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Did anyone ever notice how almost every aerobic/kick-boxing/gay dancing class has an instructor that’s out of shape and 20 other people that are also of round variety? I mean, how do you expect to get in shape if the instructor looks like he’s/she’s been eating sambosa for the past 20 years? To add insult to injury, the obese members are forced to perform high kicks. It’s like show girls, but with a lot less turn-on and a lot more LOL.

And what about those self-proclaimed gurus roaming around the gyms of Kuwait? I’ve researched on a couple of famous gurus to see what they were up to. One of them refuses to work with drug-free athletes; he won’t even turn to look at you if you approach him with the “I’d like to do this naturally” speech. The last guy that did ended up in the hospital urinating blood; due to 5 anabolic and androgenic compounds that he were recommended to take (this was partly the client’s fault since he didn’t know bodybuilding involves a nutritional plan and intense training). Another guy trains both naturals and chemically enhanced athletes, but fails to inform young amateurs of the consequences associated with early AAS drug use, which they subsequently fall victims too.

Awesome Super Friends
I’m here to discuss health and fitness professionals and practitioners in Kuwait who talk it and walk it. In the pursuit of spreading the influence of a healthier lifestyle, I’ll be providing information about competitors who I am more than glad to lose my business to. They all have the passion, the drive, the experience and the ability to motivate others in attaining a healthier lifestyle.

Consequently, I’m planning on crushing each and every one of them so by the time you read this, they might be dead. They also might end up in my belly. My 7% body fat belly.

As a gym owner, I constantly get asked by many people about what the right exercises are, what the right diet is and about how many freaking Pinkberry yogurts are acceptable. (Depends on what you’re trying to do; again, depends on what you want to do). Sometimes, I find I don’t have the time to answer questions in detail, and that makes me feel, as the self proclaimed Master of the Fitness Universe, like I have failed you. And I do not like to fail.

Here’s a list of people (in no particular order) you can consult about health and fitness in Kuwait, or as I like to call them, my awesome super-friends, who I don’t necessarily know personally. (You can call them people who are not quite as awesome as I am.)

Abdullah Al Askari – Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer
I know Abdullah for more than 6 years and have yet to witness anyone as dedicated as him. You can find Abdullah ripping through heavy poundage at Oxygen Gym with his younger brother Bader, turning a vigorous workout session into a power-lifting side show.

As a certified professional trainer and nutrition consultant, this dude will get you in shape fast, transforming gym-rat veterans into presentable athletes of the iron game within a short period of time. He’s been at it for 18 years, busting challenges and plateaus like cutting through soft-butter with a chainsaw; experience with this dude is robust and highly evident once you set your eyes on his muscle-dense physique.

Abdullah’s technique (as far as my research is concerned) revolves around high-intensity high-volume training, provided sufficient calorie intake to fuel his client’s workouts, promoting lean muscle growth and fat loss.

If you happen to see him walking around, feel free to approach him (but not when he’s training. That pisses any serious lifter off). He’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions with great detail.

For personal consultancies, Abdullah provides personal training, customized/personalized diet plans, dietary supplement plans and workout plans for bodybuilders, athletes and overall fitness enthusiasts.
Contact: iBigBlu – Fitness on a higher Level

Sulaiman Qabazard – Founder of Challenge Health Club and Health & Fitness Consultant
Sulaiman started out as a diver, participating in at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, competing in the men’s 3 meter springboard event, placing 27th. 27th isn’t exactly number 1, but 27th in the world pretty much makes you a world-class bad ass. Today, Sulaiman participates in prepping Kuwait’s swimming and diving teams, as an active member in the Olympic Federation in Kuwait.

I met Sulaiman in 2002, where I religiously trained under his indirect patronage in his “then” newly established Challenge Health Club. In 2003, he hired me to be a part-time trainer (whilst attending university in the morning).

Sulaiman’s all about turning negatives into positives, energy, forgiveness, dancing and all that crap. Nonetheless, his methods definitely work. He’s 52 and dares to challenge anyone half his age in both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This one time I saw him literally own an uber-fit aerobics instructor while adding in an extra 30 minutes to the already intense 60 minute long workout. Back then, I was about getting as big as humanly possible, with absolutely no concern in regards to health, and he managed to slowly tame me by spiritually inquiring “what the fuck are you doing?”

Sulaiman has currently two branches up and running, in Sha’ab (next to Flex for women and Indigo) and Mahboula (next to no idea where that is). Sulaiman can also be found providing training tips and techniques every Saturday morning on Al Watan TV on “Morning Challenge“.
Contact: Challenge Health Club

Jerry Lakandula – Professional Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant
If sucking had a contest, this guy wouldn’t be in it. Jerry invented the “more you know, the more you get confused” mantra, right after he ingested every bit of experience he had into a successful living in Kuwait. Jerry has greatly contributed in my self-development through his influences, which helped develop the skills I use and cherish today.

A certified and well-experienced personal trainer and bodybuilder (competed at Kuwaiti bodybuilding shows in the mid to late 90’s), Jerry provides bullet proof consulting to gym rats and fitness & health enthusiasts. After he successfully dealt his hands in providing personal training to high-end clients, Jerry decided to take it further by starting up a successful PT business that’s on the verge of growth. The staff he provides are top-notch certified male and female physical therapy graduates, officially licensed in the Philippines.

For all you lazy bums, you literally have no excuse, since Jerry’s trainers are willing to offer their services at your very own homes. Escorting services not included.
Contact: or 55232299

Noelle Cespedes – Professional Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant
Out of all the people on this list, I don’t plan on crushing this half-Mexican-half-Costa-Rican-who-happens-to-look-like-a-Kuwaiti friend of mine. My current partner in crime, Noelle’s going to be general managing Core Fitness’s bitch sister.

