Kuwaiti Short Films on Telly

Post by Mark


The popular social video sharing site Telly is currently featuring Kuwaiti Short Films on their website. There are 12 films available to watch and they are:

Heaven’s Water (May Aljannah)
The Sniper (Alqannas)
The Neighborhood Cop (Shurty Alfreej)
The Youngest Son (Ju3da)
The Detective (Thabet)
Mustache (Shanab)
Sneeze (3atsah)
Someone (Fulan)
Vanish (Ikhtifa2)

So if you’re interested in watching some short Kuwaiti films check them out [Here]

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11 comments, add your own...

  1. Mohammed says:

    I have to pay to watch the short films?

  2. lol says:

    looks nice

  3. Nunya says:

    Any chance of being in english, or english subs?

  4. Ali says:

    why not vimeo links instead?

    • Mark says:

      because Telly is not Vimeo, they’re two different video sites and Telly is the one that is currently featuring the short kuwaiti films.

  5. 3azeez says:

    I’ve seen Shanab a while back. Really good film. Also there was A film om Vimeo called Sharg. Very good as well.

  6. Ziad says:

    I couldn’t access the website, not available in the states! Damn

    Is there anyway around this? besides proxy?

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