Kite Surfer Accident

Post by Mark

Just saw this on CNN, a Kite Surfer in Florida got swept away and got thrown into a building and it was all caught on video. [YouTube]

Update: Fixed the video

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  1. Pure says:

    Video is no longer available : / !

  2. dj_will says:

    im glad it is …. :S i love the sport .. dont want to change my mind … ive seen really bad things though … once a guy in egypt (el gouna) had done a jump .. couldnt control it … so he ended up landing on the beach on his back instead of on the water… dangerous sport … but thats the exciting thing :S

  3. cajie says:

    Happened to me last month in Goa. The monsoon winds were really rough and the kite just pulled me. Dragged me for around 20 meters but I finally managed to let it go.

    Remind to me always wear the safety.

  4. ISF-Man says:

    Kite BOARDER.. That’s what happens to you when you kite board during a hurricane :P looks like Daytona Beach

  5. Sunny says:

    he just did’nt let go !!! holdin on for dear life maybe???

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