iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Prices in Kuwait

Yesterday I posted that the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will be launching in Kuwait on September 29th and now I have the prices. These prices were sent to me by Gait and are the official Apple prices, so all authorized Apple resellers will have to follow them. Here they are:

iPhone 15
iPhone 15 128GB KWD 294.9
iPhone 15 256GB KWD 329.9
iPhone 15 512GB KWD 399.9

iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Plus 128GB KWD 329.9
iPhone 15 Plus 256GB KWD 362.9
iPhone 15 Plus 128GB KWD 329.9
iPhone 15 Plus 512GB KWD 436.9

iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro 128GB KWD 372.9
iPhone 15 Pro 256GB KWD 406.9
iPhone 15 Pro 512GB KWD 480.9
iPhone 15 Pro 1TB KWD 552.9

iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB KWD 442.9
iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB KWD 514.9
iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB KWD 587.9

If you’re wondering if the price is cheaper if you order it from the US Apple store, it is. I’m interested in the 15 Pro 256GB version and I just did a quick rough calculation and if I order it online it would cost me around 377KD after taxes and shipping versus 407KD here in Kuwait. The more expensive the phone, the bigger the difference will be.

If you’re interested in getting it locally, Gait will start taking preorders next Friday, September 22nd.

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How is it overpriced? I’m actually surprised at how reasonable the price is here in Kuwait when compared to the UK or EU for example. The 15 Pro 128GB is 385KD in the UK and 407KD in the Netherlands. The same phone is 373KD in Kuwait.

Comparing the price of the phone in Kuwait to the price in India isn’t reasonable.

Morning Mark,

I’m curious why the launch price is 20% higher than the selling price at Apple US? I don’t think comparison to countries that impose sales tax can justify it.

I assume that they are just capitalizing on demand (which they have a right to do) and the pricing will taper down per usual following the initial frenzy.

Are there any restrictions and limitations in the iPhone if you buy it from UAE? Since the Facetime and Whatsapp calls are banned.

Doesn’t the US version come without a sim card slot? and if yes, is that going to be an issue or is there a way around it?

Unless you like to travel, not every country has an e-sim option and in some places e-sim plans are more expensive than physical sim plans.

But if you like to travel then just use roaming. I travel often and haven’t had a need to buy a SIM card and I have a friend who is exploring the world one country at a time and she just uses roaming with Zain as well. No need for buying SIM cards considering our roaming is cheap.

Fair point. I always feel like the 7 KD 1 week roaming thing won’t be enough but I barely end up using my phone when I’m on holiday so guess that would work.

Yeah I used to run out of bandwith since we get like 1gb a day before it slows down but now i’ve gotten into the habit of hopping into restaurant and shop wifis whenever i can and that sorted the issue out.

The Kuwait Customers should boycott Apple because of the overpricing here in Kuwait. Its Totally Not Acceptable. Just because we dont have taxes here you can add that money to the price at which it was launched. they are looting customers of kuwait

If I order it from Gait on the 29th, when will I get it? I�m gonna get the 256 15 pro natural titanium colour since that�s the new hotness.

Pre order it from gait, they said pre orders start on 22nd but I was on their website earlier and looks like pre orders already opened. You would pick up phone on 29th or 28th at midnight

I already signed up for their form of interest it shows on the main screen so hopefully I can order it asap. I called them and they said I can order it officially on the 22nd and delivered by the 29th tho. I want to know however will the Gait phone versions be the US one with e-sim only or regular like the 14 pro etc? Bc I have my main line on a card and my back up on e-sim so I will need to get an e-sim the same day if the Gait versions are the US ones.

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