Building the Perfect Female – Part 1

Post by Fahad AlYehya

Posted by Fahad AlYehya | Core Fitness – Kuwait

This generation’s females are anemic, bulimic, and anorexic. They deny those things ad infinitum, of course, but you can’t really trust anything they say. They think cupcake is a food group.

Because I want to be fair and balanced, I will write this post with my “female” voice. (Yes, I do have a female voice. I keep it locked away safe and sound though. And my female voice is still a beast that will scratch your eyes out. Don’t mess with Lupita, yo!) Take it away Lupita:

75% percent of us are ova’weight, ese!
It sucks to be fat and anemic at the same time; it’s like you’re fat for nothing. Malnutrition here translates into eating junk calories devoid of any essential vitamins and minerals, replaced by traditional wholesome food.

But you told us to satisfy our cravings in moderation, homes!
I worked with women who eat nothing but chocolate, cupcakes, muffins and donuts all day long. Eating desserts and sweets all day moderately is anything but moderate. Eat your 2-3 square meals first and enjoy snacking in between them but in moderation.

Psshhh, wha’eva fatty! I have a high metabolism and I can eat wha’eva ah want.
If only I had a fils for every time I heard that, I’d be able to cross all of Lupita’s 160 cousins over the border. Studies conducted in Kuwait have shown that females between the ages of 14-18 are playing Russian Roulette with high cholesterol levels and diabetes. You don’t have high metabolisms; it’s called skinny fat. A person with a high metabolism looks like an anatomy chart. You look like a skinny stripper with extra jiggle.

Like I could care less what you tink. I’m enjoyin’ life and I’m happy! And my momma tinks I’m too SKINNY!
My mother, Allah bless her heart, is overweight and your mother’s also probably overweight. Mothers should set better examples by teaching their children on how to eat properly. Unfortunately, mothers enjoy dessert and sweet consumption more than their daughters. No one wants to be fat alone, so listen to mommy and have that extra cupcake. With whipped cream. And mango juice. And ice cream. With fondue on the side. Maybe cookies. Screw it, I’m adding in cookies.

OK OK! I get it! Save me from my own demise, papi!

I thought you’d never ask.

Bad Habits Gone Worse

Breakfast: – The majority of females are not breakfast-eating-creatures. They just don’t get hungry in the morning, so they tend to wait a few long hours to break their fast. Aside from slowing down your metabolism and increasing the chances of obesity by 150%, eating late breakfasts only increases hunger for the wrong cravings.

Meal Choices: – If it’s crunchy and looks like it could kill you in a few years, then chances are its being consumed by our female population. They’ll cave in with their cravings, and fast. They’ll skip or decrease wholesome food to make way for a slice of cheesecake or some Garret popcorn that costs more than a 60-day supply of a fat-burner.

Water Consumption: – I often wonder if females ever received the memo where it clearly stated that “water is essential for life”. I always know I’m in for a challenge once a female client says “maybe 1 glass of water every 1-2 days”, “I don’t like it”, or “it tastes bad” and of course “it’ll just make me pee too much”. Not a lot of you females even reach the minimum requirement for water consumption. You eat food with no nutritional value and you skimp on drinking something that clears all those toxins from your body because it’ll bloat and make you urinate a lot. This is how you get Alzheimer’s.

Meal Timing: – Whoever invented dessert should be shot in the head. For the sake of everything that is holy, DO NOT eat sweets right after ANY meal! I’m well aware they’re tempting, but it’s like you’re begging your insulin to be shot into a never ending diabetic frenzy. Snacks have calories too, so just wait 2.5-3 hours and eat your desserts in moderation.

Late Night Pig-Outs: – Females like to late-night splurge in groups of at least 2. The more females gathered, the worse it gets. They always order in extra sweets just to make themselves feel better by saying “hey, it’s not like I ate the whole thing. I’ll just save the leftovers for the starving population of Africa”. Imagine an aerobics class, but instead the actual aerobics you’ve got food, and instead of the hot and fit instructor you’ve got an old ignorant fatty eating her life away one cake at a time.

The Protein Dilemma

Majority of females are not avid protein eaters. They favor the sweet and not the salty. They’ll do anything for some hair growth, nail growth and healthy looking skin, yet fail to realize the important factors proteins play in the growth, repair, recovery and rejuvenation of damaged tissue cells.

Optimal Cell Growth: – You want healthy looking skin, long lucid hair, and nails that would make Wolverine cry in envy? Eat an egg or two for breakfast, 5oz of red meat for lunch and some fish or chicken for dinner. Seriously, how hard is that?

Anemia: – You bleed uncontrollably once a month. You need the nutrients that are derived from protein sources, yet you reach for that Snicker’s bar to get your sugar-fix knowing well that 2-3 banana’s would help you recover faster. Your body will burn off all cells before you go anemic. Cells being burned include hair (hair loss), skin (pale) and nails.

Pregnancy: – For the sake of your offspring, do not short change their health by skimping on nutrients. An anemic pregnant woman is no laughing matter. Children should be active, chubby and smart by the time they reach 2 years of age, not skinny, dazed and easily bruised. You’ll need as much cell growth promoting protein to feed that fetus and not fat-promoting cupcakes.

Metabolic Factors: – Diets that are high in protein and fibrous veggies while low (I said LOW, not NO) in starchy complex carbs are a lot better at ridding fat from the exact stubborn root. Why? Not only does protein consumption provide your metabolism an incredible boost, but it replaces the energy source once used by carbohydrates. Note to Dieticians/Nutritionist/Health Experts: ketogenic diets coupled with healthy fats and fibrous veggies is healthy, risk-free and guaranteed to keep the fat off forever!

