ATARI – Asian Tapas

Post by Mark

ATARI is an Asian influenced tapas restaurant that just opened up a couple of days ago across from Al-Seef Palace next to Slider Station. They’re still in their soft launch phase so they’re only open from 5pm to 11pm daily except for Mondays. For more info and some pictures including their menu, visit their Instagram account [Here]

Update: I was just told they’re not officially open yet but they’re taking reservations

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  1. Nathan says:

    The only Atari I know is my ancient 2600. I predict a lawsuit in the coming months.

  2. me says:

    Ummm… Asian tapas..
    Do they serve Asian Sangria as well?

  3. GT-R says:

    creative name lol

  4. Virtue says:

    The place in the pic does look great…Nice open window thing ,lots of lights and loft etc.

    Hmm…Asian tapas…does ‘suggest’ Fusion food…Has anyone in here tried it as yet?

  5. pinot says:

    I wish they sell Atari 2600 game cartridges & accessories there. I need a new paddle for my heavy sixers.

  6. Atari says:

    We’re currently open from 2-11pm everyday and would love to host you at your convenience!

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