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PantryBee is a new local business that just soft launched over the weekend. It belongs to a friend of mine and it’s a concept similar to the popular Blue Apron except of course, its local. PantryBee is for people who love to cook or want to cook but aren’t that great at it (like myself). Every week they have a bunch of new meals available which you can order from and they’ll send you all the ingredients required for that meal in the exact quantity along with a step by step guide to help you make it.


They’re still in a soft launch phase so the menu is currently limited to just a few meals but nevertheless I love the idea. So check out their website [Here]

Update: Was just informed that they’ll always have 4 meals to choose from and they’ll eventually change every week, but currently they’ll change every two weeks while they work on improving operations and fixing kinks.

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  1. adly says:

    best new food idea of the year and lots of fun too!

  2. Ahmad says:

    Why would anyone in there right mind place an order for food that will be delivered in 2 days and still have to cook it? Also prices are very high and for that kind of money there better options out there that deliver within and hour NOT 2 days uncooked.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think you grasped the concept here. The main purpose of the PantryBee is to cook the meal yourself. That is literally the one purpose here so it wouldn’t make any sense for the food to arrive cooked. If you want your food cooked already you can order from one of the hundreds of restaurants on talabat.

    • PantryBee says:

      Hiya! Just wanted to let you know that the two days lag time is one of the things we are working to shorten during our soft launch phase, we source everything to order which causes the delay but we hope to only get better with time! We also pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients we source, making sure to use the best available at all times, if you’d like any more info on the concept you can just visit our how to page on our website. Hope that helps clarify.

  3. Faisal says:

    Two days to receive an order and still has to be cooked? Salt, pepper, etc not included? No thanks would rather buy my own ingredients and cook myself from scratch.

    • Mark says:

      You just left a comment under the name Ahmad and now a similar comment with a different name. You clearly seem to have a personal agenda here so I’m going to be blocking the rest of your comments.

    • PantryBee says:

      Hi Faisal,

      We do not include basic pantry items like salt and pepper(in line with similar concepts globally) but everything will be stated on the dishes page before you order. We also offer meals, techniques and ingredients that you might not regularly cook at home.

  4. AFK says:

    Would love to try it but I think it’s over priced.

    Are you trying to appeal for lazy people or for people who would like some help with their recipes and ingredient but still goes grocery shopping and knows what stuff costs and can figure out the difference?

    • PantryBee says:

      Hi AFK,

      Thank you for your feedback! With our boxes we cut out the grocery shopping time and the excess waste that happens to us all when we try to cook for 2 people. We also bring recipes from cuisines all over the world and encourage our users to try new techniques and improve their skills. Each box has 2 portions so each individual meal will cost between 3-4.5KD. We price according to what’s in each box because we don’t think its fair to charge a flat rate for ingredients that are not equal. So keep tuned we’ll have different options every week with different prices!

  5. Patrick says:

    It’s a cool concept, but I think the prices are a bit high. KD7.500 for 2 servings of Katsu curry is a bit much when it’d be cheaper to go out and get everything yourself. Recipes aren’t that difficult to find online.

    But then again, I’m not the target audience for Pantry Bee. I guess this is targeting people who don’t have the time to do any of that. At least it’s not another burger joint.

    • PantryBee says:

      Hiya Patrick,

      As you stated one of our main offerings is convenience, another is the quality of goods, when you open our box you know whats going into your meal as opposed to ordering take out (and you can tweak according to your own dietary restrictions as you go along).

      In addition, we provide a step by step visual recipe card, and our box slots easily into your fridge for use at any time. Like you said anyone can look up a recipe online and buy the goods, but usually thats a bit of time investment and if you’re cooking for a specific number of people you will usually have excess quantities of ingredients that you are paying more for but not using.

      As I mentioned to AFK all our boxes are individually priced to reflect quality of goods, so check in the future maybe something might be more to your liking. And our all our meals are discounted in our BusyBee bundles :)

      • Patrick says:

        I do like that you offer bigger boxes with more meals packed in like the BusyBee Box which I think is priced incredibly well and it’d be something my wife and I would be interested in :)

        Are you guys going to be working on a monthly subscription model?

        Good luck with the launch :D

        • PantryBee says:

          Thanks! As for now we’re a la carte because we don’t want to force any meals on people that they might not necessarily like. But our BusyBee boxes could definitely evolve into something else in the future! :)

  6. Fahad says:

    Y’all fail to understand the point/target audience of pantry bee.
    The whole and sole purpose is for people who actually love to cook and aren’t good at it.
    It’s basically for people who love to cook and find relaxation/sort of a activity to do on a weekend type.
    Plus it’ll develop your culinary skills and give you a fair share of how food works

  7. Jay says:

    Hello there, i spotted quite some grammatical errors on the website. Whom should i send that feedback to?

  8. Altaf says:

    Good luck Pantry Bee! Wishing you guys all the best and happy you are up and ready to go!

  9. Infusions KW says:

    All the best! Don’t worry people will get the concept. The kinks iron out aftwr a few trial runa. I was also inspired by Blue Apron in NY and requests for years from customers to have food available that i always post. We launched a similar service last week too but focusing on my customers who use our spices and want to cook with ne the same meals.

  10. khaled says:

    I was literally thinking about introducing/creating this concept yesterday !!!

  11. M! says:

    I love it when people do it on there own instead of just bring in a franchise! Well done and good luck! Rumor has it that Blue Apron is coming to Kuwait and UAE soon.

  12. Mimi says:

    That’s a fun idea. A friend of mine orders from a similar venture in the UK and its a really easy way to cook your own meals and try out new dishes from around the world. Meal times are never boring for them.

    Though this would be fun to try maybe once, I do feel your prices are on the higher side. Yes you do cut out the time taken to hunt for a good recipe and locate all the ingredients yourself, but if the prices are a little more attractive, this may actually attract more customers than a select few?

    • Jay says:

      Really good way to put it. I agree..
      Let people not be put off from even trying this idea looking at the prices. Please make it more affordable to start off with. You can then charge a premium for more exotic dishes, once you take off.

    • PantryBee says:

      Hi Mimi thanks for the feedback our prices will vary weekly with each dish so you’all see a range once we get rolling. We are using this soft launch phase to understand what our customers are looking for and are striving to provide the best value possible.. For example our recipe cards are splashproof for the kitchen and quite costly so we might offer them digitally in the future as an option. As of now if you’d like to test us out feel free to enter the code PantryBuds at checkout for a discount.

  13. Dr. P says:

    Saw this concept a few years back on an episode of Shark Tank & someone invested in it… I think it was Mark Cuban.

    Its a good idea, minimises food wastage, but prices are too high – they could be more reasonable even with top quality ingredients (those of us who buy top quality products know they don’t cost that much). And I hope you reach your target of same day delivery.

    Good luck…!

    • PantryBee says:

      Hi Dr P thanks for the comment as we wrote above to Mimi we are in our soft launch phase and and are aiming to get better with time. Please feel free to use the discount code above if you’d like to test us out!

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