The Carbohydrate Conundrum

Females are carbovores.

Didju just call us carb-whores? You don’t even need a billion dollar study to figure that out. All you need is a notepad, a pen or pencil and well-positioned chair at The Chocolate Bar. Every girl aches and tears at the damage that has been done by the oh-so-ill-fated-demise of her carb-dominant life. I’m not telling you to cut them out completely; I’m simply stating that you refrain from eating them alone or overindulging.

Complex Carbs: – Have some multi-grain cereal, some rice, potatoes (even fries) and some whole-wheat bread, but not too much. The “stop eating carbs after 3pm” serves well with women. A bowl of All-Bran with Lactose-Free milk for breakfast, red meat with a cup of rice at lunch and…

Fibrous Veggies: – …a salad and chicken for dinner. Veggies are (are you ready for this?) CARBS! You’re not really low-carbing if you’re eating endless bowls of salad. Surprisingly, not a lot of health experts even recognize this. Minimize complex carbs for fibrous veggies as much as you can, and reap the benefits of a flat and bloat-free stomach. You’ll also fill in all your nutrient deficiencies for calcium, iron, all the B vitamins and vitamin C.

Fruits: – Apart from their nutritious profiles, fruits contain fructose to satisfy your sugar cravings. Moreover, fruits won’t interrupt fat-burning since the majority of them are low-GI. Nothing rejuvenates the female PMSing body more than fruit consumption. Fruits contain just enough sugar to bump up your blood sugar levels from excessive blood loss and electrolytes to aid in optimal blood pressure regulation.

Mix and Match: – I’ve seen a few females eat their carbohydrates alone. Adding in extra ingredients would increase calorie consumption, but would best serve weight-loss goals by keeping you fuller longer. Eating pasta without a side order of grilled chicken or shrimp would only increase pasta consumption. Adding in a protein source would provide better appetite fullness before you decide to order that delicious piece of Apple Fritter.

The Fat Phenomenon

Females are never short of fat consumption.

Ay cabrón! See dis burger? I’m doing dis because you told me I was anemic! Females are short of “essential fatty acid” consumption, the omegas. Oh, you mean seafood? I’ve been eating some of that Essa Maki since like piff, pish, fo’eva! Salmon, tuna, almonds, walnuts, flaxseed and fish oil; 5 foods that contain an abundant amount of essential omegas that contribute to successful and long-lasting fat-loss, tissue repair, hair growth, acne-free skin and joint repair.

Eggs: – Super high in complete protein, eggs contain nutrients that are REQUIRED for living. An egg or two a day will NOT increase LDL cholesterol levels at all. If your reason not to indulge in this protein/fat power food is due to it’s high cholesterol content, then stop it. High LDL levels are due to sugar consumption, not dietary cholesterol. A cookie is not considered a dietary cholesterol source. I eat 3 whole eggs a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year. I challenge anyone to a cholesterol blood test.

Fish: – If you can’t handle the stink, then grill or lightly fry your fish. If not, then indulge in some salmon sashimi (semi-raw fish). Fish is lighter than other protein sources and can easily fit in with any carb source. Try to include seafood 3-4 times a week. If not…

Nuts: – ..get in a few raw walnuts into your diet pronto. Nuts also contain essential fatty acids. Include 5-10 walnuts whenever you plan on constructing home made dessert.

Flaxseed: – Flaxseed is considered an alternative remedy for various disorders such as hormonal imbalances, PMS, prenatal or postnatal disorders, menopause and breast cancer. Flaxseed’s also an excellent source of protein and fiber, two things that’ll keep you feeling fuller longer. Ok, bu’ how will dis help me lose deez? *points at waist* Multiple research studies have indicated that including flaxseed in your daily diet can help you manage your weight. Besides controlling your carb cravings by stabilizing your sugar levels, flax expands five times in bulk when ingested. Flax taken half an hour before meals will help you eat less. Opt for Flaxseed oil, granules or soft gels. You said some ting about menstrual cycle? Flaxseed is also used as a guaranteed and natural way to normalize the menstrual cycle, manage menopause, and lower the risk of osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Positive effects include fewer cycle changes (your agonizing terrible mood swings), along with a reduction in ovarian dysfunction, which in turn decrease the development of breast and other cancers.  As women reach menopause, the level of estrogens in their body decreases, causing an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Until Next Time

Part 1 identifies what women are doing wrong. Part 2 will hopefully tackle how woman can do it right.


Posted by Fahad AlYehya | Core Fitness – Kuwait

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  1. Sous says:

    Amazing post as always:) Admiring your health campaign on twitter as well, keep on posting and tweeting. I think it would be easier for everyone to get back on track with the healthy meals, their timing ,and adequate water consumption once Ramadan is over. Right now everyone’s cravings are everywhere. Thanx again!

  2. I had 3 Krispy Kremes for breakfast ;P Nothing jiggles yet and blood tests were perfect. Okay, I will eat better tomorrow. I don’t want to become skinny fat.

  3. boodsy says:

    Great post! Are you opening core fitness for ladies btw?

  4. TwaiF says:

    cant wait for part 2 !! amazing post!

