50s to 90s

Old Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) Map of Kuwait

Was going through old versions of the TEC website using and I came across an old map with all the various TEC projects. Sadly most of the places have been closed down:

  1. Kuwait Towers
  2. Waterfront
  3. Bend Algar Club
  4. Green Island
  5. Swimming Pool Complex
  6. Ice Skating Rink
  7. Musical Fountain
  8. Shaab Club
  9. Yacht Club
  10. Al Shaab Slipway
  11. Shaab Garden
  12. Ras Alard Sea Club & Harbor
  13. Showbiz
  14. Plajat
  15. Al Bida Sea Club
  16. Missila Beach
  17. Touristic Garden
  18. Entertainment City
  19. Abdali Shelter
  20. Sabahia Garden
  21. Ugaila Beach
  22. Mangaf Beach
  23. Nuwaiseeb Shelter
  24. Kheiran Resort

You can view the larger version of the map by clicking here.

9 replies on “Old Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) Map of Kuwait”

Awesome map, however the typos of the different areas are kind of funny. Dazma, Cordoba (I know its Spanish, but we dont write it like that), Duha, Yarmuk

Im so thankful i grew up in the 90s in Kuwait when I think entertainment was at its peak especially for kids and teens. So many parents of young children that i know complain that these days theres a big lack of entertainment/activities (especially affordable) for their kids. Its a shame so many of these places were not maintained

Kuwait has entertainment? Since when? They banned cosplay, dance events, things that we worked hard for since 2010.

I see a future in Saudi Arabia, bahrain and UAE. But Kuwait Entertainment? Nope. I see nothing

As i remember before 2006. Kuwait had so many events and places to visit. No matter how the weather was it had so many things to offer. I remember Once Al Mulla Exchange organized a Mega Dj Event and got a a Famous DJ from asia. But were advised not to get up and dance just sit and watch him operate from his dj system.

I cannot forget the ice skating ring as it was an amazing and really cool place to be. I hope it is renovated and reopened as other countries also have sport like this one in their region.

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