Al-Maidan Cultural Centre

Post by Mark

Tonight I passed by the Al-Maidan Cultural Centre for a showcase of new Kuwaiti writing and directing talent. It was just a one night event and a friend of mine was taking part so I passed by with some friends to watch the performance. It was my first time at Al-Maidan Cultural Centre and I was surprised to find out that the place was located just a 2 minute drive down the street from my apartment in Salmiya. It has a very nice setup on the inside and there seem to be a lot of different events that take place there all year round.

If you want to check out some of the events and performances that take place at the Al-Maidan Cultural Centre then you should download their calendar from their website [Here]

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  1. Matt says:

    CenTER. It’s even written on the building for you.

  2. Robi says:

    It’s good to know that there’s a cultural center being maintained there, in Kuwait. Sometimes, it’s relaxing to visit cultural center though.

  3. Mathai says:

    Ah! Always nice to see some gentlemanly comments on the posts. Good day to you both :)

  4. Wanderer Juan says:

    The Al-Maidan Cultural Center looks like a good place to watch cultural shows and learn more about Kuwaiti culture.

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