  5. MX5 says:

    Absofreakin’ amazing post give yourself a pat on the back sista :D. Just wish that all the women I keep talking to about weight loss will read this. Great job Homes

  6. RoXaS says:

    i have a Friend who she thinks she’s fat , she doesnt eat much , i told her ,Multiple times its dangerous to starve yourself ask me ! the other day while jogging with my friends i almost died because of Dehydration , shes starving her self in ramadan , im still Trying to get her to stop whatever she’s doing.

  7. M_alm says:

    Thank u coach for the masterpiece ;) my question is how many whole eggs per day is safe to consume if I don’t want high cholesterol as aftermath? Thanku

  8. Aisha says:

    Really?! Of all the Mexican/Hispanic names, you chose Lupita?

    On a more serious tone, great post. I’ve witnessed most, if not all of these accusations with friends and family, not to mention those Facebook junk food/ dessert picture posts (you know who I’m talking about). I really hope this posts makes “them” reconsider their food choices.

    Overall, I can’t wait for Part 2. Keep up the great work.

  9. Guy says:

    you are a star!

  10. Mrs F says:

    Fahad you really outdid yourself this time! you had me in stitches lol! It’s so refreshing to read something informative and light hearted at the same time. Health talk usually always scares me away because it’s just too serious! anyway, my question is this..

    I adore breakfast! it’s THE most important meal of my day. I love it so much that I could not bear not having it in Ramadan, so my Suhour has now become my breakfast. I’de have 2 eggs, cheese, olives, orange juice, honey and butter on toast, and tea with milk. Is it too much for a late night meal? I feel it’s quite light and way better than having rice and meat.

  11. Fiend says:

    if you open a core fitness for women … or initially make the current core fitness a joint gym …i’ll be the first woman to sign up…. thanks for the great tips and amazing writing style…. pleaaaase make core gym a mixed sex gym… pleaaaase???

  12. N says:

    Great post, can’t wait 4 part 2 !

  13. Dm says:

    You just highlights the unending dilemmas that I have with my family and friends. They just cant get enough of unhealthy, greasy, and carby food. I always have to come up with lame excuses like:
    “Maybe later”
    “Im not that hungry right now”
    “I cant have that now I had a big breakfast!”
    or the famous one
    “I like to start slow, this salad will do for now, later Ill have that” *But I never do*

    I cant wait for part 2 of this!

  14. Summer says:

    I like the bold writing!

  15. Husain says:

    It would not be exaggerating to say that this was the best post on this blog Fahad. My wife would love to read this as well as wait for Part 2 once she is back from her vacation. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have with all of us reading this blog.

  16. 7sain says:

    Thanks for your incredible articles, I’ve gained so much knowledge.

    I have an off-topic question if you don’t mind: what do you think of “Xerona” ? it’s this laser procedure that supposedly stimulates fat cells to burn off fast, and also improves shape.
    I’m not sold to the idea, but my sister is determined to do it.

  17. Teko says:

    This is all swell and dandy, but you’re forgetting the part about Ramadan, where everyone (males and females alike) stuff their faces with food after a long day of nothing. And due to the short time in-between the hour of 6:30 to that of 12am where some people go to sleep because of work the next day, there isn’t enough time to not be on the borderline of eating more than one meal a day.

    Help with this would be fantastic. I have a friend who gained 10 kilos during the course of these 15 days of the holy month. :X

  18. mimi says:

    this is really cool ! i can’t wait to tell my friends about your post.
    i on the other hand am trying to Gain weight so i’ll probably do the opposite of what you’re saying lol

    question: where can you find flaxseeds to eat ?! i never knew they were edible :p

  19. Ahmed says:

    Wow, nice to know that Core Fitness staff / management are racist.

  20. Kuwait says:

    Sorry for the guy post but Jennifer Aniston is nowhere near the perfect woman.

  21. Mark says:

    Teko: 10KG in 15 days?!?

    Ahmed: Why are they racist?

  22. Sally says:

    Thanks Fahad. Great post! I was proud to see that I am already doing some of these (I drink water like a maniac!), but I do need to increase my protein intake. I have some questions:

    – Does is matter how you eat the eggs? Is it best to have them scrambled with no oil (or a little olive oil maybe?) or boiled or what? I can’t stand raw eggs.

    – I share mimi’s question about Flaxseed. The only flaxseed-enforced item I found myself eating is Voortman Dark Chocolate Flaxseed Omega-3 cookies! Is this a good source? What else can be a flaxseed source?

    – What about green tea? I like drinking it right after a meal, but I read that the reason it helps to lose fat is that it blocks the absorption of nutrients. Which nutrients exactly? And does that mean that it will “cancel out” a part of the meal I ate before it? When is the best time to drink green tea in a day? And how much is too much?

    I apologize for the long post, but I’d really appreciate your response.

  23. Fahad says:

    Much appreciated :) I do agree, cravings in Ramadan are the worst!

    I’m not sure what body type you are, but it seems to me that all you need is some exercise.
    You don’t have to wait for the damage to be done in order to do something about it. Don’t let those blood tests dictate your health & fitness pursuing decisions.

    Thanks! And yes, within the coming months :)

    Much appreciated :) and hopefully people will listen!

  24. Ali from Bahrain says:

    Fantastic post as usual Fahad (no, actually this time its better than your usual). Please keep us updated with part 2 asap.

    So you tweet about fitness as well? That’s great, the only problem is that i searched for you by your name and by core fitness but couldn’t find you on twitter. Please help.

