Roller Skating Rink Opening Soon

There is a new roller skating rink opening soon in Salmiya called the Roller Hub. They haven’t opened yet but they’ve already stirred up controversy with their prices:

1 Hour – KD20
45 Mins – KD15
30 Mins – KD10
15 Mins – KD5

Their post has over 100 comments calling them out on the over-the-top pricing. To put it in perspective, you can go ice skating for 1.5 hours for just KD5. Check them out @rollerhubkw

Also found the video above that gives a sneak peek look at the rink.

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I don’t know if it’s that stupid. Maybe they are trying to up scale this type of business. I remember when I lived in the US during the early 90’s. An arcade place opened up called Dave & Busters. It had valet parking, coat service, a restaurant and the latest and greatest arcades at the time. Only adults were allowed and they had tables near each arcade machine with a button for calling the waiters and ordering. Needless to say it was expensive but worth the experience every once in a while.

I don’t know what that skating place is trying to do though. Most of the time that doesn’t work in Kuwait. I remember that GYM near souq Sharq (Elysium?) that tried to make it upscaled and exclusive only to fail and hand over the place to Platinum. They also tried to keep it exclusive for a while but they ended up making it just another Platinum branch eventually.

Everything about this is stupid. The prices are stupid expensive. The price scale is retarded and makes no sense, how is 1hour just 4x the 15min price. How is 15min even an option? The place looks really shitty from that video above. So much shame! Bring hari-kari back again.

Old Japanese samurai tradition of killing yourself with your sword when you have shamed yourself beyond redemption.

Also just noticed they don’t allow under 15s. 🤡

Traditional Japanese Suicide by disembowlement using a short Samurai Sword.

Though I don’t see how it is related to this post considering it should be done by people of honor nor roller skate business scammers

This would have been a good option 3 years ago before I messed up my ankle. Back in the US, before internet we would hang out at the rink all the time. With all of the aggression in Kuwait these days I don’t know how safe it would be.

Probably the price includes health and hazard insurance for skaters……..with pillars and low ceiling……..those are leisure hazards.

look their pricing is ridiculous but at the same time their rent is probably as well. Im wondering though if you get a 15 min package and the place is packed, how do they keep track and tell you to leave?

@ war

probably have timed glow lights or vibrators like the ones they have at restaurants to tell you your time is up or have sophisticated skates with brakes on them that lock up when your time is done.

Option one is feasible; in option two you are looking at a lawsuit for bodily harm and endangerment .. probably explains the high rates .. need to cover the insurance policy

FYI they don’t have vibrators at restaurants, they have buzzers.
However if they did have vibrators at that skate park it might justify the price, and the 15mins….

Before hating on the business owner, please consider the practicality of things. The pillars and the non- helmet wearing skaters will result in at least one accident per hour. Considering the lawsuits that will follow, these rates are cheap imo.

Check their account again, it was just a marketing strategy to get people’s attention and more exposure.
Which clearly worked, they got a free advertisement on your blog.

Whether it was intentional or not, so many people now know they exist because of those “fake prices”

5 KD / hour seems like a solid deal

I think Kuwait has a habit of trying to hard to make their money back quickly so they can make a profit when they should understand that businesses take time — but I can’t blame them if people go cause then ultimately we’re the 🤡

It is the traders’ mantra in Kuwait: make a killing while you can, and then exit. No one’s really in it for the long haul. However, these price points  go truly beyond the pale even by Kuwait standard. Again, remember this is no longer the Kuwait of 1976-1978 when the place was all too nouveau riche.  It reminds me of just how wayward and staggered prices have remained in Kuwait: the English broadsheets, for instance. The Sunday Times sells for KD 3.750 or thereabouts at the Sultan Centre, last I noticed which is Major Bullshit.

Hello I am from the US and skating is a good thing , it’s something I grew up on, I just think they need to get with someone who could help them and make it affordable for all and it shouldn’t be be a time limit. Music should be a mixture Aribic, R&B,Spanish, Afo Beat, this is if they want all to enjoy but if their only trying to reach a certain group of people so be it. We use rent it for parties it would be a great team builder too… just my 2vcents

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