She was raised organically (huh?), taught to accept life at its utmost simplicity and guided to love, accept, enjoy and cherish. Watching her work is like looking at bright sunrise while admiring clear blue waters of the ocean, wind breezing through green fluffy grass, bird’s chirping in harmony and pink dolphins swimming in flowingly superb motion, while coming up with solutions to world peace. In short, I felt gay writing this sentence and dolphins are just gay sharks.

On a serious note, Noelle’s everything that we are not. She’s SOOOPAR KHUUL (silent H) and provides her clients with excitement, energy and an uplifting perspective of health and fitness. Conclusively, no female personal trainer will push you harder than she will. Noelle provides a lifestyle filled with results that are targeted towards positive longevity, including heavy outdoor cardiovascular work, yoga, Pilates and amongst other girly things. She’ll also tackle problems female fitness enthusiasts are currently suffering from including cellulite, skin/hair/nail problems and loose skin. She’s basically Richard Simmons if Richard Simmons wasn’t so faggy and fat.

Ahmad Al Majed – Ironman Contender, Managing Director of Extreme Sports Company and Co-Founder of The 3 Club
I met Ahmad 2 months back and my first impression was “Holy shit! This dude’s potential easily trumps mine!” Dedication to the bone would be an understatement once you hear Ahmad talk; his passion to what he does is so intense that it could set everyone around him on fire.

A man of minimal words and tremendous action, Ahmad sets his objectives by inspiring Kuwait to get up and MOVE. Make no mistake, “The 3 Club” is not targeted for financial purposes, but to provide a new change in a society where watching TV shows, endlessly munching on food and irresponsibly roaming the streets like kamikaze sheep in pursuit of women (who start playing the “I’m-going-to-pretend-like-I’m-not-a-whore-by-driving-like-I-got-20kgs-of-cocaine-in-my-car-chased-by-police-till-I-get-to-the-supermarket’s-parking-lot” game) is the norm. The dude is an expert at kicking ass and taking names.

If you’re an outdoor person or gyming is not your thing, then head down to The 3 Club and test your skills in what has to be the most exhilarating fitness experience you’ll ever endure. Under the guidance of certified health and fitness professionals, The 3 Club provides customized plans for every member (general fat-loss, endurance and maintenance) and slowly builds your cardiovascular abilities to above par levels. Moreover, you’ll encounter Ahmad or his partner Rab’a Al Hajri at almost every session to further assist you in much needed mental and physical motivation.

Similar to Ahmad, Rab’a Al Hajri is also not too shabby (she’s actually a female version of the guy). As motivated (if not more) as he is, Rab’a took it upon herself to take the challenge and participate in an exhausting triathlon. Luckily, she survived it with flying colors. Through experience and guidance, Rab’a spends her days motivating clients and changing lives; apart from buying organic 98% fat free popcorn at The Baking Tray.
Contact: and

Abdulmohsen Al Babtain – MMA Athlete and Founder of The Sidekick Academy
There’s a 98% chance this guy can kick your ass because 1) he’s a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, which is extremely difficult to accomplish, 2) he’s a black belt (4th Dan) in Tae Kwon Do, 3) he lived and trained under the patronage of Royce Gracie and 4) if Chuck Norris-based jokes were real, Abdulmohsen would make Chuck Norris look like Paris Hilton on chronic.

Abdulmohsen is currently running his newly established business full-time, adding in all the experience he gathered from training with legendary MMA fighters. Moreover, what more can you say about a person who has been graced to live beside legendary fighters such as Royce Gracie? Similar to Ahmad Al Majed, Abdulmohsen succeeded to take his passion and drive to another level. He hobbied, practiced, taught and experienced, up until he turned what he loves most into a successful business plan. By all means, this dude does not lack any motivation.

In hopes of spreading the teachings of MMA fighting, Abdulmohsen has dedicated his life to providing the Kuwaiti society with alternatives to health and fitness. If weight-lifting or improving your cardiovascular endurance is not of interest to you, then why not dig into something that’ll provide you with a sense of challenge and accomplishment? You’ll kick ass and look good doing it.
Contact: Sidekick Academy

Mohammed Al Fahad – Bodybuilding Guru
Guilty until proven innocent, Mohammed has been accused of using anabolic androgenic steroids due to his proportioned, dense and lean physique. I’m here to vouch for this dude that he’s been hitting the weights for the longest time possible without even a single thought of chemically enhancing his all-natural Greek god structure.

A family man and a close friend of mine, Mohammed lives the life of a professional bodybuilder. Similar to any hobby out there, he lives and breathes bodybuilding to the point where he embarrasses my personal abilities and skills, which as you know are awesome. His strict and precise attention to detail have drove many of his clients crazy (often scaring them away), but the end result always prove to be most beneficial and satisfying.

Mohammed focuses on achieving maximum potential of a specific physique without sacrificing health and longevity. He’ll take his time to understand how a client’s body internally works in order to produce optimal external results. His services include personal training and nutritional consultancy, provided with an exaggerated level of detail. Lastly, if you are a serious lifter and wouldn’t mind getting your ass handed to you, Mohammed is the man you want to get in touch with.
Contact: 97200880 or his Facebook Profile

I’m almost done. I promise.
Don’t make the mistake of relying on less than qualified professionals. I’ve done the research for you and will gladly guide you to whatever preferences you choose to take. I’m sure there are a lot more qualified professionals and experts who I missed. Feel free to throw in names of people you can vouch for when it comes to turning any dream into a reality.

As always, these are dudes who are awesome, and again I wouldn’t mind losing business to them, but, like I said in the beginning, they might be in my belly by the time you read this.

Posted by Fahad AlYehya | Core Fitness – Kuwait