  25. a la Mocha says:

    Great wake-up call and even greater motivation to start improving eating habits. It seems there are many rich foods out there that are being neglected, which is regretful now and for graceful aging purposes! Thanks for the tips and looking forward to part 2! :)

  26. Ant says:

    Fahad, WOW amazing post! Finally a post that addresses women and our endless battle of the bulge! Keep up the great work…

  27. Sally says:

    Sorry, one more question. Where can I get good protein shakes/powder/bars (esp. bars) here in Kuwait? I didn’t see them in Co-ops or Sultan center (not even in the diet section)?

  28. Fahad says:

    Haha! Thank you sir!

    Would you kindly ask her to lay her plan out for me? I need to see what she’s doing wrong/right in order to come up with a conclusion.
    She might be doing something right, but her body’s going through withdrawl. She might also be starving herself.

    You’re welcome :) and thank you for the sincere compliment!
    With cholesterol, you’ve got the good (HDL) and the bad (LDL). A lot of health practitioners focus on lowering cholesterol altogether, which in turn will lower the bad along with the good.
    You need high HDL cholesterol for healthy hormone production, which can only be achieved by consuming dietary cholesterol from lean protein (red meat, chicken, fish, turkey, whole eggs) and fat sources (nuts, avocado).

    As long as you’re not consuming cookies, muffins and sugar-filled sodas, you’ll be just fine :)

  29. Fahad says:

    I chose Lupita because I was looking for an intimidating Latino name :P.

    Thank you :) I know exactly who you’re talking about. Hope this posts rubs off on her before it’s too late.

    Again, highly appreciate the support :)

    Thank you!

    Mrs F,
    Thank you for your kind words :) And yes, I completely agree that a subject so important and delicate should be presented in a light hearted package.

    Q) I adore breakfast! it’s THE most important meal of my day. I love it so much that I could not bear not having it in Ramadan, so my Suhour has now become my breakfast. I’de have 2 eggs, cheese, olives, orange juice, honey and butter on toast, and tea with milk. Is it too much for a late night meal? I feel it’s quite light and way better than having rice and meat.

    A) The above is very light compared to rice and meat, so it’s not too much at all. Make sure you use these portions:
    – Eggs: 2 whole eggs, boiled
    – Cheese: 1 slice or 1 tablespoon, preferably non-fat
    – Olives: 5 whole pieces
    – Orange Juice: Fresh or Florida Naturals, 125ml
    – Toast: 1 slice of Multi-grain toast from Sultan Center (each slice should have atleast 3g of fiber) and none of that Kuwaiti Mills stuff.
    – Honey & Butter: 1 teaspoon of each. Use real organic butter.

    The only issue I am in disagreement with you is tea & milk. Chemically, they don’t bond and will cause digestive problems such as bloating.

    Feel free to provide me with your feedback :)

  30. Fahad says:

    A female branch will be up and running within a few months. It’ll be for female members only :)


    I completely understand what you mean. People learn once they experience the consequences of their actions. This post is intended to serve as health awareness to those who are too ignorant to listen.
    Thank you for your kind and loyal support :)

  31. Fahad says:

    Thank you :) Just adding some character to the post :)

    Hey brother! You’re wife really needs to read this and asap! Greatly appreciate your sincere & loyal support :)

    I’m more than happy that you’ve gained knowledge and awareness from my posts :) Ensha’Allah I’ll try my best to outdo each post I write [which only gets harder :p]

    Feel free to ask me any questions:

    Q) what do you think of “Xerona” ? it’s this laser procedure that supposedly stimulates fat cells to burn off fast, and also improves shape.
    I’m not sold to the idea, but my sister is determined to do it.
    A) Apart from the ridiculous ads they have on TV about this method of weight-loss, all I can say is “meh..”. I haven’t personally tried this and my only knowledge of it is based on what I read about it.
    As such, if it’s not based on my own experience then I won’t be jumping into conclusions. However, nothing beats good old exercise and a fine-tuned diet plan! Two guaranteed and time-tested methods for health, fitness and longevity.

  32. Fahad says:

    I already wrote 2 posts on how you can avoid adding 10kg in 15 days, which btw is absurd.
    10kg in 15 days? Your friend’s metabolism must’ve come to a screeching HALT!

    Read my previous posts and you’ll know exactly how easy it is to eat healthy in Ramadan. All you have to deal with is appetite & craving control.

    My only assumption as to how your friend gained 10kg is the scenario below:

    1) He super splurged to the brink of insanity at futoor, including a pile of dessert immediately after.
    2) The incredible eating spree above triggered a major crash in blood sugar levels, and by the time the clock struck 12 he went for the fattiest and carbiest food to satisfy his incredible low-blood-sugar-induced cravings.

    The above scenario is how to get fat in Ramadan.

  33. Fahad says:

    Thank you! :)
    Gaining weight is easy! Propose your meal plan and physical stats (height, weight) if you want me to help you out.

    Q) where can you find flaxseeds to eat ?! i never knew they were edible :p
    A) NatureLand, Go to Products->Salads and Seeds->Flaxseed. They sell them at every co-up.

  34. Fahad says:

    Thank you Sally!

    Q1) Does is matter how you eat the eggs? Is it best to have them scrambled with no oil (or a little olive oil maybe?) or boiled or what? I can’t stand raw eggs.
    A1) 1-2 both at breakfast, or 1 at breakfast and 1 at dinner per day is completely fine. Cook them in non-stick fat-free spray (found at Sultan Center or Lulu Hypermarket) or 1 teaspoon of Organic butter. NEVER eat your eggs raw!

