuwaitis’ critical qualities are, but how one shouldn’t narrow one’s views to a generalization.

    Also, as I usually remind people; diamonds are not found in the gutter, so one should stop looking for the right things in the wrong place. [I.E.: Good Kuwaitis and good people in general wont be found out lolling.]

    Sometimes one has to change his attitude towards people to get a better feedback from them.

  17. Khalid says:

    Well we all have to accept the fact that racism exists everywhere. But in Kuwait it takes a very different nature. It comes in the form of Superiority over other people which is the worst part. Where does this superior feeling come from ?
    they think they have lot of money and others dont . What a degraded mindset. If you see highest number of billionares in the world , you will find many devoloping countries in the list like India,China etc. Kuwaitis dont even come in the top 30 . They are not only very racist , but very ignorant. Ofcourse , this doesnt apply to all , but to the racist sector who look down upon others.

  18. q8i says:

    I know this is an old post but anyway ;\
    ya actually I think that racism in Kuwait does not have the same affects as in other countries….
    even though it’s sometimes hard to see it obvious in the western societies…..
    but also it’s there u can smell it in their breath, it’s there when they have private chat with each other….
    sometimes if you’re lucky and by accident you can catch them doing so,

  19. khalid says:

    Hi Q8i,

    I dont agree with you Q8i.
    remember that in USA, UK and other countries racism is very very less as compared to how it is in Kuwait and Saudia. Its a Shame that the people of Kuwait call themselves muslims and treat many foriegners with so much racism, disrespect and at the same time commit unislamic practices of all kinds .
    Especially the Labourers and maids from whom they suck their blood to the last and still it doesnt satisfy them!!!They do this by not giving their Salaries for 3-4 months , physical,sexual abuse,beatings and also many times food deprevation. At times they cut their Salary from the Flight ticket when they are deported back to their home country. All this never happens with Expatriates who keep maids in their houses too, they are treated well and equal,salaries paid on time and many times the Expats even give them money back home for emergencies.In my many years in Kuwait i have never heard of single incident where Expats have abused their maids , but regarding kuwaitis its an everyday story.

    Look at the young kuwaiti Children , throwing stones at vehicles of foriegners , behaving absolutely like Animals in front of them.
    So your comparison to Western countries is ridicolous. Even if some people have racist feelings in those western countries they behave like Cultured , civilized people and do not do Zulum(oppression) on the foriegners. even in rare cases when racist attacks happen in western nations , the offender is given a harsh punishment ,unlike in kuwait where the kuwaiti is above the law .
    Curse of Allah be upon the Zalimun(oppressors) and Racists. The oppressors and racists will not only be punished in the hereafter, but also in this world.
    As their is a Hadith where the Prophet SAWS says anyone with a small amount of pride will not enter the heaven . So imagine these Racist kuwaitis , what will happen of them …not just for their racist behaviour but also the oppression and crimes they commit against the Poor and helpless labourers and maids.Curse of Allah be on them !!

    And by the way the many of these Racist Kuwaitis think they have oil and lot wealth and that makes them superior and treat outsiders like slaves. when the oil is over(in 50-60 years) , what the hell will you do ? You cannot even run your own Oil refeneries, and you need outsiders to run your country. You have no agriculture, no Technology, No innovation, No exports(other than oil) ,No independent service sector ….you will have no option but to go back to your old days of pearl diving …and perhaps you may need to work in India, pakistan and Egypt which you used to more than 100 years back.
    look at the other nations in this world China,Brazil,Iran and India …they are the future of tomorrow.And they will be the biggest economies in 15 years time. They have their own industries,technology,finance,IT and self sufficiency and dont have to depend on things like Oil.
    Anyways , i have left kuwait some years back …and i have a great life in Canada where i even got a citizenship and am being treated with so much respect from the local people here .Kuwait is a sick place like a Cage with no rights and freedom. Am so glad to have left this place.My advice to others is if you wish to live a life of freedom,justice and see humanity go to Canada, UK or other countries like that.Dont rot yourself in places like kuwait.
    May Allah give the kuwaitis some wisdom and bring them out of this Jahilliyyah and racism .

  20. hassan says:

    I am kuwaiti and I admit that we have racist people in kuwait. But you can not judge all the kuwaitis because you have met just met few citizen. We have many people that I can be proud of sharing the same country with them and one example of them is ABDULRAHMAN AL SUMAIT. please search him in google and know that there are alot of good people in kuwait just like him.

  21. Ghost says:

    I know this is old but why is he a dick head? Everything he said is true and it isn’t because he didn’t have Kuwaiti friends, its because he had some dignity. He also said:

    “My opinion of Kuwait isn’t based on a few incidents of road rage. It’s based on an earnest effort to examine and understand Kuwaiti culture. I’ve spoken with people all over Kuwait, from rich housewives to idle businessmen, from native-born Arabs to immigrant Sri Lankan”

    Which proves his reasons are well observed.

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