The Belly: Deep-fried Ferrero Rocher Lollipops

Post by Farah Bishara

Nothing annoys me more than Ferrero Rocher commercials. Everyone’s all dressed up and at some fancy party with a waiter waltzing around the guests with a tray of Ferrero Rocher. Really; do they not know that we eat them like popcorn while in our sweats and glued to the couch watching TV? But since Ferrero Rocher is so awesomely delicious, I figured we’d give it some sort of special treatment – Deep-fried Ferrero Rocher Lollipops!

First things first – make the batter. You can do this two ways: either take the easy way out and use pancake batter, or you can use this batter recipe (which I LOVE). I used the batter recipe for this so put in a little effort and show your Ferrero Rocher some love. It takes minutes to put together and you can use it for just about anything.

While your oil is heating up on the stove/deep-fryer, take some lollipop sticks or wooden skewers and stick them in your Ferrero Rochers. Once your army of nomz is ready to hit the deep-fryer, do the sizzle test. Drop a bit of the batter into the oil and if the batter takes more than 3 seconds to bubble and fry, your oil isn’t hot enough.

Once the oil is hot, dip your Ferrero Rocher lollipop into the batter and coat it evenly. Make sure to get some batter on your lollipop stick/skewer since it helps hold the Ferrero Rocher in place after it’s all fried and delicious. Once the lollipop is covered with batter, hold it in the hot oil and watch that baby fry up till the batter turns a deep golden-brown. Take the fried lollipop out of the hot oil and let them cool for a bit before you eat them, unless you don’t care about burning your taste buds (like me).

Make your Ferrero Rocher lollipops even more delicious by dipping them in silky warm Nutella and rolling them in sprinkles, toasted coconut, ground nuts, chili flakes, cinnamon, or anything else you like – the world is your oyster. Have fun with it (but not too much fun like Mark, who thought rolling them in mayo and caviar would be an interesting combo).

You can try this recipe without the sticks/skewers all the same since they’re just as delicious. We just like gussying things up around here so enjoy.

Note: Lollipop sticks and presentation stands can be found at Tavola.

Posted by Farah Bishara

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26 comments, add your own...

  1. drazak14 says:

    Hey Farah whilst your post is entertaining to read, do you not consider it to be sort of irresponsible for one to encourage/glorify heart clogging creations on arguably Kuwait’s most popular blog?

    We are all aware Kuwait is already experiencing a obesity crisis and perhaps write ups about healthy alternatives to whats out there might be more purposeful for the greater good and possibly even more popular. Thanks.

    • Hi! I appreciate your comment and concern, and while my posts do give recipes to “heart-clogging” creations, I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle and only indulge once in a blue moon.
      These posts are just for fun and experimenting. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to be mindful of their own health and what they choose to eat and take the initiative to better their lifestyle. Even if I did post healthy recipes and alternatives, how would I know if people are implementing my advice and making positive changes?

    • Mark says:

      As someone who spends 90% of his time eating healthy and exercising, the last thing I want to read on my blog is more healthy stuff.

      People can still eat burgers and heart clogging desserts and still be healthy, fit and thin. Count these posts as a cheat meal you can have once a week and not something u should eat all the time.

      Plus it’s fun trying to think of how unhealthy we can make something and these posts are all about having fun.

    • D. says:

      I don’t think that’s a fair concern. Eating this stuff in moderation isn’t going to make much of an impact, plus Mark and Farah aren’t your parents. They are not responsible for your nutrition. Nobody needs to “glorify” chocolate and deep fried foods for people to eat them, they do it anyway because they already know they taste good. There are tons of healthy recipes and blogs dedicated to that, it’s hardly about a lack of access.

      • drazak14 says:

        Hey Farah, noted. Didn’t mean in anyway to imply your unhealthy, I remember reading one reply to a post where you mentioned you live an active lifestyle.

        @Mark understood, now that Paula Deen is unemployed maybe 248am could feature her? : )

        @D…chill, wasn’t attacking Farah, I wear my big boy pants and in no way asked them to be my parents. : )

        • D. says:

          Oh sorry, not your parents, just everyone else’s ;)

          • drazak14 says:

            D I guess your right…we need to take more self responsibility…I have 3 dude friends under 25 who did lipo…and I don’t think a 100 health food posts on 248am would’ve made ’em any healthier pre-lipo…but seeing these people on food channel like Man Vs. Food…if he was fit it would be fine but that dude is just blowing up, food porn is out of control…perhaps there should be a rating system for food. : P

  2. BASHWON says:

    These look so amazing!! Great idea/recipe, and a fantastic write-up! Thank you, Farahfel. :)

  3. darkwolf80s says:

    I’m definitely going to give these babies a try one day for sure!!