    Q2) I share mimi’s question about Flaxseed. The only flaxseed-enforced item I found myself eating is Voortman Dark Chocolate Flaxseed Omega-3 cookies! Is this a good source? What else can be a flaxseed source?
    A2) NatureLand, Go to Products->Salads and Seeds->Flaxseed. They sell them at every co-up.

    Q3) What about green tea? I like drinking it right after a meal, but I read that the reason it helps to lose fat is that it blocks the absorption of nutrients.
    A3) Tea after a meal blocks minimal nutrient absorption.

    Q4) Which nutrients exactly? And does that mean that it will “cancel out” a part of the meal I ate before it?
    A4) Mostly iron and vitamin B (thiamine), so if you’re suffering from anemia then try to drink green tea an hour after or before food consumption.
    Green tea doesn’t cancel out nutrients. It merely minimizes absoprtion by a measly 9% AT MOST! Cancelling out refers to nutrient uptake competition; it’s when two nutrients are competing for uptake and one gets “cancelled” out.
    A good example would be calcium and zinc. Taking them seperately is ideal.

    Q5) When is the best time to drink green tea in a day? And how much is too much?
    A5) Drink 3 cups (1 teabag per cup) of organic green tea (found everywhere in Kuwait) 3 times a day:
    1) 30-60 minutes after breakfast
    2) 30 minutes before lunch
    3) 30 minutes before exercise or late snack.

    You may also drink green tea with dessert to minimize the damage.

    Feel free to ask as many questions as you like :)

  35. Fahad says:

    Ali from Bahrain,
    Hey buddy! Thank you so much :) I try my best to outdo previous posts, but it keeps on getting harder. Ensha’Allah I’ll live up to it!

    Follow me @Fahad_K
    My tweets are very unorthodox. A few followers actually thought I was kidding around whenever I gave out advice. I think it had a lot to do with the comedic nature of the tweets :P

    a la Mocha,
    Thank you for taking the time to read my post :) I hope this serves as a wake up call to those who have neglected themselves for too long. It’s never too late to do something about it.

    MUCH appreciated :)

    Health Planet and Results, both can be found at Soug Sharg. For protein bars, Results sell these DELICIOUS ones called “OH YEAH”.
    Try out these two:
    1) Oh Yeah Vanilla Toffee Fudge
    2) Oh Yeah Almond Fudge Brownie (my favorite!)

    They come in two sizes. Smaller ones contain 190 calories, 15g of protein, 6g of net carbs and 9g of fat. The PERFECT snack accompanied with some green tea!

  36. Mimz says:

    Ur Twitter? Can’t find u there,

  37. NewMe says:

    Dear Fahad,

    Great post. All too true!

    I am very pleased to see that you are generously offering nutrition plans. Can you please provide me with one?

    I am a 21 yr old female, 168cm height, and 94 KG weight (OUCH!). According to MyFitnessPal tools, my BMI is 33.3 (obese), and BMR 1724 calories/day.

    My goal is not immediate weight-loss, but sustainable fat-loss and muscle build-up — healthy lifestyle.

    Can you please provide me with a good meal plan and an effective workout routine? Keeping in mind:

    * Non-Ramadan routine (I will be away until after Ramadan. I’d like a meal plan for regular days).

    * I wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 AM, work 8:00-4:00, most probable workout time from 4:30 to 5:30, or almost any time on weekends. I can workout 5-7 days a week.

    * I can have snacks or salads at work, or pack some fruits, skimmed yogurt, etc.

    * I am not a big fan of fish, but I may eat grilled fish or salmon at a restaurant. My main protein source is grilled chicken breast. I also like Turkish Grill’s meat tikka.

    I’d really appreciate the help. Also, which website do u recommend to track my nutrition and keep me on track? I use SparkPeople, and I like it, but I also noticed there’s MyFitnessPal and TheDailyPlate and the like. Any suggestions?


    P.S: PLEASE keep us updated about Core Fitness for women.

  38. Fahad says:

    Contrary to popular belief, rapid weight-loss is the key to maintaining healthy weight and health. However, rapid weight-loss also depends on extremely low calorie intake which can leave you nutrient deprived.
    So how can we benefit from both? 1)By feeding your lean mass and starving the fat and 2) the content of food, i.e. dieting on foods essential for living.

    Meal Plan Below:

    6:30 – 250ml of Water

    7:00 – Breakfast:
    2 whole eggs (cooked in 1 tsp organic butter) w/ sea salt & pepper if needed
    250ml Florida Naturals Grape Fruit Juice (they sell this at co-ops)

    8:00 – 1 teabag of Organic Green Tea + 500ml of water (sip on this for 30 minutes)

    10:30 – Snack
    1 Fruit
    (1 red or green apple OR 1 cup of berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) OR 4 slices of fresh pineapple OR 2 pieces of Kiwi)
    + 1 tablespoon of Flax seed (swallow the seeds without chewing and run it down with water)

    11:30 – Sip on 500ml of Water

    1:00 – 1 teabag of Organic Green Tea

    1:30 – Lunch
    5 oz of grilled chicken breast
    Green veggies (lettuce, cucumber, parsley, broccoli, etc) + 2 tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar & 1 tbsp of Lemon (sprinkle of sea salt for taste if needed)

    2:30 – Sip on 500ml of Water

    4:30 – WORKOUT + 1 liter of water
    *Spend no more than 2 hours at the gym, maximum of 6 days a week. If you feel run down or tired (when it’s that time of the month) then take 1-2 days off.
    *I need to know whether you’ll be joining a gym and whether or not you’re ok with aerobics classes. Once you answer this, I’ll send you the workout plan.

