17 08, 2013

The Belly: Deep-fried Ferrero Rocher Lollipops

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Nothing annoys me more than Ferrero Rocher commercials. Everyone’s all dressed up and at some fancy party with a waiter waltzing around the guests with a tray of Ferrero Rocher. Really; do they not know that we eat them like popcorn while in our sweats and glued to the couch watching TV? But since Ferrero Rocher is so awesomely delicious, I figured we’d give it some sort of special treatment – Deep-fried Ferrero Rocher Lollipops!

First things first – make the batter. You can do this two ways: either take the easy way out and use pancake batter, or you can use this batter recipe (which I LOVE). I used the batter recipe for this so put in a little effort and show your Ferrero Rocher some love. It takes minutes to put together and you can use it for just about anything.

While your oil is heating up on the stove/deep-fryer, take some lollipop sticks or wooden skewers and stick them in your Ferrero Rochers. Once your army of nomz is ready to hit the deep-fryer, do the sizzle test. Drop a bit of the batter into the oil and if the batter takes more than 3 seconds to bubble and fry, your oil isn’t hot enough.

Once the oil is hot, dip your Ferrero Rocher lollipop into the batter and coat it evenly. Make sure to get some batter on your lollipop stick/skewer since it helps hold the Ferrero Rocher in place after it’s all fried and delicious. Once the lollipop is covered with batter, hold it in the hot oil and watch that baby fry up till the batter turns a deep golden-brown. Take the fried lollipop out of the hot oil and let them cool for a bit before you eat them, unless you don’t care about burning your taste buds (like me).

Make your Ferrero Rocher lollipops even more delicious by dipping them in silky warm Nutella and rolling them in sprinkles, toasted coconut, ground nuts, chili flakes, cinnamon, or anything else you like – the world is your oyster. Have fun with it (but not too much fun like Mark, who thought rolling them in mayo and caviar would be an interesting combo).

You can try this recipe without the sticks/skewers all the same since they’re just as delicious. We just like gussying things up around here so enjoy.

Note: Lollipop sticks and presentation stands can be found at Tavola.

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6 08, 2013

The Belly

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Hey guys! Experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients and flavor combinations has always been of my favorite things to do. I love upping the ante and reinventing dishes from appetizers to desserts. Snacks and desserts are my absolute favorite, though.

Luckily, this country knows how to get down when it comes to getting their grub on! There’s always someone willing to risk cardiac arrest or diabetes – in my case, it’s Mark. Haha!

So, we decided to let you guys in on the fun. I’m starting this segment with Mark called The Belly where we will make all of your deep-fried Nutella-fied fantasies a reality. Happy nomming!

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6 08, 2013

The Belly: Elvis Cronut

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Everybody’s got a preference, right? Some people like Nutella. Some people like peanut butter. Some like their peanut butter plain. Others like it with jam. I like my peanut butter with bananas. And bacon. In a cronut. For those who have no limits when it comes to caloric intake (and if you’re a human garbage disposal like me), keep reading.

This can be put together in any vessel you like; toast, crackers, artisan bread.. I just happen to like the idea of a deep-fried croissant-donut hybrid holding it all together. I mean, look at this baby. Wouldn’t you?

Let’s get busy.

Cronuts! Making cronuts was a challenge – I tried several croissant dough recipes until I found the one I like. Make your dough and chill it in the fridge. Working with cold dough is really important; the flecks of cold butter will give your cronut the layers of deliciousness you’re looking for.

Roll our your croissant dough on a floured surface and cut your donut rings out – you can find donut cutters at Williams-Sonoma in Grand Avenue. Make ’em as big or as small as you like. Bigger cronut = more nomz; you know what to do. Deep-fry those babies till they’re golden brown and puffed up. If you’re the kind who can’t resist sneaking bites (read: me), fry up the cronut holes and eat those to hold you over.

The filling is pretty basic: creamy peanut butter (or crunchy if you like texture), caramelized bananas, and bacon! Fry up your bacon till its nice and crispy, yeah? Soggy half-assed bacon is against the law here. For the bananas, slice a banana on the diagonal and sprinkle it with a bit of sugar before you fry it in some butter. Once you see the sugar start to brown, take the bananas off the pan.

Now, slice your cronut in half, heap your favorite PB on both “slices”, and layer the crispy bacon and bananas. Close your eyes, say a prayer, and take a bite. Heaven, right?

Damn. I just realized how fatty this is. Not sorry and you won’t be either, enjoy!

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