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Gulf War ANSI Art

Found these vintage ANSI art relating to the 1990 Gulf War and thought they were super interesting. I use to love ANSI and ASCII art back in the day and if I remember correctly, my first digital porn image I had was a black and white ASCII drawing sometime back in the 80s which a friend had given to me on a 5.25 floppy. Source

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yup, there was a BBS I used to connect to back in 1994/95 called Free Kuwait. Been wanting to post about it and the owner for years and he just finally agreed, so hopefully that post is coming soon!

I used to connect to a BBS in 1993/4 too but I can’t remember which one. Do you still remember any of them? My first modem was a 28.8 kbps but then I bought a 56.6 kbps one just to be able to download software from that BBS. I miss that ASCII ART too.

The one I used to connect to was called Free Kuwait. Owner was Yaser Behbehani, he had a store on the mezzanine floor of Behbehani Complex in the city. I originally had a 2.4Kbps modem but he kept kicking me off the BBS until I upgraded to 28.8.

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