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The ghost house still haunting people

Even though the old blue and white ghost house off the 4th Ring Road has long been demolished it looks like it’s still haunting people. There currently is a hotel being built where the ghost house used to be and according to one of the project engineers who works on the site, they’re facing problems with the laborers because they’re afraid of going down to the basement. They’re even afraid to work alone on any floor.

I still haven’t been able to find a picture of the ghost house but I did find the cute sketch above that was done by Mr Divi.

Update: Below is a photo of the ghost house taken from [Here]

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Ah ok. there was another story about the abandoned school . the one that’s converted into a museum now, near the evangelical church in kuwait city. people saw ghosts in there too and there was a video on youtube of three arab kids who saw a “headless ghost” in there seemed legit or really really good editing skill!

i used to sneak in there for a smoke before church all the time and have even been there in the dark with a bunch of folks. nothing happened!


@ MArcel – go take a dip in a nearby drain dude! infact u sound exactly like a mentally challenged n i wish you a speedy recovery!

In case you u wish to argue further, try going to the basement of this bldg at night and ill give you a hundred bukks if you come back with your set of balls not missing!

Um..So you insult him for using the phrase “Mentally Challenged” as an insult, by calling him “Mentally Challenged” ?

That’s kinda…hypocritical.

u should not use mentally challenged to hint about stupid people. mentally challenged people are people with a disability. its offensive.

OMG Iโ€™m Kuwaiti and I went to that hotel just for New Years and I just realized that was the hotel ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ but nothing suspicious really happened

What I find weird is that after it got demolished, a normal bog standard apartment building was constructed, and just before completion, it’d got torn down as well. Now the hotel?!! I left sunny Q8 2 years ago while it was still being built, find it surprising that it hasn’t been completed yet. Guess now I know why ๐Ÿ˜‰


About 50 years ago if someone had said, I’m going to create a telephone that can send images, let you watch TV,send text messages,allow you to play games, operate without electricity, locate where you are at any given moment….someone might have called them mentally challenged.

โ€œI prefer credulity to skepticism and cynicism for there is more promise in almost anything than in nothing at allโ€

Not the whole world shares this mentality.

Those countries who didn’t are, -not by coincidence- also the ones who invented- and developed all the by lahdiah mentioned items.

Yes and at the time he was about to be excommunicated from the church for being a heretic.

Not mixing things- using an example of what at one time may have seemed unexplainable to people but was later explained as science.

oh man, i just saw showbiz. i miss those days when my dad used to take me there to the arcade and see the animals.

now it’s just malls everywhere.

Really … Ghosts … Lets look at facts ….

If you believe in ghosts:
Ghost is happy where its nice, cool and dark. People go in and BOOOOOO they run back out …
Winter to spring then summer. Its too damn hot and dusty. Where the heck can a ghost hide covered in dust. If it survives without shrivelling then kudos. Failaka should have more ghosts than theBlue House .. Never mind they shrivelled up

If you don’t believe in ghosts:
Good for you, move on … I don’t either.

What Non Sense i am living in the same area since i was born and i don’t think atall of anything like this… the new Brown Marble building just looks stunning ! how could possibly people/labour make up reason’s like that ! ahh i am vacant if any manager of that HOTEL pay’s me well to work there xD

Always loved the design of this house when I remembered it – driving past it in the 80s. Finally seeing a photo of it I now know I wasn’t just being nostalgic. I still love it.

Well, i went there once because i was working on a project. An Asian guy told me that the basement has some kind of evil spirits. So, i went there and guess what? i am still alive and not haunted. I agree, some parts of the basement look scary and spooky because of its closed space design and lack of proper lighting. Other than that, i didn’t see any doors self-closing or white transparent sheets fly over me.

Grow up people…

If there is a haunted places or houses or cities … then my city “beirut” should be filled with them as some of the worst killings/crimes happened there for 15 years and by all the religions … just sayin

I think that Fauchon ad on the side of the Blog looks more scary.

Would be cool if her eyes would just pop open.

When I first moved to Kuwait my sister told me the story of the house and that’s the reason it has taken so many years to build that building. I’ve also heard they ran out of money? Ghosts may be the excuse for that building but what’s the excuses for the rest of the projects left hanging? What happened to heritage village? Police must really be cracking down on money laundering these days which puts some projects on hold although the building boom in Mahboula continues to thrive, I can’t help but wonder who can live in those cubicles they call apartments.

you ask who can live in those cubicles they call apartments?

look around and you will find your answer.

majority of expats salaries start are between 200 – 400 KD. there are even people earning less than 200 KD.. which forces them to share an apartment with strangers.

those cubicles you talk about cost atleast 200KD a month and people call it home.

now dont tell me if i dont like it then leave..

MARK !!! thanks so much for this, it brings back a lot of memories, I really like to have a bigger res picture of this photo, but the link you provided is damaged or missing, do you have other links to this picture?

Thanking you in advance.

Some friends and I snuck into the garden of that house once out of some morbid sense of curiosity (and to smoke cigarettes). We peeked through the windows and wandered about the place. At one moment, we were all simultaneously gripped by an intense fear of the place and couldnโ€™t get away fast enough.
Something, real or imagined, struck us all at once and drove us away. Young and impressionable? Group hysteria? Ghosts? I couldnโ€™t tell you.

I will clear everything at the current moment, this house belongs to my dad’s uncle. In the Late 50’s all four brothers built quite similar houses, 4 of them to be exact, One in Shamiya, Two in Daiya and one in Salmiya( the one posted). Three of them were lived in and the fourth was made a diwaniya. The one in Salmiya, All the houses have been demolished and still are held by the same owners. They were two toned, white and blue. The only one left is in AlDaiya you could visit it, holds the same desgin. The house is not haunted, it was held on a valuable location that at the time it was impossible to forecast how much it was worth. How could people lower the prices of such a land create rumors about it. The family kept away from media and didnt care about any rumors. Since it was a sharp location

I grew up in Kuwait and remember stories about this house. I remember some people decided to sleep in it. All went fine except when they woke up in the morning they were lying in the middle of the highway! I also remember someone had scribbled Quranic verses all over the house.

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