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Kuwait Law: How much is your body worth?

How much are your body parts worth in Kuwait? From a legal perspective and a legal perspective only, according to the Decree on the Regulation of the Table of Blood Money (DIYAH):

If someone hurts you by mistake with no criminal intent then they pay you the amounts listed below. If someone hurts you with criminal intent, then they pay the amounts listed below in addition to also getting punished for the crime.

Just a small note, the body parts add up. Death is actually cheaper than breaking an arm, a leg and losing an eye. Some animals cost more than KD10,000 so you would think a human life would be worth more.

Post by Fajer Ahmed – Legal Counsel
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I was like wtf when I read “Loss of one BALL” !!

Well.., at least better than writing the G word :p

Well there are more humans on the Earth than the expensive animals you refer to. Higher quantity = lower price.

Interestingly, I read on reddit that the US now values a person at $6mil, while kuwait values a person at $34k

I guess its not about the actual money, but the value a state has for its people.

I suppose with all the money the government actually throws at us, we shouldn’t expect to be valued higher.. Actually, no that makes sense. I’ve now talked myself into a circle. I’ll see myself out

Correct your information. The US price tag on human life in the US was calculated by insurance companies and it was set based on how much one would earn on average per year. The price was set by the US government at $50,000.

FYI, it has happened numrious of times in Kuwait with cpl specific nationalities where the men intentionally throw themselves on incoming traffic to get easy money from the drivers that end up hitting them. The jackpot is when the person gets killed! If you dont believe me ask this lawyer and Im sure she’ll even be able to point you out to cpl lawyers with low ethics that are running this business in the country.

Holy shit dude, no need to get defensive. This is not my information. Like I said, I read this on reddit.

Just looks like your arguing just to argue.

Obviously this list is not related to how much the state values you (or your parts).
This is the compensation that (you) have to pay for someone if you accidentally hurt him/her.

@ Fajer

Hahaha…that was a funny read.

Now to find a willing psycho who can make a lot of Moolah for his surviving family using this Menu…!!!

Gosh..just so many possiblities and combinations for a HUGE sum of money if he/she gets the ‘Saw’ franchise guy to start from point 2 and mutilate each body part in the order of the list and then finally of course…go for the gold…Death…!!!

Damn…Ur giving people ideas now…:)

I think the prices were placed a long time back and haven’t been updated in a while.

Anyway, I see the rational for the pricing. If someone (person A) accidentally hits someone (person B) unintentionally and they had to pay KD500,000, Person A might have to work for a few decades or a lifetime just to pay it. Not an issue if person A is single. Now add 3 kids and a wife to person A and a whole family gets screwed.

Thats what insurance is for. But our local insurance companies dont work the way foreign insurance companies do.

@ Fajer

Hahaha…Ur funny…:)

Having said that…now am wondering…which Planet… this Law came from… in 1981…:)

…Obviously… she would SCORE…!!!

Is that what tickled U in the entire list…:)

I would be more concerned…about a man with No Balls…!!!

And now thanks to all those freakin speed cameras…they’re having a gender crisis…!!!

…this is a really grave situation…Wishbone…!!!

Yeah .. what is a woman has 3 nipples?? 😉

Also “Scars that reach chest or stomach”

Does that mean you can sue the Surgeon who gave you life saving heart transplant surgery or the OBGYN for giving your pretty trophy wife a nasty scar during a C- section??

Yeah..he’s right…

Damn..why isnt anyone bothered about the guy with no balls…
See the world ‘nipple’ somewhere…and it all goes only ONE way from there…

I’d guess it depends on your wife’s cooking: either its a win win if it tastes like “$h#t”, but its a poor compensation if she was class A cook …

Am confused.
losing one working eyes is 5k and losing eye sight even if one eye is 10k
so if one losses a working eye hasnt he lost eye sight also so how much he gets 10k, 5k or 15k ????????????

My right thumb is cut by the circular saw (machine tools for wood cutting)
Almost half of my thumb was cut.
Only the tendon and the half of my thumb was left.
And when we go to hospital,the doctor reconnect it but now it don’t have the bone in the nail part .
And now it’s healing but my thumb mark now has gone and my thumb is shortened and it shape is small and now my thumb lost almost 1cm.
And the sense of touch(Feeling)? I still can feel when my thumb touch something but it’s numb feeling , like it only has 40% or bellow sense of touching.
The doctors check up is not yet finish.
It happened during work time.
What can i get?
Or how much can i get?
From my company or from kuwait government?

It’s better if i can post the photos of my thumb now.

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