New speed cameras now working

Post by Mark

The Ministry of Interior announced Tuesday it has started the operation of the newly-installed speed cameras which have been placed on most traffic arteries and intersections across the country.

Watch out. [Link]

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  1. praetorius says:

    what’s the interval between these now… 3km at most?

  2. Joe says:

    They don’t work yet as my detector doesn’t give a beep. Some of the old ones however work but approx only 1 in 10!

  3. Kingfisher says:

    @joe, can u share sm knowledge about the detector ur talking abt?

  4. Faisal says:

    theyve been catching me for the past month does this mean none have been filed against me?

  5. Nathan says:

    I have heard of a technique that temporarily blinds traffic cameras. But I’m not sure if it works. It works on the assumption that the camera can detect light of the infrared spectrum.

    So that means using enough IR LEDs on your car could effectively blind the cameras. I have not tried this and if anyone plans on doing it does it at his own risk.

    • Wishbone says:

      Mate, you are in Kuwait. In a few weeks even your armpits radiate IR beams …

    • blurty says:

      cameras can indeed see IR. maybe put enough IR around the plates and you are good to go.

      But then again, they will start flagging down that specific car type and look for the IR’s. you will br caught eventually, so it’s all the same.

      let us all drive according to rules, i think that’s the best option.

      i read once from an EU (Britain?) country that they were trying to limit the installation or even dismantled the speed cameras because of high maintenance cost.

      here it seems, the maintenance cost is well covered by the number of violators.

      • lolguy says:

        In the UK, most(many) of the traffic cams are dummies. As in it has the complete unit but it does not have the device which actually takes and stores the pictures, since this is the most expensive component. What they do have are the speed detection radars and the flash. If a car speeds, it just flashes. The driver would be cautious and think it is his good luck he doesn’t have to pay a fine. Ofcourse this was years ago, the public probably caught on by now, or the tech got cheaper.

    • me says:

      Why do you want to blind traffic cameras?

    • xandra says:

      try it first!

    • Nixon says:

      I think the best and simplest way is this: put a trash can over the camera. I doubt anybody will take it off :)

  6. King says:

    Next step will be a Guided Missile Launcher to kill everyone !
    Idiots should solve the traffic problems and make solutions instead !

    • Virtue says:

      ROTFL @ Guided Missle Launcher

      Dude…the only SOLUTION they’re thinking about…is the DRINKS they mix…every weekend…!!!


  7. Virtue says:

    …so I’ve been a Goody 2 shoes and driving @ 80 for nothing…all these days….!!!


  8. meh says:

    Are these the average speed cameras?

  9. Nixon says:

    Well i think this might put a stop to high speed crashes.
    But after seeing fast and furious i want them removed lol

  10. Aya @sukarah says:

    Imho, they should think outside the box. Instead of placing cameras on the streets, they should put a cam on each car. Once someone over speeds the car will automatically drive the perso the airport to be deported. Just saying!!!

    • Coolsprint says:

      hahaha lol +248

    • Matt says:

      Some company fleets are already equipped with a “black box” that monitors where you are as well as speed, acceleration etc. The technology is there. It is only a matter of time before they are mandatory. Having your own car snitch on you is a scary idea,

  11. The Real Burhan says:

    I’m not sure instead of finding out tricks to deceive the cameras, you just – you know – drive the speed limit? How crazy would that be!

    The cameras have been working for a while (the old box ones), the new tube type ones just started working recently; I just saw them flash someone this morning on 30.

  12. The Real Burhan says:

    Forgot to mention – on the 1st Ring Road and in some places on Gulf Road – average speed cameras are in effect, so be careful.

    • Adam (the original one) says:

      I know about 1st ring, but I never seen them on Gulf Rd. Are you sure of this? Where exactly?

  13. hellppp says:

    Just wondering in a week time the headlines will read
    200 Expats deported with the help of new speed cameras

  14. I really hate keeping long nick names says:

    shit, I thought these things were already working….I slow down every time I pass by one of these! damn!

  15. dougmacho says:

    Last night i received a ticket for having stickers on the side of my car.

    I have a mini cooper and bought it second hand, it has a checker flag pattern on the fenders. I couldn’t believe i received a ticket for it. What the heck is going on?

    • Adam (the original one) says:

      New Director of Traffic Dept. He is just flexing his muscles at first. Same thing happened with the last guy when he first took over. Hopefully it will all blow away in a couple of months.

    • Kingfisher says:

      Big Papa didnt like the stickers! ;-)

    • Nixon says:

      yeah my friends told me that stickers on cars are illegal in Kuwait. But i don’t see why, its quite stupid; unless the sticker is offensive.

    • Chris says:

      sticker sh*t been in play for a while now.. just put Sheikh Jaber’s picture lol

  16. wbkzp says:

    I have seen some cameras flashing at traffic lights randomly, specially at the first camera from 40 to 30 on road 210 and on the coastal road traffic light before Hilton at Mangaf. They flash even during a green light and when the traffic has just started moving (so no chance of anybody overspeeding)

  17. Fawaz says:

    Hi mark from what I understood from the Arabic newspapers they are not talking about the speed cameras, they are referring to the surveillance cameras. Which makes more sense in trying to control traffic.

  18. Dimitar says:

    I got flashed on the 1st ring road intersection with the 30th at 2AM when I floored it in an attempt to catch the green light. Got the green, but went through the intersection at 70. Already have my bags packed :)

  19. Wishbone says:

    If the MOI would do the opposite, drive safe and you’ll be rewarded.

    Speed camera pictures you driving within the limit … KD10
    Parked correctly … KD 5
    Wearing seatbelt … KD 20

    Yeah I’ll be driving more …

  20. RayQ8 says:

    Gentlemen, there is a broken traffic camera that keeps on flashing all cars turning right even though the green traffic signal is on. That is on that traffic signal on the first ring road, if you turn right, that goes near the Skating Rink and newly constructed Wstaniya building. Me and other cars got flashed. That was around 18:40 this evening. I need your advice. Will the traffic department be able to determine and will not penalize all cars that have been flashed as the camera us broken? In case not, can I file a complaint? I am a bit worried that I might be penalized. Is there a way for me to have this resolved?

    • Mario says:

      Hi Ray,

      there is a camera next to Apolo Hospital that does the same. I hope there is no traffic fine for the same. It just keeps on flashing at cars even when the signal is green. It did that to a few cars today and I hope I’m not one of them.

  21. Maz says:

    Just for general info. All cameras will only capture your speed only if its faster than 21Km/h over the speed limit (i.e. If you’re driving 101Km/h on a road where there’s a 80Km/h speed limit.)

    Another piece of info, with the old cameras, they only captured one direction when the other direction was a fake cam. Now with the new cameras, they’ll capture both all the time. Be aware.

    I also wanted to reply to Joe. I too have a PASSPORT detector and it fails to detect any of the new cameras, even though they’re working.

    • praetorius says:

      it captures the OTHER LANE/DIRECTION. not you speeding before / after the camera.

      i think all cameras are setup to capture AFTER you have passed it. this is for safety issues as the flash itself is kinda blinding which can cause accidents if the driver is startled (and with all the high caffeine drinks everyone uses, it is bound to happen).

      • The Real Burhan says:

        Yes, and is 20 not 21. If the speed limit is 80, it will flash you at if you speed is 100 or above.

      • Spikz says:

        so are you sure the cam will catch only the back number plate ? If so I’m gonna play a game with these cam’s .

  22. Haris Aydeed says:

    Are the point to point cameras in operation now ?

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