New iPhones Launch in Kuwait on September 29th

Last night Apple announced the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro and I just got word from Gait that all the new phones along with the new Apple Watches will be launched in Kuwait on September 29th.

The prices haven’t been announced yet but they should be available before they open pre-orders on September 22nd.

I’m currently using an iPhone 13 Pro so I’m planning to upgrade to the 15 Pro. I’m not sure its worth the upgrade if you have a 14 Pro, I tend to upgrade every other year but since the phone is something you use all the time, it could be worth the upgrade I guess.

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Phone technologies have reached a plateau. A large part of yesterday’s event was about the “precision manufacturing” and “premium build materials”, as it was in the last few years. The excitement and anticipation of new “phone features” back in Steve Job’s days is gone.

Yup, I have the 13 pro so I’m looking forward to the improved camera, the dynamic island and the action button. I love titanium but until I become rich enough not to care about a 100kd or whatever it costs nowadays to replace the screen at apple, my phones gonna live all its life inside a case lol

The next big changes anticipated was Blood sugar monitoring , More precisive ECG. However they came up with some small shows and increased the price like no one cared. Anyways for some price doesn’t matter so this game will keep going on till some day another competitor comes at the door , lets say Orange or Peach.

That Apple Watch video tugged at my heartstrings too, It’s amazing how technology has advanced to potentially save lives. While I can’t confirm every story, there have been some real-life instances where Apple Watch features like fall detection and heart rate monitoring have come to the rescue. It’s a reassuring piece of tech to have, but of course, always consult a healthcare professional for any serious health concerns.

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