15 days in jail for not using zebra crossing

Assistant Under secretary for traffic affairs at the Ministry of interior Major General Abdulfatah Al Ali has warned pedestrians against violating the traffic law.

According to Arab Times report, citing Al Rai news paper, Al Ali said pedestrians must use only the zebra crossing to cross the roads wherever there are such signs. He also stressed the pedestrians should wait for the road crossing pedestrian signal to turn green.

He added violators of this law will be fined KD 25, a maximum of 15 days imprisonment or either one of the two penalties.

Luckily you won’t get deported. [Source]

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i remember almost being run over at a zebra crossing… it simply does not work in kuwait..
i wonder how many people know that as you approach a zebra crossing
1) look out for pedestrians waiting to cross and be ready to slow down or stop to let them cross
2) you MUST give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing

+1. There are also traffic lights at zebra lines so cars can stop and people can walk across the road, but people don’t even stop at the red light!

This rule is there in Europe where Pedestrian signal lights are there near zebra crossing. Strict rule of pedestrian crossing bridge should also be implemented…Safety of individuals are more important.

buy a zebra from one of the toy shops and cross the road with it anywhere and everywhere! U just did a Zebra crossing! Lol! πŸ˜‰

they should start in:
1. Canada dry street in Shuwaikh
2. the Sheraton roundabout and that area in front of KFC
3. Souk Mubarakiya

Seriously! so how are we suppose to cross the street in salem al mubarak street, if you want to reach sultan from fanar mall! there is no signs for pedestrians to cross the road what so ever. I think they should implement the signs and then issue this law..

According to today’s paper security campaigns have been halted in the country. You say, “Why, so soon?” Well there is no room to house the prisoners. This law and all laws that they have implemented in the past few weeks, can not be continued if there is lack of jail space. It is called a development plan, did they not know that there were thousands upon thousands of illegals on the streets of Kuwait, did they not know that when they start these traffic campaigns and threaten jail time, they would need jail space? If you pull people off the roads with traffic violations which could be thousands of residents, do you not realize that you need an upgraded bus system? If you expect people to be able to cross the streets, would you not need more pedestrian bridges? Try thinking down the road, Kuwait, you can’t implement these penalties without a new jail now, so add a new jail to the development plan. Woops! That’s on the Parliament floor?#$%$

Regarding the deportation issue….you know, if the Kuwaiti government really wanted to get rid of a lot of expatriates, how about LIMITING THE NUMBER OF VISAS ISSUED?

Why bring them here and deport them for pettiest of reasons?

It seems you don’t know the Kuwait visa laws very well. Kuwait has one the toughest and completely anti-business visa issuance records for workers in the entire gulf.

The totally incompetent shoon have Kuwait in a choke lock that is strangling the business environment.

The issues occurred when a large number of corrupt Kuwaitis decided to open shell companies and traffic visas to unskilled and poor migrant workers for exorbitant sums.

Once I saw a pedestrian dead under a “pedestrian bridge” …

I didn’t know if I had to feel sorryfor him, or thankful there’s one less lazy idiot in the world …. I ended up feeling both …

In the US you also get a fine for jaywalking. People here cross highways for freaks sake!!! Glad to see some new rules being implemented!

But I think the UAE will handle the situation much better than you, so watch and learn. But I agree with them, there are FAR too many foreigners, that I am amazed that can even afford to live there who do not respect the UAE. Bottom-line is that the GCC needs to evaluate their expat labour force and hirer the correct foreign expertise. Only sectors where workers are needed should hire foreigners. Embassies should be assisting their nationals as these campaigns progress throughout the GCC, and they are beginning, so update your resume.

My wife was fined KD10 twice for not using the crosswalk area down by the KFC at the Sheraton Roundabout. Soon after that that is when they put up the fence so it wouldn’t happen aymore. But all they do now is just walk down a little further and jaywalk.

How many Arabs even know what a zebra crossing is? Do they even know they’re suppose to slow down and stop as you’re about to cross the road? Idiots

Years ago while in a sarcastic mood, I innocently asked an acquaintance if he was out driving for leisure and enjoying the weather how fast would he be driving …

80Km/h !!!!!!!!

Wonder how fast he needs to drive if had to rush.

There are idiots driving and there are idiots crossing the road. The rest of us suffer.

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