Diet Food

Post by Mark

The Arabic says “Food for dieting”. Not sure what kind of diet that is but if you’re reading this Fahad, that’s the diet I want to be on!

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  1. Nawnaw says:

    It’s faiha co op ,,

  2. TweeZ says:

    epic fail

  3. gargoyle says:

    diet is the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism, so everthing that you eat is your diet, diet does not mean weight loss it can also be a weight gain or maintance diet.

    markets should have low carb and low fat sections.

  4. me says:

    forget diet, I’d rather fall in chocolate <3

    ^_^ yaaaaaaay for Kuwaitii Diet ^_^

  5. Fahad says:

    The dude who unpacked these must have it in for dieters. I better not be getting any “Nutella came out with a sugar-free fat-free sandwich spread version” emails.

  6. Kuwait says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nutella Mutabbag.

    Yabeela :(

  7. Hamad says:

    What an awesome diet ! that diet i wont stop !

  8. Adam says:


  9. Gilbert says:

    I want that! lol

  10. Danderna says:

    Lovely… couple that with the nuttella bread from Solo Pizza and you will never get tired of that diet.

  11. Bo-Ya3gooob says:

    plzzzzzzzzz include me in that diet… ;)

  12. vampire says:

    bwaaahaaahaaaaa LMAO
    that cracked me up

  13. Rnk says:

    Hahaha nice diet !!!!!!!! FAAIILL!!!!!:p:p

  14. Chakchooka says:


  15. ims85 says:

    Yummy who cares for diet!

  16. stuff says:

    lol horrible attempt at marketing nutella haha
    trying to trick dieters in to eating butter lmao :P:P

  17. danah says:

    the writing is photoshopped- look closely

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