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Caribbean Hut is a small tiny restaurant located in Abu Halifa and owned and run by a Puerto Rican chef who’s helped out by his father. I found out about Caribbean Hut by chance when I accidentally landed on trip advisors top restaurants in Kuwait list and I noticed Caribbean Hut was ranked first. A restaurant I hadn’t heard of ranked first in Kuwait? I knew I had to go check it out for myself.

First things first just so you don’t get mislead by the beautiful food shots. Caribbean Hut isn’t a big fancy restaurant in a nice mall. It’s a small place located in a dodgy part of Abu Halifa, the restaurants surroundings aren’t pretty and the restaurant itself doesn’t have a good looking interior either. They didn’t even have cute Caribbean music playing and the whole place was lit up by cold energy saving lightbulbs. So don’t go there with expectations of fine dining even though the food is very well presented. That’s really the only negative thing I have to say about the place because everything else about it was pretty great.

I got there at 3PM just as they were opening. The chef was there alone since his father works a full time job and only comes by to help once he’s done. I hadn’t had Caribbean food before so I had the chef help us choose our dishes and in the end we decided to go with the following:

— Appetizers —

Chicken Empanadillas
Puerto Rican styled patties deep-fried and prepared with chicken

Beef Empanadillas
Puerto Rican styled patties deep-fried and prepared with beef

Tostones (Plantain Chips)
Deep fried plantains

— Main Course —

Beef Carne
Mashed fried plantains filled with fried beef, seasoned with Caribbean spices, served with white rice

Shrimp Camarrones
Mashed fried plantains filled with sauteed shrimp, seasoned with Caribbean spices, served with white rice

Trinidadian Chicken Curry
Trini style chicken curry served with white rice

— Dessert —

Leche Flan
Made with condensed milk, sweetend milk and caramel

Made with coconut milk, sugar, and cinnamon

From the two Empanadillas I preferred the minced beef and would order that again. Even though they were deep fried they didn’t taste or look oily, if anything they actually looked and tasted like they were oven baked. The Tostones were very interesting and would have even been better if they had salsa on the side to dip them into. They actually do have salsa on their menu but it wasn’t available to order when we were there.

Once we were done with the starters the chef brought over our main courses. We started with the Trinidadian Chicken Curry which was in the menu under the section called “Our Neighbors” alongside the Cuban Stewed Beef and Jamaican Pulled Chicken. The Trinidadian curry tastes fairly different from the traditional Thai or Indian curry and although it was good, after trying the other two dishes I probably wouldn’t order this one again. The Beef Carne and the Shrimp Camarrones were both incredible dishes with lots of new flavors I hadn’t experienced before. The presentation looked great and I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two the next time I pass by. I’d probably order them both again.

Finally when we were done we had our desserts. From the two I preferred Leche Flan which is similar to Creme Caramel and like Creme Caramel, it’s not very exciting. While having the desserts I chatted with the chef who’s the owner as well. I thought they had opened a few months back but turns out in a few days it’s going to be their one year anniversary. It’s pretty surprising how a great place like that has been open for so long and isn’t well known yet.

If you’re looking for something new and different to try then I would definitely recommend Caribbean Hut. The food was great, the owner was really friendly, it’s a small family business and most importantly, it’s not another burger joint. Other than the location there really isn’t anything to complain about. Price wise it’s a steal. We had two starters, three main courses, two desserts and four soft drinks and the total came out to be KD9.550 and that’s mostly because of the shrimp dish which was double the price of anything else on the menu. If you want to find out more about the place or the exact location you can check out their website where they even have their full menu available [Link]

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  1. drazak14 says:


  2. kuwaitislost says:

    im sure the food was great, but this is FAR from what carribean cuisine is.. its more so puerto rican cuisine.. so im not sure why he called it carribean hut.. sure you had a trini curry (which i doubt was authentic) but everything else is not..

    • Mark says:

      Puerto Rican cuisine falls under Caribbean. Their menu was mostly Puerto Rican since the owner is from Puerto Rico along with 3 dishes from neighboring Caribbean islands.

      • kuwaitislost says:

        glad you are able to use wikipedia but thats beside my point.

        generally spoken in the food industry when one refers to Caribbean cuisine it consists of more “island” type foods: jamaica, trinidad, st vincent, etc.. That menu was extremely Hispanic / Latino influenced, especially the leche… Im just letting you know the the label is fairly off in this case..

        A bit mislabeled imo.. but hey its in kuwait no one will know any better.

        • Patrick says:

          Except you obviously know better than everyone else :)

        • Camus says:

          It’s pretty sad when people try to be pompous pricks, but have no clue what they’re talking about. Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean, hence Caribbean cuisine. Obviously it has Hispanic influences, just like Kuwaiti food has Indian influences, but you wouldn’t call Kuwaiti food, Indian food.