  4. Ashraf says:

    Lets try getting it to 2500 Calories in 1 lollipop :P

    It looks delicious… but I’m running far far away from this one… First off it’s chocolates & then its deep fried!!!!


  5. PKG says:

    Good lord Farah, these babies look absolutely delicious!! Ummm, can i order them to go, please? :)

  6. me says:

    So you guys basically take any kind of food, add some nutella and deep fry it?
    Hmmm… Healthy is not the contrary of delicious. I would love to see a post here about something delicious, and not deep fried..

    • Like I said before, taste is subjective. I can think of 15 people off the top of my head who’d prefer something deep-fried and fatty to something you might consider delicious.
      Again, these posts are just for fun. We like to test our limits in the kitchen and see how wild we can get!

  7. gh says:

    theres no damn point in commenting if ur going to filter everything people say MARK wtf man let ppl state their opinions and stop making it seem as if everything is fine and dandy, cuz its not..u wana be on the interent u gotta be able to handle everyones comments and nothing close to rude was said so that u can ‘moderate’ it. I am disspaointed in your unprofessionalism and honestly its fake what ur doing.

    • Mark says:

      I do let people state their opinions and they don’t have to be opinions that match mine as you’ve probably already noticed. That doesn’t mean I should allow every comment onto the blog and it certainly doesn’t make me any less professional by having a filtering process. I make it very clear on the blog that commenting here is a privilege and not a right and there is nothing fake in what I am doing. I am very transparent about this.

    • Mark says:

      Oh and just to be clear, your comment was rude and uncalled for hence why it was deleted.

  8. gh says:

    wow out of all those u decided to put this one on. Plus all i said was its not really cooking if ur going to get some random supermarket ingredients and mash them together..thats rude? I said it in a sarcastic way and there were 0 curse words or insults directed straight at one person..have some humor seriously..that is an opinion and if ur not willing to take the heat for it then your just creating a ‘false’ image about the posts. I think Farah needs to up her game as its not only me thats talking stuff about these recipies.

    • Mark says:

      Dude what the fuck are you on about. Don’t insult people and your comments will be posted. I don’t honestly give a fuck about the “image” of a post for me to want to create a fake one. Jeez whats wrong with you, it’s just a fucking blog.

  9. gh says:

    Oh just to be clear my self, i follow your blog nearly everyday because you have great posts, and I think Farah was not a good im just puttin it out there..i dont care if u post this actually i’d prefer u dont cuz it might hurt someones feelings, but seriously these posts r ridiculous. I can literally think of a better dessert of the top of my head: peanut butter rice crispies mix made into balls and covered in milk chocolate, takes literally 30 minutes to prepare and make.

    • Awesome @ your quick dessert! But isn’t that also buying things from the supermarket and putting them together?
      While I’m not an Iron Chef (sorry to disappoint you!), I include actual recipes to things that are not store-bought, like the batter and the cronut dough. There is an actual cooking process involved, and I’m not just putting nutella on toast and calling it a day.
      I really think you’re missing the point. I never said I was a trained chef and these recipes are just for fun. Instead of your destructive criticism, take the post for what it is. I feel bad that you take everything so seriously.

      • gh says:

        Thanks for your reply Farah
        Well, my argument isnt that its not fun or experimental..its just that after seeing all the amazing food put on here, there really is a standard to live up to. You dont have to be an IronChef to make a gd recipie. Just google desserts and u get a million things you can prepare that are not deepfried chocolate bars. Whether you take it as constructive or destructive thats completely up to you. More so its not like i took it seriously cuz i was cracking a joke about it at first, and it wasnt tht harmful. I would love to see something with a bit more umph in it. After all your posting on 248 which is not a just for fun website its actually the guys work, and a great blog.
        I literally have no personal benefit from these comments, and it could be a waste of time for me, but I care for the progress of the blog so i felt i said what needed to be said.

      • JM says:

        I don’t get why people are giving you such a hard time! You’re just having fun in the kitchen and that’s what we all like to do every now and then. You’re not forcing anyone to eat these desserts, or make them. To each his own and I wish people can understand that!

        Btw I think that’s what I’m having on my cheat day! Ferrero and nutella, makes the world a better place for me!

        Looking forward to more posts from u!


    • Mark says:

      gh: I understand where you’re coming from but it’s really not for you decide on what’s a good idea or not for my blog. If I ran the blog based on what people would think was a good idea it would be full of porn and cupcakes. I run the blog the way I want to run it and I post what I want and I have friends post if they want to. If you think they’re ridiculous then you’re not getting them and thats fine. If you want proper recipes there are a million websites out there, The Belly on the other hand is just me and Farah thinking of random shit and doing it for fun. So pop a xanax and calm down.

  10. Mathai says:

    IMHO you should invite another food writer in addition to Farah (who’s doing a great job btw) to whip up some crazy dude food, kinda like the Melt Master or Burger Labs on Tasted.

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