Faisal Al Fouzan: Portraits of Kuwait

Post by Mark


VSCO has featured the very talented local photographer Faisal Al Fouzan and they’ve shared some of their favorite shots for the world to see. The photos are all incredible and I’m extremely jealous that I don’t have Faisal’s skills in recognizing and capturing moments. He’s super talented yet he only has 22,000 followers on instagram which I think is completely unfair when compared to some other instagrammers with the most horrid of shots and subjects. But that’s instagram for you.

Check out the feature [Here] and be sure to follow him on instagram @faisalthef


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  1. more th says:

    All of these pictures are of low-income migrant workers


    the women in niqab is a low-income migrant worker as well

  2. blarneyBoB says:

    1. He is a Local
    2. He is taking photographs of people who most probably won’t dare ask/challenge him when he’s taking his shots
    3. Anybody BRAVE enough to do this kind of stunt here in Kuwait will have the same output
    4. Nuff said

    • Patrick says:

      No matter what ethnicity people are they will make it known if they want their photo taken or not. It’s obvious that Faisal has a goal in mind and I’m sure he doesn’t just barge into someones private life and starts taking photos of them or of what they eat.

  3. Izzyq8 says:

    god dam, haters gonna hate!

    Good job Faisal and i love your pics, keep up the great job and apparently not all but majority of Kuwait supports you. :)

  4. Faisal says:

    Hello Mark,
    thanks for your post and lovely words, its very flattering coming from you :)

  5. Ali Othman says:

    I took a picture of a painting in a mall and was threatened by a guy to be beaten up if I don’t delete it. By the way he was not the painter and had absolutely no business. He claimed I took a picture of the couple who painted it. Is there a law forbidding taking pictures of people in public places?

  6. Salah says:

    Ok you guys are way off the topic, while you should only be discussing that amazing Arabic version of beer-belly!

  7. ariston says:

    Amazing candid shots… Keep it up sir! :)

  8. Noura says:

    I love all his photos!
    We are very proud of him!!
    Wish you all the best f..

  9. AS says:

    Love the photos! Makes me miss kuwait !

  10. AJ says:

    nice job. really creative work and lovely pics. keep up the good job.

    thanks Mark please keep us updated on Faisal.

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