    6:00 – 6:30: Snack
    1 Fruit
    (1 red or green apple OR 1 cup of berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) OR 4 slices of fresh pineapple OR 2 pieces of Kiwi)
    + 1 tablespoon of Flax seed (swallow the seeds without chewing and run it down with water)
    + 1 teabag of Organic Green Tea

    7:30 – Sip on 500ml of Water

    Dinner: 10:00
    6 oz of grilled or steamed Shrimp or Salmon
    Green veggies (lettuce, cucumber, parsley, broccoli, etc) + 2 tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar & 1 tbsp of Lemon (sprinkle of sea salt for taste if needed)

    *The above meal plan is low in calories, but very high in nutrients.
    *Veggie/salad intake is open
    *Cheat after 14 days of dieting. Cheat consists of ONE MEAL PER WEEK, and NOT one day per week.
    *If your cravings give in on regular days, you may replace one of the fruit snacks (in the morning or after the gym) with dessert. Do not go above 300 calories for the dessert.

    Kindly provide me with your feedback :)

  39. meh says:

    Kuwaiti and perfect female… sorry those words don’t go together.

  40. NewMe says:

    Dear Fahad,

    I really appreciate your quick response.

    Let me clarify that I will be starting this after about a month from now – when I get back from vacation, so exercise will start then. The reason I asked for this now is so I can have at least a nutrition plan to follow while away (although it will not be feasible to follow it literally since I’ll be travelling around, but at least now I have a good idea) :-)

    To answer your question about workout, yes, most probably I will join a gym, and I am okay with aerobics classes.

    I have some questions of my own:

    * Can I sometimes skip some items? Like the butter? Or especially the balsamic vinegar (I don’t like it)?

    * Do you mean “green” literally? So I should exclude tomato, carrots, olives, etc. (non-green) stuff from salads?

    * What do you think of Lipton clear green teabags? I usually drink the one with mint. If not, which brand is the Organic green? (Also, are the timings you gave me okay to allow for good iron absorption as mentioned in your comment to Sally about anemics? I got dizzy a couple of times earlier, but the tests said I am not anemic, but my iron levels were in the “low” range of normal).

    * What about coffee? With skimmed milk/light coffee-mate and no sugar (or with sugarfree flavor syrup)?

    * Finally, I have questions regarding specific meals:
    +Lunch: For grilled chicken I usually have the frozen Sadia chicken breast. Is it good? Also, can I sometimes substitute lunch for a chicken salad from Subway or LoFat (easily accessible while I am at work)?
    +Dinner: Can I have an alternative to the fish? I may have it sometimes, but certainly not everyday. In this case, do I just have the salad without protein, or can I have chicken or meat tikka instead? Skimmed yogurt?

    How can I update you later when I do start this?

    Thanks again.

  41. Sally says:

    Thank you fahad. But these Natureland flaxseeds are the raw seeds, right? How do I eat them? Do I cook them or grind them or what?

    I’ll try the non-stick fat-free spray. I sometimes also have the eggs hard-boiled.

    Thanks for the green tea info. I’ll keep these in mind :-)

  42. Mrs F says:

    Thanks for the answer. I usually have my eggs fried or scrambled but like them boiled just as much, so that won’t be a problem. But I have three pieces of brown multi grain toast and way more than a teaspoon of honey and butter :( I use about 10g of butter per meal. and my cheese is mature cheddar but I have it cut in really in paper thin slices. Is that ok?

  43. Wicked says:

    How can a vegetarian female get her protein fix?

    I need some variable sources .. I’m really skeptic about having 2 eggs every day

  44. Fahad says:

    I’m replying on an iPhone so my apologies for my short replies:
    1) yes, you can skip both butter and balsamic vinegar.
    2) all veggies are ok, including the ones you have posted. Just make sure the majority of the veggies are greens.
    3) I’d prefer if you go for organic green tea with some mint or peppermint. You can find it at absolutely any co-op. The timings I gave you have taken iron absorption into consideration.
    4) Coffee w/ skimmed milk still has calories and is considered a meal. I don’t condone mixing coffee or tea with milk since the combination will cause you to bloat thus causing gas.
    5) yes, Sadia breasts are good. LoFat is a great alternative, while Subway is not. Order the LoFat LoCarb Chicken, Turkey or Roast Beef Lettuce Wrap. Subway’s protein sources contain too many artificial ingredients.
    6) Yes, you may replace dinner with your proposed alternatives. However, low fat Greek Yogurt or Low Fat Cottage cheese is alot better than yogurt.
    7) Update me by commenting on my posts. :)

  45. Fahad says:

    You’re welcome and yes they are raw. You need to grind them first, but don’t grind the whole pack. Grind a portion for a 2-3 day consumption then grind again. Keep the flaxseed refrigerated.

    Moreover, you may opt for boiled eggs :)

  46. Fahad says:

    Mrs F,
    Yes, that’s completely ok. Stick to 1 tsp of butter and 1 tbsp of honey if you must.

  47. Fahad says:

    Cottage cheese, legumes, beans and soy. Try to mix and match as much as you can since some of the above are not complete protein sources.

