The iPhone 4S – Battery Life

Post by Mark

This is going to be my last post on the iPhone 4S since there is only one thing left to discuss and that is battery life. When I first got the phone I noticed the battery life was similar to the iPhone 4 but this weekend the battery life got so bad I actually went and purchased a car charger.

But I also found out why the phone started draining a lot more battery than my iPhone 4 ever did and that’s because I was using the Reminder App a lot because of Siri. When I tell Siri to remind me to pick up tea once I get to the supermarket, the phone starts checking my location at intervals to see if I’m at the supermarket or not so it could remind me to pick up tea once I am.

Once I turned location based reminders off I noticed the battery life went back to normal. It’s not hardware related since the Reminder App is also available on the iPhone 4 but Siri makes it more fun and easy to use. So to summarize things, the battery life is the same if you use the iPhone 4S like the iPhone 4, but once you start taking advantages of some of the iOS 5 features, battery life on both the iPhone 4 and 4S starts dropping considerably.

On a side note, check out this tip on how to make the Reminder App even more useful [Link]

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  1. The reminder thing is such a cool thing. I think apple should also have the option to display your to-dos on the screen when the phone is locked. its useless anyways, so why not display stuff that are important! To-Dos, Meetings, weather…etc

    they really need some superusers to tell them how to make a phone better

    • Mark says:

      It does, I had a reminder for this morning and it was showing on my lock screen from last night. Make sure you have it turned on under the Notification option under settings.

  2. DeReD says:

    Which car charger did u get?

  3. Ali says:

    Mark, I’ve got the iPhone 4 is it worth buying the 4s?

    • Mark says:

      depends. If you want Siri and a better camera then yes. If you play a lot of games also yes. If you don’t care about those then it’s not worth the upgrade since nothing else is different.

      • SM says:

        If 1 were to get their 1st iPhone? Is the 4S worth the extra bucks over the 4?

        • Mark says:

          Still would be the same answer, if u care for Siri or a better camera then yes. Camera is really good, traveling this weekend and for the first time not taking a camera with me just my phone

  4. Jacqui says:

    I noticed the same thing too, with Siri the battery drains a bit faster than the iPhone 4!

  5. Hussain says:

    If you run Bluetooth headset also, the Iphone will be toasted!!

  6. Jotkat says:

    I think it’s Siri, not the reminder app. I have iPhone 4 ios 5 with location reminders on several locations now, and my battery seems to have even gotten better logivity aft the upgrade

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