        • Patrick Jones says:

          If you took the time to visit before criticising you would find dishes from Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad and Cuba on the menu… how much more Caribbean can it get…?

          As an aside this place has got the best free wifi I’ve found in Kuwait.

          Am I biased – yes I love this place and eat here at least 3 times a month.

    • P says:

      Ya coz Puerto Rico is in the Meditterranean, not in the Carribean LMAO!!!

      Can’t wait to try it!!! I’m South American, so our cuisine is very similar! SOOOO happy to hear there is another Latin cuisine spot in Kuwait that is NOT Mexican. Absolutely FANTASTIC news! Thanks for sharing, Mark!

  3. aaa says:

    Yeah I looked up Kuwait on tripadvisor for the hell of it and was really surprised to see this place. I guess it’s more of a US app and there are lots of Americans living in Abu Hlaifa which explains it.

  4. Dodgy? Hey, I live on the other side of this restaurant, lol. I went there once but it was closed and like you said, the area wasn’t pretty at all. From what I’ve been told by a Puerto Rican guy, the reason he doesn’t have music is that he is Muslim and a mulla guy with a beard so he doesn’t play music? Your pics make it look good, there were some pics taped to the window that didn’t look too appetizing but maybe I will try it now.

    • Patrick Jones says:

      Definitely worth a try…

      If you speak to the “mulla” guy you will find he’s a teddy bear of a guy – always cheerful and very passionate about his food. After your first visit you are family.

      All businesses have to start somewhere and this is worth visiting.

      I have reviewed a lot of places in Kuwait on TripAdvisor and this along with Thakkara (Indian restaurant in Fahaheel) are by far the best value for money available in Kuwait.

  5. lauren says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this place. I often find that the restaurants that may not look too appealing on the outside often have the best selection of ethnic food. Its also nice to hear about a place that doesn’t specialize in burgers or cupcakes.

  6. 3azeez says:

    did the shrimp taste fresh? most restaurants in Kuwait serve rubbery shrimp!

  7. 3azeez says:

    anyway, the rating system of that website is flawed. The more reviews you get the lower you are…

  8. Looks interesting and delicious. Thanks Mark.

  9. ariston says:

    the pics above looks yummylicious to me.. :P

  10. maggie says:

    Where can I find your restaurants in kuwait please I need your location

  11. Kevin says:

    Ordered dinner at the Caribbean Hut on Saturday last. My experience with the food :
    1) Chicken Empanadillas – The outer covering was hard and a little oily. The chicken was like tuna fish mixed with mayo. It was smelling a bit. (Not smelling stale. I mean, too much Chicken smell hitting your mouth.) I’d skip this dish. They did not have the Beef Empanadillas.

    2) Beef Carne – The only good dish of the day. Was tasty and the beef was well done. I found the rice too starchy and sticky.

    3) Trinidadian Chicken Curry – (Please note, this dish has very little gravy.) This dish was not tasty at all. The chicken pieces (boneless) were chunky and like rubber. The flavour was not that great. The spices were powdery on the tongue. This chicken was smelling a bit too (Again, not stale. Like boiled chicken. The spices had not caught on to the chicken.) I recommend this dish be skipped.

    4) A ball of fried plantain and a piece of beef stake – I forget what the dish is called. The plantain was tasty (a little sweet, although I had checked with the dad before hand and asked him if it would be sweet. He had said they use raw, green plantains and it wouldn’t be sweet. Still it was not bad at all. )

    The beef stake was Rare… too hard and just couldn’t bite it. I think I should have told him I want it well done. I wouldn’t buy this dish again.

    The place is simple and clean. All in all, not at all impressed with the food or the flavour. Comparatively, Indian, Arabic and Thai food is so wonderful. I really didn’t like it and wouldn’t visit again. If you like Indian, Arabic and Chinese, Thai food, you will not enjoy this food at all.

    I’d give it 1 star out of 5.

  12. Ricardo Diaz says:

    Ok so I noticed that the same guy above me decided to copy paste the same comment like a month or two later. This dude really seems like someone who is hating the heck out of this restaurant. I just got to Kuwait not long ago and have been to many food joints around Kuwait and have been very disappointed on the taste. Beautiful decor though. This place is the first and only place I managed to find that delivered on what they promised , which is Authentic Puerto Rican and Caribbean Food. As I am from the Caribbean I know what I am talking about. I have been to al of the socalled Latino joints here and found them all lacking. I know everyone has there own opinion which is fine and all but to copy paste your comment on different sites and at different times… Well that’s just lame.

  13. TJ says:

    We make patacones at home, its great dipped in ball park mustards like frenchies and ketchup!

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