  48. Xen says:

    Hi Fahad,

    Loving your posts. I am a 24 year old female, 173cm with a BMI of approx 27. I’d like to lose about 10KG more (already lost over 90KG in the past 6 years) but have been bouncing around my current weight since january. I was following a diet similar to the one you recommended to NewMe (low calorie intake, ample protein, complex carbs) until then but have been struck with ridiculous amounts of cravings for anything and anything which i have been horrible at ignoring. I joined one of the local companies which deliver your meals, and ended up adding food every day so have managed to gain rather than lose weight after two months. I am about 4 months post-op and still have significant swelling in certain areas so have been avoiding excercising, which I don’t think is helping. Any advice? Namely a) anything to help with the cravings, which are ridiculous at present and b) a suitable workout regieme. I do have a gym membership, I’ve just been slacking seriously and don’t really know what I should be doing.

    Thanks for your help,

  49. Foofz says:

    Hi Fahad,
    I gotta say that’s such an amazing useful post!
    Am obsessed with diets and so. BUT –> a big but here cuz I don’t like the healthy choices offered. Therefore I turn to the easy way which is starving!
    I drink lots of water, I don’t eat a lot neither feel hungry. 22 years old, anemic, fit and athlete BUT turned to be unhealthy due to my bad nutrition supply. I would be really grateful if u help.
    P.S: am that type that sticks to plans and follow it properly. I just can’t stand long termed ones specially when it comes to food.

    Thanks ;)

  50. Fahad says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying them :)
    Masha’Allah! 90kg? That is an insane amount to lose, good for you!
    First I need to know how much you currently weigh. You might not be losing a lot of weight due to its nonexistence. Moreover, you’re very tall for a female so your ideal weight is a lot higher than the average female’s.

    What I usually do to clients after they plateau is to advise them to have a big cheat meal then begin a modified version of a ketogenic diet, moderate in protein & fats, high in fibrous veggies & fruits, and extremely low in complex carbs such as potatoes, rice, bread & pasta. I would like you to lay down your entire eating plan for me so that I may compile an optimal diet regimen.

    In regards to your operation, I’m assuming for your excess skin? Nonetheless, you should have recovered within 4 months, and depending on the type & severity of the operation, doctors usually tell their patients to resume light exercise after 6 weeks.

    Awaiting your kind reply so that I may provide solutions to help you lose the fat, control cravings and general health & well-being :)

  51. Fahad says:

    Hello. Greatly appreciate your kind words :) I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    Since you’re already fit, the majority of foods you eat don’t have to be completely healthy.

    Kindly provide me with your height & weight, current lifestyle (eat, work, exercise, sleep), favorite/worst foods, and anything that would be of use to me when compiling a healthy lifestyle plan. :)

  52. Xen says:

    Morning Fahad :)

    Thanks a lot – I can’t claim to have done it all myself but I didn’t: Atkins for about a year, then I got bored of no bread so I had a gastric bypass. Bypass was just over 6 years ago now. Current weight is 83kilos – 6 months pre-op (lipo to remove a stubborn area on legs and excess skin removal on arms) I had got down to 75KG, then went on a massive “eat everything in the world” spree so went up to 80KG on the day. And post-op I’ve bounced between 79KG and 87KG. So the impact of lipo (-4KGs of grade A fat) has been countered by the +however many kilos I managed to eat myself to.

    Recovery on arms has been fine, I was good to go after a month or so. Lipo recovery has been much slower, still have overall swelling (to be expected for 6 or so months apparently) and isolated swelling around the knee which has been putting me off of walking too much.

    Meal plan differs from day to day. On good days (though I don’t know how good it is)
    7.00 3 dates + 500Ml water
    8.00 500ml black coffee/black tea/green tea
    8.30 2 x slice wholemeal toast (not flour mills, this one is from lulu) + 1 slice ff cheese + 1 slice turkey breast
    12.00 cucumber/tomato (if i’m hungry)
    3.00 salad with 1tbsp balsamic vinegar & 200g tuna (no oil) + 1 egg
    5-6.00 1 x apple/orange/peach
    8.00 grilled chicken breast/fish (generally hammour)/shrips/lean steak & boiled/steamed vegtables (brocolli, cauliflower, courgettes, carrots) and/or green salad.
    I sip green tea/water throughout the day and always get at least 2.5ltrs, sometimes more if i’m swollen as more fluids seem to help reduce that.
    I haven’t been able to stick to that since last year though. realistically, it resembles the above ++ cookies, chocolate, buscuits, chips, snacks, the occassional extra dinner or restaurant mega binge. you name it i’ve gorged on it over the past few months. also, i seem to find that if i start eating sweet/fatty things (ie. cupcake/slice of pizza) it starts off a two day cycle of junk food binging, until i freak myself out and go food nazi again. which is quite ridiculous. cravings, most deff, would be my number one problem i’d say – followed closely by lack of willpower to just say no.

  53. NewMe says:

    @Fahad: Thanks a million. I will try to eat healthy in my vacation, and will follow the diet plan once I get back.

    @Xen: GO, GIRL! I wish you the best in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And I know exactly that two-day cycle that gets started off by one carby item! I thought it only happens to me :-S It’s like, after that one bite, I start making more and more compromises, until after 2 or 3 days I’m like, “WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING?” :-D

  54. Me says:

    Hii fahad, this was a very good review..

    I dont know what the thing is with me, but i exercise regularly but i still have a tummy… i tried everything to get it flat but nothing seems to work..

    i dont follow any specific kind of diet, but i do watch wat i eat, and i try not to eat much at night.. i expercise 4 or 5 times a week..

    do u have an email or website that i can check out?

    thanx again!

