Menus Restaurant Complex

Post by Mark

The Menus Complex is located in Abu Halifa and by the looks of it will be opening pretty soon. As of now the complex will house the following restaurants:

Ribs and Rumps
Elevation Burger
Zaatar w Zeit
Millions of Milkshakes
Nestle Toll House
Stone Grill
Dip n Dip

The first restaurant that will be opening at the complex is Elevation Burger (pictured above) and they’ll be opening this coming Tuesday. Compared to Spoons this complex seems to have more parking space and less traffic in the general vicinity so that should make it more convenient. Menus is located right after Hilton (if Hilton is on your right hand side). Here is the location on [Google Maps]

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  1. marvin says:

    Which celebrity is going to open MOMS down there?

  2. Sudsy says:

    holy crap! didn’t anybody notice that a streetlight is right in the middle of a painted parking spot!!! DESIGN FAIL!!

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