My Abandoned Apple Store Photos are Popular Again


Back before the iPod came out and Apple became popular, there was an Apple store located across the street from Salhiya. As a teenager I used to walk by the store and dream about owning a Power Mac which I thought back then was one of the hottest looking computers on the market. Fast forward around a decade later and that Apple store was abandoned. I ended up taking some photos of it in that abandoned state and published them online as part of my Miskan project. The photos got picked up by the likes of Engadget and Gizmodo since the store was like a time capsule. After my 15 seconds of fame that was it.. until this week.

Somehow the photos have started making their rounds around the internet again, they first got posted on reddit and then the popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro who has like 3 million subscribers shared the photos in his latest video. Gotta love the internet. My pictures make it in his video above at the 2:10 mark but you can check out all the photos I had taken back then [Here]


I eventually ended up getting the vinyl ‘Think Different’ campaign banners that are in the photos. I still have them tucked away in my closet and from what I’ve been able to gather, they’re now worth a nice penny or two.

Thanks Salah!

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When I was in Pittsburgh back in 2008 I went to Kennywood, a local amusement park, for their Halloween event in October to check out all the white girls in their costumes. I had my first generation iPhone in an unsecure pocket while I was riding a bumpy roller coaster and it flew out of my pocket and down the ravine on the side of the hill the roller coaster was built on. I went to lost and found and to their amusement made a claim. To add to my misery being one of the only people to have had an iPhone in my class at that time in history all my classmates found this to be hilarious.

One snowy winter later, around March or April, Kennywood calls me up asking for my current address because they have found my iPhone. I thought it was one of my friends pranking me, but with a followup email coming from the Kennywood domain I believed it. I assumed it was dead but wanted to reunite with it nonetheless. I get it a few days later, plug it into the charger and a few minutes later it powers up. It worked! I threw my nokia kit kat into the drawer and got back to the top of the technology food chain in my class. I had a great story to tell everyone about my super device.

All good things come to an end though. Around the time of the end of the school year the phone started to do some funky visualizations that you see on a projector screen in a techno club. It would have been cool, but I did not have an app for that.

As a blogger I still have people using my old content.

however Mark, you can increase volume of ur followers if the store still there and you invite him.

he can put link to ur blog

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