Please don’t ask us questions

Post by Mark

Spotted at a Kuwait labor services department. Filed under funny.

via Nibaq

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  1. Marzouq says:

    Now They Deserve a Raise At Sho’oon

  2. Q8Path says:

    They switched to silent :)

  3. GWB says:

    I’m guessing this is a technical department which doesn’t deal with the public directly and they got fed up with people asking them questions and disrupting their work. Just a hunch.

    • 3azeez says:

      @GWB, you are probably right.

      At work, my office is located on the first floor, and there is a door that lead from the ground street to our floor directly. Our office is 100 percent technical and the subject we deal with is very specific. Yet people pop up asking us all sort of questions… things that relate to our office “name” and things that are totally unrelated to us… like the procedure of some applications, requirements of permits and so on and so forth.

      Sometimes, we even get people coming to us based on referral from other departments. Simply because the person at the other department didn’t know how to deal with the person and thought the easiest is just to get rid of the guest by forwarding him to us… or because they know our office has something to do with that person’s inquiry but that doesn’t mean we deal with directly.

      So, our office due to our bad luck is on the first floor which happened to have a direct access from the street. The elevators happened to be right next to our office, so whoever enters the building from that door will always pass in front of us because they’re going to the elevators. People tend to drop by to ask us irrelevant questions that we often don’t have answers for… and we still have to do our own work. Its especially embarrassing when we have highly ranked guests for meeting at our office and the door is closed then some mandob pushes the door to come in and ask a wtf question.

  4. yikez says:

    ^ or not

    just a a hunch

  5. Moe80s says:

    Epic!!! Lol

  6. daily says:

    @GWB……in the words of a well worn british comedy ”stating the bleedin’ obvious’.

    just have a laugh…..:)

  7. Huz says:

    Finally in print !!!

  8. Abdul says:

    lol.they mean work or go away,no questions.

  9. Tim says:

    During Ramadan, they put up a similar sign in Arabic in the canteen doorway that says “No Soup For You”.

  10. mentabolism says:

    sounds better than, ‘we don’t have the answers!!’

  11. Mood says:

    The precise translation is:
    “No Inquiries, Please”.

  12. Maryam says:

    Ok. So what’s their purpose of working there if they can’t help people by answering their queries??? Ofcourse not all people coming in knows the way to do their concerns otherwise they would’ve waste their time visiting such useless department. i guess they have to come up with an inquiry desk/counter with staff who has long patience to answer each people coming up to them and those people working in that office should work only their hands and cover their ears and mouth… what a shame!

  13. Toomzie says:

    very sweet of them lol

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