iCADE Warning

Post by Mark

Just an FYI to anyone planning to order the iPad Arcade Cabinet from Think Geek. Mine shipped a few days ago and according to UPS it weighs over 10lb’s, that means it’s going to cost around KD30 to ship from New York using Aramex! So just a warning to anyone planning on getting it, the thing is really heavy. [Link]

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  1. moe80s says:

    first :D

  2. 3aziiz says:

    this looks really cool !

  3. I was gonna get one after seeing it on Bazaar but that’s way too much.

  4. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    Ohhhh, myyyyy Goooood! This is soooo coooooool! LOL! If it were sold in Kuwait, I would go get it right NOW!

  5. Kulay says:

    bugger, mine’s still not shipped you lucky **** -_-

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