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Movies & TV Shows to Watch this Weekend

Until I’m done with Yellowstone I’ve been literally ignoring my other shows (I’m on the last season though). Billions is back but haven’t started it. I watched the new episode of The Morning Show yesterday and I’m up to date with Foundation and Ahsoka and that’s about it.

One thing I am doing which I haven’t done in a long time is play a video game, like sit down and play for hours kind of video gaming. A few months ago I got the ANBERNIC RG405M and I’ve been loving it since it can emulate my Dreamcast games easily and even consoles up to the PS2 without issues. But recently I started playing Secret of Mana on the SNES and I’ve been loving it. I’ve been wanting to play the game since it came out 30 years ago and just finally got around to it.

What did you watch this week?

Movies at the Cinemas
The movies below are now showing at the local cinemas:

New This Weekend:
A Haunting in Venice (6.7)
Rabbit Academy: Mission Eggpossible (5.4)
Sympathy for the Devil (5.5)

Other Movies Showing:
Blue Beetle (6.8)
Cats Museum (4.4)
Elemental (6.8)
Gran Turismo (7.0)
Oppenheimer (8.7)
Retribution (5.5)
Sound of Freedom (7.8)
The Equalizer 3 (6.9)
The Hero of Centopia (6.2)
The Nun II (6.3)

The classic films below are currently showing at the 1954 Film House:
Bringing Up Baby (7.8)
Casablanca (8.5)
Space Jam (6.5)

The numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at the time of publishing.

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I am simply in awe of you- the way you are able to make the time for watching all these TV shows and web series, and staying current👌

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. 2 episodes and i’m loving it already.
it feels like The Last of Us but i’m liking this one more.
no, i haven’t watched TWD series.

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