Bicycle Rental

Posted by Mark

Although I personally prefer riding in the summer, now is actually the best time to ride a bicycle. Since not everyone owns a bicycle or wants to buy one I thought I would post about this instagram account that rents bicycles. They’re not cheap but I don’t think there is anyone else renting bicycles (that I know of). They charge KD5 for the first hour and then KD3 for every hour after. Delivery is included. The instagram account is @bike2u_kw and you can call them up or Whatsapp them on 94942122 to rent a bicycle.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Mark I usually go out in shorts and t shirts in a -9 C weather!

    Kuwait would be too hot for me throughout the year! Or maybe not cold enough!

  2. mohammed says:

    11 KD for 3 hours rent O.O .. never mind I’ll keep walking/runing next to the gulf

  3. Adam (the original one) says:

    It costs 5KD to rent a small car for 24hrs !!

  4. Unknown says:

    I wonder where the bicycles are made from, if it is Chinese, it ain’t worth it! If it’s Taiwanese made. It is better made than Chinese bicycle.

  5. Wishbone says:

    At those prices I wonder if they have his and hers bikes ..

  6. bu3amraz says:

    that’s good news, because they used to have rentals back in 2008 at extreme sports, marina waves, and they used to have his and hers bikes as well. but I have no idea what happened to them and why they stopped.

    prices were the same from extreme plus another 20 for deposit.

  7. DMCINC says:

    You can rent a bicycle in Green island for 2Kd per hour. But you can only cycle in green island .

  8. yousef says:

    You can rent bicycles next to the skateboarding court in marina for kd 3 per hour at the X-treme cycle counter

  9. dmcinc says:

    it that the place near the basketball court in salmiya?

  10. dmcinc says:

    and what time does it start? timing on the weekends/?

  11. neoark25 says:

    there was renting a tri-cycle back way back in the old days in place i completely forgot it’s name… was it youm el ba7arah? not sure.

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