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1973 Fashion Shoot Around Kuwait

I love these photos of a fashion shoot that took place around Kuwait back in 1973. The photos were taken by Schiffer Pál, a popular Hungarian director and writer. I’m guessing before he became popular he was also a photographer but I haven’t been able to figure out how he ended up in Kuwait. Some interesting tidbits, the Kuwait Towers were still under construction in the photo above and the pool shots were taken at Gazelle Club.

Due to the square format of the photos I’m assuming they were taken on a medium format film camera which explains why the quality of the scanned photos is amazing.

If you want to check out the full series of photos, click here.

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4 replies on “1973 Fashion Shoot Around Kuwait”

Amazing and so terribly chic! But then something shifted and how.
The Lady in Pink could pass off for a model doing a shoot for KU – back in the day when they had Chloe designed pink & blue uniforms for cabin crew. I bet the local fashion houses, Al Othman & Ostoura are in the game again doing fashion shoots in the desert….

your comment tortured me. i understood the importance of an effective communication. kindly read below on how i felt.
Zoos are amazing and terribly elegant ! but then it changed. Pink swan is good for pond. Back in the day i ate turkey. I bet the chicken. pigeons are in the game again. Eating lunch in the desert

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