The Belly: Elvis Cronut

Post by Farah Bishara

Everybody’s got a preference, right? Some people like Nutella. Some people like peanut butter. Some like their peanut butter plain. Others like it with jam. I like my peanut butter with bananas. And bacon. In a cronut. For those who have no limits when it comes to caloric intake (and if you’re a human garbage disposal like me), keep reading.

This can be put together in any vessel you like; toast, crackers, artisan bread.. I just happen to like the idea of a deep-fried croissant-donut hybrid holding it all together. I mean, look at this baby. Wouldn’t you?

Let’s get busy.

Cronuts! Making cronuts was a challenge – I tried several croissant dough recipes until I found the one I like. Make your dough and chill it in the fridge. Working with cold dough is really important; the flecks of cold butter will give your cronut the layers of deliciousness you’re looking for.

Roll our your croissant dough on a floured surface and cut your donut rings out – you can find donut cutters at Williams-Sonoma in Grand Avenue. Make ’em as big or as small as you like. Bigger cronut = more nomz; you know what to do. Deep-fry those babies till they’re golden brown and puffed up. If you’re the kind who can’t resist sneaking bites (read: me), fry up the cronut holes and eat those to hold you over.

The filling is pretty basic: creamy peanut butter (or crunchy if you like texture), caramelized bananas, and bacon! Fry up your bacon till its nice and crispy, yeah? Soggy half-assed bacon is against the law here. For the bananas, slice a banana on the diagonal and sprinkle it with a bit of sugar before you fry it in some butter. Once you see the sugar start to brown, take the bananas off the pan.

Now, slice your cronut in half, heap your favorite PB on both “slices”, and layer the crispy bacon and bananas. Close your eyes, say a prayer, and take a bite. Heaven, right?

Damn. I just realized how fatty this is. Not sorry and you won’t be either, enjoy!

Posted by Farah Bishara

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  1. Bashwon says:

    The greatest! The greatest! VietNomz!

  2. neoark25 says:

    I would love to try that, sadly I can’t cook… any chance you let me taste it.

  3. Matt says:

    Isn’t that what killed Elvis?

  4. Big Z says:


  5. That’s a monster, I feel my arteries hardening just by looking at it.

  6. mobi says:

    10/10, would eat.

  7. Danny says:

    American Garbage = Treasure in Kuwait

  8. D. says:

    You forgot to explain why anyone would want to eat this, though. And I’m not talking about the calorie count, just the fact that it sounds disgusting.

  9. Big Jack says:

    (and if you’re a human garbage disposal like me)..


    Sorry but I’m not used to this kind of language in this blog!

  10. Scott S P says:

    Hey Farah, Nice recipe… one question, what bacon did you use?? Since the real Bacon would be better.. I have tried the turkey and beef varieties and they are sadly sub par compared to the “real” stuff… so which ones were used for your experiment???

  11. z. says:

    Farah, thats looks delicious! Great recipe! Im totally going to try this out!

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