160km/h car crash

Post by Mark

That’s pretty nasty but surprisingly the driver survived! [Video]

via autoblog

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  1. peter says:

    I think its not a good idea to spread you can survive a 160 KM/h crash, we have already to many dead from the traffic here.

  2. Mark says:

    yeah sure, people are going to watch this video and then want to go and slam their cars into walls going 160km/h…

  3. TheRex says:

    That was beyond amazing, am glad the whoever was in that car survived tho.
    Peter maybe you would like to elaborate further on what you meant, because, currently it makes no sense.

  4. X says:

    Thanks Mark , u made me wanna go 160km/h and smash my car into a wall.

  5. Jasoom says:

    Clearly fell asleep at the wheel because he doesn’t even brake as he goes off the road. Sleepy driving is infinitely more dangerous than drunk driving.

  6. desert sky says:

    Turbo Boost

  7. Mark says:

    Jasoom couldn’t agree more. When I was in uni I used to carelessly drive drunk (like super fucking wasted drunk, driving on wrong side of highway drunk *seriously*) and luckily never got into an accident. On the other hand I got into 2 accidents driving up to university which was like 500 meters from my dorms… because i hadn’t sleep the night before.

  8. seouldout says:

    This happens when lane discipline isn’t practiced. The driver w/ the camera is practically parked in the left lane; at that speed he should be over in the right lane.

  9. musty says:

    damn nasty alright…the driver survived but God knows in what condition he’d be!!

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