Oh no, another rat

Post by Mark

This video was taken yesterday…


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  1. Dun says:

    That’s the sultan of the rats.

    • Dun says:

      Notice how calmly and routinely that guy picks up the mouse. That’s not his first time. Probably not even his first time that day.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Which supermarket?

  3. Clarin says:

    I giggled for one minute straight at the title.

  4. I was walking last Friday morning from Arabica to St. with a friend when we saw a rat casually sprinting in front of us. It ruined our morning. (aside: Mark, I think I saw you in your FJ but I could be wrong)

    It was the first time my friend saw a rat here and he’s been here for 20 years.

    I hope the authorities do something to remedy this problem quickly. The last time Kuwait had this many rats was in the 1970s but the authorities quickly eradicated them.

    I used to think that one of the perks of living here in Kuwait was not having rats around.

  5. Hozz says:

    there is also an audio of the customer who took this video saying that she went to the manager and his reply was “why you are making so much fuss about it ! its just a rat! and if you dont like shopping here you can just go shop at al Jameya..” then she said she will go to the baldya with the video .

    i used to go there for all our shopping, but after hearing this and how they talking down to customers, i will never go back there even if they solved the rat infestation problem..

    • The Exterminator says:

      Look, in all honesty this is most likely not a Sultan Center problem and more of a Salmiya/Kuwait/Baladiya problem. Look at how trash overflows just about everywhere. For example, you can’t have open bara7as with festering trash and inefficient, neglected sewage networks that foster the procreation of pests and then blame neighboring businesses for the problem. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt this business is OK with rats just roaming free throughout their store.

      • Mark says:

        Tell me about it, I keep posting about the garbage situation in Salmiya, I keep posting about the garbage dump behind my home, the baladiya know about my posts, they know about the garbage problem and they still do nothing about it. actually they keep making it worse. We have less garbage bins today then we had when I started posting about the issue. https://248am.com/?s=garbage

      • meh says:

        I’m pretty sure it’s their problem. If they had better care and higher standards they wouldn’t have this problem. It’s not just one random rat, it’s obviously a recurring problem.

        This is also not the first time this chain had to be shutdown, albeit for other reasons, but it shows that they have issues in their standards.

        • The Exterminator says:

          There’s a saying that goes like this: “Even the Governor has roaches under his fridge.” In other words, you could have the cleanest house in the world and hold it to the highest standards, but that won’t stop a roach from crawling up your drain in the middle of the night. But if we really want to talk about issues with standards, perhaps we could extend that concern to a broader conversation. It’s pretty obvious that Kuwait as a whole has, for whatever reason, a serious issue with standards/maintenance/accountability/follow-through, etc., which is really strange considering most Kuwaiti households hold cleanliness and order in pretty high regard.

  6. Wk9211 says:

    You can also enjoy rat viewing out side KFC Gulf Street.

    • EveZ says:

      Yes… Have witnessed the auspicious event – on frequent basis.

      Sarcasim aside, yes i think it needs Baladia’s involvement since it is the whole stretch after Starbucks upto Ibis hotel in Salmiya where you graciously find this surge of rats.

      Also the garbage there is stacked to a point where it could be considered as a contender for the tallest stack and set some new world record.

      • The Exterminator says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if these rats have made a nice little colony in one of the runoff/sewage drains that go from Salmiya into the Gulf. In addition, the breakwater along the coast (those huge concrete blocks) are an absolute haven for cats, rats, etc. I’d bet good money the rat problem is an underground issue.

  7. em says:

    Time to take a bag-pipping class :D

  8. Hen222 says:

    Kuwait needs a Pan Piper !

  9. Roxanne says:

    I was here in the late ’70s and another way they rid the area of rats then was to pay 1KD for every dead rat taken to the Baladiya. The rats were gone in no time.

    • aaa says:

      Apparently they did this with Cobras in India during British Rule. People started breeding them so that they could kill them and turn them in for a stable income

      BTW For anyone not aware the Kuwait Government has a completely free pest removal service that will come to your house if you have rats or cockroach issues

  10. Safa says:

    Wasn’t this sultan center branch closed. they reopened without inspection?

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