Say hello to Simon

Posted by Mark

simon the goat

We were supposed to get a real live snake today but for some reason we didn’t. On a positive not we did get a large stuffed mountain goat delivered to our office. We’ve named him Simon.

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  1. R9 says:

    ok Thats reallly creepy! He looks like a goat you see at the gates of hell or something! Seriosly ;S

  2. TweeZ says:

    his left horn looks fucked up. Who was seen last with that goat?

  3. Eddy says:

    what the hell r u going to do with a goat in ur office???

  4. mutmut says:

    thats crazy cool…

  5. Samer Srouji says:

    Honestly, Mark, I would feel creepy having a stuffed goat standing at the entrance to my office…

  6. Stafa says:

    one question, why the fuck do u have a goat in ur office?! :S

  7. zoomzoom says:

    i can’t imagine something worse than looking at goat face in the morning

  8. what kind of an office is that !!
    gosh i would quite right away.

  9. jajajaja says:

    you should get a giraffe.. as a pet

  10. Marzouq says:

    hahahaha! Now thats funny!

  11. Mark says:

    its actually not at the entrance of the office, its in the corner inside my office. i just moved into it with my partner so we are customizing it. the thing is huge like 5 feet tall cuz its standing on its hind legs. its really gorgeous in real life.

  12. moocherx says:

    Simon is an excellent name for a goat.

  13. asdsa says:

    Its Not Real, Right :[ ?

  14. SOS says:

    lol! good looking goat..!

  15. andy says:

    isnt that the goat from al-qatariya airways?

  16. Stafa says:

    oooh…its stuffed..shit i dint read that, i thought it was real =P

  17. holla says:

    dude this is like borderline animal cruetly.

  18. Maze says:

    Do u work in a zoo?

  19. Nora says:

    That’s really funny! It might not be as cool as the snake! I’m still waiting for your snake!

  20. vampire says:

    it’s beautiful,, but u gotta be kidding man

  21. moocherx says:

    It’s a clever device to remove the blame from “who smells the most in the office”.

    Now you just point at the poor dead goat.

  22. My friend..we need 500 goats tomorrow. We are flying it to India on Al-Jazeera Cargo. Please give me a price quote.

    lol..great goats!

  23. Santa says:

    and its standing on its feet!! oh the terror!

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