Last Days

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Last Days

Gus Van Sant
, the director behind great movies like Elephant and Good Will Hunting just released a new movie last month called Last Days. The movie is loosely based on the last days of Nirvana’s lead singer Kurt Cobain who died in 1994. Michael Pitt who plays the lead role in the movie as a musician named Blake looks like Kurt Cobain, dresses like him and dies like him at the end of the movie. You can watch the trailer on Apple’s website [here] and you can check out the official site [here]. I can’t wait to watch this movie since I love Nirvana and it was a really shock to me when Kurt Cobain died. I was in Montreal when it happened and I remember the music channel there, Much Music played Nirvana songs all day long.

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  1. Sara says:

    I don’t know… but the trailer looks boring…

  2. Mark says:

    well gus isnt john woo.

  3. Fatality says:

    Its not like he died from natural causes.

  4. Patrick says:

    this isn’t supposed to be fasted paced, it’s probably a real slow movie, just how Elephant was, it’s Gus Van Sant. He’s pretty awesome.

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