  55. tins says:

    Hi Fahad,
    Your post is definately a wake up call for many !
    My situation is exactly the same as “Me” above and would also like a solution.
    I do abs workouts every other day .. i’ve been told this part of the body is the hardest to get rid of! but i have been working out regularly for almost a year now and results are not as i had hoped for..

    Thanks !

  56. Xen says:

    @NewMe – thanks!! :D appreciate the well wishes. Inshallah when you get back after Ramadan you’ll be well on your way to your goal :D Until we both reach ours, I say we can vent to each other about all the carb cravings we have and have to resist ;)

  57. Fahad says:

    Good Morning!
    Masha’Allah, you’ve had your fair share of surgeries I see. Anyways, the plan below will help speed up your recovery and solve your water retention/inflammation problems so that you can walk briskly on a treadmil.

    7.00 – Upon Waking:
    250ml water + Plain Black Coffee + 250ml water (in that order)

    8.30 – Breakfast:
    2 whole eggs (boiled, scrambled, poached) + 250ml glass of Florida Naturals Grapefruit Juice

    9:30 – Sip on 500ml of water

    11:30 – Snack:
    10 raw walnuts + 1 cup of Organic Green Tea
    (you may add cucumbers w/ this meal)

    12:30 – Sip on 1 liter of water

    3:00 – Lunch:
    Green Salad (lettuce, cucumbers & cabbage) + 200g of tuna + 2 tbsp balsamic vineger, 1 tbsp lemon

    4:00 – Sip on 500ml of water

    6:30 – Snack:
    1 Red Apple + 1 cup of Organic Green Tea

    8:00 – Sip on 500ml of water

    10:00 – Dinner:
    5 oz of grilled chicken/fish/lean steak (the same choices you are currently having) + steamed veggies (no carrots) or a green salad (same as the one at lunch)

    *Do not drink water and eat at the same time. Abide by the water timings above or drink water 15 minutes before and after meals.
    *Try to walk briskly on a daily basis for 30 minutes
    *Try supplementing w/ a high dosed concentration of omega-3 (found at Boots), taking 1 softgel after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Kindly provide me with your feedback so that I may modify accordingly. :)

  58. queen says:

    hey Fahad!!!
    ok I want to know what’s the remedy for my health condition
    i m 24 years, 5’2, 50kg
    n yes my mom thinks i m thin:(
    i m slim over all
    but the only problem is my cheeks…i dont have very chubby cheeks which makes me look weak:(
    i have heard that eating bananas helps..but how many..n how often..please help!!!

  59. Redfox says:

    Senior i like this! You are abso-f******-lutly right! Its our aftrnoon tea time tradition that makes women loose their will and start munching on sweets! I startex buying kelloges low calorie bars lately and boy are they tastey! Its part of my controled calorie count diet! Am mantaining my weight! Am like 6 kilos over my righr weight but am keeping the curves! I like’em!

  60. Wassim says:

    Fahaaaad, i’ve forwarded that to my female-colleagues in the office… I thought they’ll feel guilty but guess what?! I’m the one who felt guilty coz i turned up making some people hate u

  61. Xen says:

    Hi Fahad,

    Excellent, thanks so much for the response. I have a couple of questions:
    1) Does flaxseed need to be incorporated into my diet? If so when/how much? I know I can buy it from jamiyah’s so locating it isn’t a prob.
    2) I’m assuming that as per this schedule excercise would fit in about 5.00-6.00.
    3) How fast is “brisk”? I’m at 6KM/H now
    4) Dinner – 10pm? really? Is a little late no? I mean, I like the night and all, but I’m not uber nocturnal.

    Thanks Fahad

  62. Xen says:

    Hey Fahad,
    Sorry for giving you a double whammy of questions, but what can I say I have a questioning spirit, or something.
    Re. The steamed veggies: a) how much? b) what? Brocolli and Cauliflower you’re good with (nixing the carrots) but is that it? Broadening that out might help kill boredom.

    Also, still getting ridiculous late night carb (from cookies to fries, I want) cravings. Advice? Anything I can substitute those with?

    Thanks Fahad, you’re a rockstar (not really but you’re cool)

  63. Fitness Plan says:

    Hey Fahad, wasn’t sure quite how to reach you and this seems to be the latest entry. I have managed to get a diet plan underway and I am loosing weight. I feel like I have stalled and I just want to make sure that I am working out the right way. I was wondering if you can write me out a quick layout of a fitness plan. I use an elliptical, stationary bike, fitness ball, and weights. Currently I am working out 45 minutes on the bike, with intervals of high burst speeds. In the last 10 minutes on the bike I do some weight exercises for my arms. I then do some crunches on the ball. I try to do it 6 days a week but some days I get completely burned out and can’t do weights. What do you think?

  64. s says:

    LOL!! maybe im not very gd in english but the thing that i know is im faaaaat :'( ,im fat for nothing ,, my bad habit that i recognize from just what i read
    1)eating sweets aloot ,, i prefer to skip my meals just for eating sweets !!
    2) i never eat breakfast !!
    3) 1 glass of water before sleepping for the all day !!

    i tried every thing to lose 20 kilos , cuz my doctor said you have to !!!! ,, but OMG,, for me that’s more than diffecult :( ,, the thing is now im followin a new diet as my friend recommended ,, the 5 meals ,,
    but i don’t know what should i eat !! i spend my day by eating fruits,, salads , that’s it :s
    and plz if u don’t mind thier is any way to contact u ?? and i’ll be very thankfull ,, thank u:)

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